WT Day 1! With Some Pictures Now! Home!!
Dec 302013

The bus has started, it has warmed up, and we are on the road home!  Kids will contact you for rides as they get closer. Roads are in good shape so far but there are patches of snow fall that we’ll encounter along the way.
We are not going to stop at the Birkie to ski along the way – with the bus delay along with the cold temps – it just seems best to get them home.
They have skied a bunch in the last three days and while this last day wasn’t quite  we were hoping for, it has been a fantastic trip. We’ll get more photos up once the team returns and we’ll be looking for photos from the team to share with you also.

A huge thank you to the Crane’s, Webster’s, Kallemeyn’s, Steve, Jarv, Gnan, and Stephanie for all their help on the trip!  It was a great training trip and we couldn’t have done it without you all.

You’re kids are going to need some rest when they get home. They probably won’t be quite as tired as they usually are since they had a pretty relaxing day today but they have worked hard the last three days and have earned some quality sleep. Once they are rested up, I’m sure they’ll be telling you all about the trip!

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