2018 January
Jan 282018


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For athletes going down to Theodore Wirth tomorrow, the locker rooms will be open at 9AM so you can get your stuff if you need to.

I just posted a bunch of stuff about practice this week, be sure to scroll down and check JV Conference info and also check under the weekly practice tab too. Thanks,  Coach Varty

Jan 282018

Here is the conference team for Boys and Girls. Remember for Conference we are ONE team of ER, Rogers and Zimmerman. The team was chosen based on the full season’s results, with more emphasis on the recent meets last week in pursuit format at Hyland and Baker. We get 10 skiers and alternates. Scoring athletes are top 6 boys and girls in pursuit. We have been having a great season and I think we can finish in the top 3 teams for both boys and girls. Lets go out and have fun and ski our best!


Noah Adams, Noah Haaf, Jadon Purcell, Ethan Anderson, Carson Pixley, Kenny Peterson, Alex Heidorn, Mitchel Muniz, Tyler Davis, and Joey Reshetar

Alternates: Espen Olsen


Cheresa Bouley, Ilie Gallay, Alexi Jacks, Anna Eich, Addie Hohlen, Kaja Montplaisir, Lauren Lee, Annica Carr, Katelyn Gramstad, and Sophie Riewe

Alternates: Elaina Kuhnau, Eva Bednarz

Remember alternates will ski at JV conference the technique of their choice, but also need to be ready to ski based on injury or illness.

Jan 282018

The JV Conference Meet will be at Elm Creek on Monday. The bus will leave at 2PM from Elk River High School. Be there early, about 1:40-1:45, so we can get changed and get all of our gear for the race and still leave by 2:00. Kids can pick which technique to ski, skate or classic. It will be a 5k race.

Here is the time schedule:

3:30 Boys Skate

3:45 Girls Classic

4:00 Boys Classic

4:15 Girls Skate

We will be leaving around 5-5:15 when we are done and be back at Elk River high school 5:45-6. After the race there will also be a pasta dinner at Noah Adams house starting around 6:30.

Jan 242018

The meet is on at Baker, they got 6 inches of snow!

The time schedule is Girls at 3:30, Boys at 4:00

Here are the release times

Zimmerman 1:10, bus leaves at 1:20

Elk River HS: 1:25, bus leaves at 1:45

Rogers HS: 1:40, bus leaves 2:00

Rogers MS: 1:35, bus leaves at 2:00 at Rogers High school

Salk, 1:15, bus leaves at 1:45 ERHS

For parents coming to watch the address is the same as the golf course there. 2935 Parkview Dr, Hamel, MN 55340

Park in front of the clubhouse, which also serves as ski chalet, and the trails go out from there.

Jan 222018

The classic race at Baker depends on how much snow we get today. If there is not enough snow the race will be cancelled. I will keep everyone updated as soon as I hear any more news. If the race is cancelled we will adjust our training schedule the rest of the week.