2018 February
Feb 232018


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The banquet will be Monday March 5th at Rogers High School in the commons area from 6:30-8:30. We will start with the meal and then go on to awards and season recap after that. The banquet is a potluck, with the different grades bring different items.

Seniors: Main dish and any decorations

Juniors and Sophomores: Deserts and Plates

Freshman Girls: Salads and Silverware

Freshman boys and Middle Schoolers: Drinks and Cups

Also, if you have not turned in any school equipment, turn it in to us at the banquet! We need all of our gear back so we can use it next year! Also, let us know if you want to check out rollerskis for the summer. In order to replace some wheels and pole tips, we have a rental fee of $20 for the whole summer.

Feb 162018

On this upcoming Tuesday, right after school, we will have our equipment turn in and wax room clean out day. We will turn in uniforms, school skis, rock skis, poles, and be putting storage wax on the school skis for the summer. Everybody should be there to help out. There is still plenty of snow so you can, if you do not have your own skis, ski on the school equipment for a couple more weeks and turn the skis in at the banquet. You should come and tell us if you will be using school skis for longer. See you all Tuesday.

Feb 162018

Tomorrow we will be hosting the Woodlands Loppet at Woodland Trails. It is a 20k/10k citizen and high school race around woodlands. Conditions are good, and it should be a nice race and a good fundraiser for our team. Kids and Parents, if you can and would like to help, we can use it. We need help with registration, timing and course marking. Meet at woodland trails at 8am in the parking lot and we will tell you what you can do. If you want to ski in the race, you can help with registration and still ski. The 20k race starts at 10am and the 10k at 10:10am.

Hope to see you there!

Feb 092018

This upcoming Monday we have the costume relays at Elm Creek. You can have teams of 2 or 4. Everyone skis one lap around the man made loop at Elm Creek.

The meet starts at 4:00 for Boys and 4:20 for Girls.

We will be leaving after school from ERHS at 2:45, just like a regular day of practice, so everybody get down to the locker rooms quick to change and grab your skis.

UPDATE: Rogers middle school you will get out at 2:45, we will pick you up at 3 at Rogers high school, the normal spot, on the way to Elm Creek.  Salk will get out at 2:10, walk over to ERHS to get on the 2:45 bus.

It should be a lot of fun!

Feb 042018

Sections week is finally here! We are all gearing up for the race Wednesday and hoping for as many state qualifiers as possible. The current forecast calls for an overnight low of -1 and a high of 16, so prepare appropriately. Make sure we dress with the right layers to race at that temperature and do a good warm up to get our muscles ready to go.

Important dates: Monday/First thing Tuesday: Section athletes wax skis with Rex LFG. We have already waxed with the cold powder green wax mix to harden our bases, now we will put on the graphite layer like last week as prep for the coaches/parents waxing on Tuesday.

Tuesday: Wax party for coaches and parents at the Lee’s house in Nowthen. We had great turnout last week and lots of help. The schedule is the same as last week, starting at 4PM, food provided. Again, if you are new to waxing, we can teach you. All help is appreciated, even if you can only come for a short while. Every small thing counts into making our kids skis as fast as possible and giving them the best chance for success Wednesday.

Wednesday: Section meet at Theodore Wirth. Time schedule and athletes are posted below. Come out and support if you can, we want as many people cheering Elk River/Zimmerman and Rogers as possible!