A Double Wow! Great Season!
Feb 162013

Thank you to all the racers that came out today! We hope you had a great time at the event and enjoyed the wonderful course that they groomers have maintained! The results are linked below along with a huge collect of pictures taken by one of our ski parents. Again, thank you for coming up to Woodlands today to enjoy our fantastic course and enjoy a wonderful morning of skiing! As we mentioned at the race, we are looking at one last race at Woodlands this season – March 16th – if there happens to be decent snow cover yet, we’ll keep you informed. Thank you again for a wonderful morning!

Elk River Nordic!! Thank you to all the skiers that helped out today! Many of you were there at 8am to get things set up and others were ready to time when they were needed. Thank you for your time and your support (and your treats – they were a huge hit!!)! A HUGE thank you to the groomers – pre and post race – you have done such a wonderful job with the course and with all the time you put in on the trails. Thank you for keeping us skiing when others couldn’t and thank you for all the time you volunteer making these trails the best in the area! We are so grateful for all the work, time, and care you put into the park and trails. We are looking forward to putting in some time with you this summer to help make the park even better! A double thank you to Kay Elmquist for her help with the broth, water, hot water and additional treats! Kay and her family have been making sure we were covered the last several races and they’ve done a great job – thank you!!

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