Busy Week!!!! What a Thanksgiving and week to come!!
Nov 252013

Yes – the UP is getting some snow – it looks like we have a little longer to wait around here though. Trollhaugen and Elm Creek Park are making snow and Trollhaugen has been open already for some nordic skiing on the weekends. Elm Creek Park is making snow too – check out some pictures here. Unfortunately they haven’t opened for skiing yet – we’ll have to wait a little longer but keep your ears open for that.

With the man-made snow option at Elm Creek there is also an option for a season pass there.  The season pass is $25 which you can purchase through the team or if we have a scheduled practice there it will cost the daily rate of $5.  It really will depend on when the natural snow comes as to whether it is cost effective or not to get the season pass.  If we have a ski meet at Elm Creek – the team pays a race fee and the skiers do not need a separate pass, but if we have a practice there because that is the only location that has snow – or if skiers go to ski there on the weekend, then each skier needs their own ski pass(either a season pass or a pass purchased each practice).  When we get natural snow – we ski at Woodland Trails and are able to ski there for free as it is our local city park.  We will pass out additional information to the skiers tomorrow about the season passes.    We’ll need those decisions made quickly though as we want to order the passes on Tuesday.

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