2017 December
Dec 312017

In emailing with the other coaches, our conference bylaws say that the first two races have to be one classic and one skate, since we skated at Elm Creek, we will have to classic at Hyland on Tuesday.

Also, Irondale can’t make the 4pm start time, so the race schedule will change to the following.

Boys Classic 4:25

Girls Classic 4:45

MS Classic 4:50

Dec 312017

The wax room will be open on Monday Jan. 1 to wax your skis for the race Tuesday. It will be open from 3-5PM.

Dec 252017

If you would like to wax your skis for the winter trip. The wax room will be open Tuesday, Dec. 26th from 12-1:30. Remember it will be very cold for the winter trip, make sure you bring multiple extra dry layers to change before skiing in the afternoon, and more dry clothes for after we are done skiing. Merry Christmas!

Dec 222017

Here is the packing list for the winter trip. Remember to pack lots of warm clothes, it looks like it will be very cold. Also remember to bring your race suit, we will be doing a 5K classic time trial on the trip.

Winter Trip Packing List

Dec 192017

We have trained our bodies hard preparing for the race season. It is here. 1st Race on Thursday. We have talked about skiing technique, waxing skis for races, changing pole tips. You have a race uniform; all the physical stuff. What we haven’t talked about much yet is the mental preparation side of racing. To get the conversation going I am posting links to two items. Please listen to these as you have time. One is a TED talk on confidence. The second is an interview with a professional about visualization. Your mental state/readiness is at least as important for a successful racing season as you physical fitness and technique.