Dec 192017

The meet Thursday will be a 5k or 2.5k skate at Elm Creek. Here is the Schedule.

3:30 Boys 5K

3:55 Girls 5K

4:20 All 2.5k Skiers, boys first, then girls

One skier per team every 20 seconds.

Here are the release times and bus times for each school.

Zimmerman. Gets out 1:05, Bus leaves at 1:15

ERHS. Gets out at 1:25, Bus leaves at 1:45

Salk. Gets out at 1:15, walks over to High School to leave at 1:45

Rogers MS: Gets out at 1:40, walks to high school to be picked up at 2:00

Rogers HS: Gets out at 1:45, gets picked up by athletic door at 2:00

We should leave no later than 5:30. Then drop of Rogers students at RHS, followed by everyone else dropped off at ERHS.

If you would like to take your son/daughter home from the meet, you must sign them out with one of the coaches at the meet. Thanks.

Dec 172017

The new weeks practice schedule is updated under the tab. We have a practice time slot at Elm Creek Monday 6:15-7:45, where we will classic ski. All athletes should try to make it to this practice, as it is the only time all week we will be able to classic ski. If you can not make it. We will host a small practice after school at the normal time and ski on the golf course.

Dec 142017

Due date on winter trip forms is moving to next Monday, since we were a little slow in getting you your money off from money you earned at the Turkey Wattle race. If no money earned cost is $200.  If you still need to sign up, or didn’t get a form, talk to the coaches and we will get you one. Now that we have been on snow for a few days, I’m sure you all realize how much more fun skiing is! We would like as many people to come as can handle the volume of skiing. It is an awesome trip!

Dec 122017

I just got the Elm Creek practice schedule for the rest of the week and we have a time slot for Thursday at 2:45, the same as we just had. So our new schedule will be as follows.

Thursday: Classic at Elm Creek. New skiers continue to get comfortable, learn double pole kick. Returning skiers, take some video of striding and double pole kick. Continuous classic ski. Try to ski farther than Tuesday, count your laps. You will have to find a ride to Elm Creek same as last time, carpool with older skiers.

Friday: NEW WORKOUT. Skate ski at golf course. Intervals, ladder workout, 1 min interval, 1 min rest, 2 min interval, 2 min rest, 3 min interval, 3 min rest, 4 min interval, 4 min rest, 3 min interval, 3 min rest, 2 min interval, 2 min rest, finish with 1 min interval.  All intervals at L4, slightly faster than 5k race pace. Race warm up and cool down. This workout will take the place of our missed race this week, hardest effort of week.

Saturday: With the biathlon races at Mt. Itasca, and not being able to ski there until 1PM, we have decided to hold practice here in Elk River. Core at 8AM at high school, followed by a long ski at Elm Creek or possibly woodlands if we get more snow. Elm Creek 25k, 10 loops, Woodlands, 2 outer loops.

Dec 112017

I just got a phone call to confirm we have a practice slot at Elm Creek Tuesday 2:45-4:45. This will be our first classic ski day. We do not have busing to Elm Creek, but will have to carpool to get down there. Bring your skis and boots home with you and have your car packed so you can leave right after school and we can get down there as soon as possible. I will be at the wax room at 2:10 to open it if you need to grab stuff quickly before you leave for Elm Creek.  Julie will be down there with kick wax to put on and will help everyone get going.

The workout is as follows. Varsity skiers. 15-20 minute warm up, get comfortable again on classic skis, meet for some no pole striding drills. Then ski 15-20 minutes, followed by 10X1 minute intervals with approx 2 minutes active recovery. Start 5 of the intervals at the bottom of the donut to ensure a good climb in the 1 minute interval. The other 5 can be predominately double pole. Intensity is high for the intervals, 1500 pace. Cool down 30 minutes.

First year skiers meet for classic drills and learn to classic ski. Striding with and without poles, double pole, and double pole kick. Focus on weight transfer and gliding on a flat ski. Finish with a continuous ski in groups to get used to classic skiing.