Race Times and Pursuit Starts Championships This Week!! (Plus – It is SNOWING!!!!)
Jan 232013

Nice racing! Despite the cold weather we’ve had – we are still making it out skiing and even racing today! Congrats on the great efforts. We’ve seen so much improvement the last few weeks, it is tremendous! We still see areas to work on but you all are doing a great job. The team results are in the results section, we’ll get the overall results posted as soon as they are compiled.

Just a few reminders – When we are skiing at other parks – and even at our own – please make sure to grab your gear, all of your gear, and your ski bag.  We’ve collected many ski poles, skis, ski bags, pants, gloves…through out the season (Please don’t ask where the pants came from, we don’t know how you lose your pants)…most of it has gotten returned, lost things have been found, and the items returned to their rightful place but it would be better that we don’t have to worry about it.  That being said – if you are missing something, check our lost and found collection in the wax room, it may be there!

Tomorrow’s practice will be at Woodland but Friday’s practice will be down at Theodore Wirth for the high schoolers.  The bus will leave at normal practice time and will return close to 5:45 depending on traffic.  The JV Championships race along with the Section race will both be held at Wirth park so this is a chance to ski the course before hand.  The JV Conference Championships will be on Monday so practicing on Friday is important.  Trail passes will be $4 at Wirth.

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