2016 November
Nov 272016

As a high school ski team, we have the opportunity for our athletes to get discounted Elm Creek ski passes.  They are $37.50 and good for the whole winter season.  We will not be having practice at Elm Creek unless it is a low snow year – even then, it would only be once a week (due to the high traffic and busy scheduling of all teams).  These passes are only available to the high school skiers and are optional.  Checks or cash – Checks will need to be made out to the Elk River Nordic Ski team.  Money for Elm Creek passes is due on Friday.

In other news, please make sure to bring layers tomorrow! We plan on being outside unless there is lightning. We will still practice outside if it’s raining.  Be prepared to either rollerski or pole hike any/every day this week :)

Nov 242016

Thank you all for a successful Wild Turkey Wattle! All the families that supported the team by either running, volunteering their time or sending treats was awesome.  Team, you did a wonderful job helping out where was needed.

An important reminder to those of you not going on the Thanksgiving trip – plan on doing a workout on your own tomorrow (posted in the weekly practice tab). The roads are too wet to rollerski and there’s not enough snow to ski.  Stay active these next two days!  #optoutside

Nov 232016

Good job to everyone today at the time trial. We had a lot of good results, some of us on our first or second day on snow ever! The season ahead looks promising!
Time trial results

Nov 182016

What a beautiful end to a great week!  Saturday practice has moved from Elm Creek park to ERHS due to the new snowfall.  Meet at 9am, bring rock skis (if you have them), running shoes and dry clothes for core.

Next week, we will be having practice over Thanksgiving break.  We will start the week off with a guest coach on Monday, Matt Liebsch.  Matt won the Birkie in 2009 and is an elite skier.  If any alumni want to come to practice over break, feel free to join us! Practice is at 2:45pm on Monday.  Our team night at Pioneer Midwest will also be on Monday at 6pm.  Parents, family and skiers are welcome. There will be a demo on how to wax skis and special deals for our skiers.

Check the weekly plan tab for more information about practice over break.  Tuesday we will be fitting skis for anyone who needs to rent from the school.  The cost will be $20 per pair of rental skis.  Cash or checks – checks can be made out to “Elk River Nordic Ski Team”.

Nov 132016

Practice starts for returning skiers only on Monday at 2:40pm.  Plan on helping with gear but also going for a short workout.  Bring a hair dryer if you have one (to help with pole tips) and the poles you plan on rollerskiing with (skate length).

Practice start for all skiers on Tuesday.  High school start time is 2:45pm and middle school start time is 3:15pm.  Both will finish around 5pm.  This first week we might finish 10-15min earlier.  Plan on wearing layers – the weather is unpredictable and it gets colder when the sun starts to set.  As you are learning technique, there are times where you are standing still, plan for this and wear extra layers!  We will be rollerskiing on Wednesday, bring a helmet.