2018 December
Dec 242018

Hi Everyone,

Here is what we have for the winter trip latest. It looks like we will be getting snow while we are up there, which is awesome! ABR is likely the best option to ski at, they have over 45k of trails open. Wolverine also has great snow and the full trail system open, around 30k. Minocqua Winter Park has less snow, but does have all the close trails open, including the race course we did last year. Probably around 15-20k. They may open more trails with good snow. The Birkie trails have a 3k man made loop near the start, and limited grooming elsewhere, but is still an option for our final day of skiing.

The tentative plan would be to ski at each location once, and we will for sure ski at ABR on Thursday on the way up to Camp Jorn.

Here is the latest weather forecast for the area.

Thursday: High 32, snow, overnight low, 25.

Friday: High 26, basically the same temperature all day, overnight low, 8

Saturday: Day of classic time trial race. High 16, should be good kick, overnight low, 3

Sunday: High 16, ski, then come back to Minnesota.

Other things, here is a packing list and updated itinerary. Winter Trip Packing List

Wax room will be open from 3-5pm on the 26th to wax your skis. Day before we leave.

Remember to bring multiple layers of dry clothes, hats, and gloves, they will get wet when skiing. Also bring dry clothes to change into every day when we are done so no one gets sick or cold. Also bring some snacks to eat after you are done skiing, we have snacks for the team as well.

See you all on Thursday at 6:00 am at Elk River high school to load the bus. We will have everyone in groups for cooking and cleaning during the trip. We will have the groups made and let you know them on Thursday. You will also get kick wax for each group, don’t lose them.

Lastly, Merry Christmas to everyone!!

Dec 202018

Winter Trip

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Remember, Friday is the last day to turn in winter trip money! We have lots of room left for people to join.

We have lots of help with chaperones, thanks to all of you who are helping out.

The current snow forecast has much more snow at ABR in Ironwood, MI than at Minocqua Winter Park. We may ski more often at ABR as a result, but travel time should be about the same per day. We also may change the last day as the Birkie trail is also low on snow. They haven’t had enough to do any grooming yet.

Bottom line is the trip will still be great no matter where we ski, because we will be on real snow!!

Dec 182018

The meet at Hyland tomorrow is 5k skate, with 2.5k option as well.

The race times have changed slightly, Boys at 3:45 and Girls at 4:15.

Here are the leave times.

Salk and Vandenberg: Get out at 1:10, walk to high school. Bus leaves High School at 1:35

ERHS: Get out at 1:20, bus leaves 1:35

Rogers HS: Gets out at 1:35, bus leaves 1:55

Zimmerman: Gets out 1:05, bus leaves 1:15

Dec 132018

Practice this Saturday will be at Hyland in Bloomington at 9AM. They now have the full 5k open, which is more k than Elm Creek, or Mora.  We will ski the full 5k for the race next week, so it will be very helpful to come and check out the full course. See more details under weekly practice tab.

Dec 112018

Leave times for the race tomorrow are the same as last week.

Zimmerman 1:20, bus leaves at 1:30

Salk and Vandenberg: Gets out at 1:25, walk to high school to get bus, bus leaves high school at 1:50

ERHS: gets out at 1:35, bus leaves at 1:50

RHS: gets out at 1:50, bus leaves at 2:10

The meet starts at 3:30 with boys, girls follow at 4.