2017 January
Jan 302017


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Conference athletes: You should put one layer of wax on your skis, clean your skis and label both of your skis with your name.  We will be bringing your skis to the Lee household to wax a fast layer for you! Thank your parents and the volunteers :)

The conference meet in on Wednesday.  This is an all day meet.  The athletes will meet at ERHS at 6:50am to load the bus, bus leaves at 7:05am to pick up at RHS on the way to Theodore Wirth Park. The start area is down by the par 3 lot but parking is up by the main chalet – just walk down the sidewalk to get there.

Race Times

  • 10:00 Girls Classic
  • 11:00 Boys Classic
  • 1:30 Girls Skate
  • 2:30 Boys Skate
  • 3:30 Awards
Jan 262017

Parents, thank you for all that you do for our athletes. As we near the end of the year here are a few things to note.  Varsity conference parents will be asked to help with food on the day of the meet and everyone/anyone is welcome to help with waxing the night before.  Waxing will be hosted by the Lee household Tuesday night, dinner is provided, and will be from 4pm until we finish (typically around 8ish).  Thank you Lee’s! Please email coach Litchy if you would be able to come for some or all of this and I will get you the address.  This also helps get numbers on how many for dinner.  All abilities are welcome – we will teach you what you need!

The Johnson family has volunteered to adopt JV conference but is looking for another family to help out.  Please email coach Litchy if you are interested.

Varsity Conference is an all day event on Wednesday.  JV Conference is next Monday.  All skiers will attend JV Conference and either ski practice or race the technique of their choice.  The locker rooms and wax room will be open at 1:20, the bus will leave ERHS at 1:30pm and pick up at RHS at 1:45pm. Rogers athletes bring your gear home on Friday so that you have it with you!

JV Conference Start Times

  • 3:30 boys skate
  • 3:45 girls classic
  • 4:00 boys classic
  • 4:15 girls skate

Here is a list of athletes racing at Varsity Conference.  If your student is not on the list, they are racing at JV conference. Alternates will race at JV Conference but come with to Varsity Conference in case one of the 10 athletes is unable to race then they will race.

Varsity Conference List

  • Max Friese, McKone Corkery, Noah Haaf, Noah Adams, Ethan Anderson, Hyrum Teasdale, Jadon Purcell, James Berg, Carson Pixley, Espen Olsen (Alternates: Kenny Peterson, Mitchell Muniz)
  • Cheresa Bouley, Carli Vrchota, Kaja Montplaisir, Addie Hohlen, Annica Carr, Lauren Lee, Eva Bednarz, Maddie Mitzuk, Sophie Riewe, Maddie Hansen (Alternates: Iius Gallay, Kelly Crocker)
Jan 222017

Rainy Days

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As we get closer to the end of the season it is important to seek balance in your life.  Sleep is important to racing well!  Try talking to your teachers and getting ahead on any homework,  plan out when you will be taking your finals and know what you are going to miss for ski meets.

Monday we have a practice slot at Elm Creek from 4:30-6pm, if you can make it out to Elm there will be a coach there to host practice. We do not have practice after school. For those of you who cannot drive, talk to the upperclassmen about carpooling to Elm Creek. Be sure to get there a little before 4:30, so we can start skiing right away. We will be skate skiing, and doing some intervals. If you need to pick up your skis from the school, it will be open at 3:40. Leave ERHS by 4pm at the latest.

Our meets this week have both been moved to locations with man-made snow, yay!  We are racing 5k skate at Theodore Wirth on Wednesday and 5k Classic at Elm Creek on Thursday.  Dismissal times are the same for both days.  Rogers athletes make sure you bring home your uniform and ski gear because you will be picked up on the way to the meet both Wed and Thr!

Dismissal Times for Wed/Thr

  • 12:40pm Zimmerman dismissed – picked up at 12:50
  • 1:00pm Saulk and Vandenberg dismissed – Saulk picked up at 1:10 and Vandenberg walks over
  • 1:10pm ERHS dismissed – leave at 1:30pm
  • 1:30 RHS dismissed – picked up at 1:45 on the way to meet

Parents, there has not been anyone to adopt the JV conference meet or the meet on Thursday yet.  If you would like to bring food to either of these meets please let me know! All of the Varsity parents should expect an email in the next week or so about splitting up the food for Conference and Sections due to them being an all day adventure.  Thanks for all that you do!!

Jan 202017

Woodland trails is closed due to the warm weather, but we would still like you to get a ski workout in Saturday on the man made snow. The workout will be a 20 minute warm up, followed by 12×90sec intervals at slightly faster than race pace. Recovery should be 90sec as well. Finish the workout with a 20 minute cool down. Have a good weekend!

Jan 162017


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The team photos from picture day have been posted under the “photos” tab.  We are also looking for any photos that athletes or parents have taken throughout the season so far. If you would like them to be shared with the team either email them to me or share a google folder with me and I will post them.  If  you would like them to be used only for the end of the year slideshow/booklet let me know.

We will be (weather pending) having our first home meet this Thursday at Woodland park.  Boys at 3:30pm, Girls at 3:50pm and middle school 3k option at 4:10pm.

Dismissal Times

  • 1:20m Zimmerman – picked up at 1:30pm
  • 1:40pm Saulk and Vandenberg – Saulk picked up at 1:50pm and Vandenberg walks over
  • 1:30pm RHS dismissed
  • 1:50pm Elk River dismissed