2016 October
Oct 202016

Winter is coming and so is the Nordic ski season! Here are a few things to keep in mind as we get close.

The informational meeting is November 9th at 6pm in Zabee Theater at ERHS.

*The meeting day has moved to the 9th due to a re-scheduled Choir concert.

The meeting is open to athletes, families, new and returning… anyone interested in joining or volunteering with our Nordic team.  If you already know that you want to sign up for Nordic skiing the forms are all online at ERHS activities website: http://www.isd728.org/domain/961

We will need to contact skiers and their parents throughout the season for various reasons.  Help us make this quick and efficient by filling out our ski team contact information form: CONTACT FORM

If you are thinking about joining skiing, it would be a good idea to start getting used to being active.  Fall sports are a great way to get ready for the season.  If you did not participate in a fall sport, start trying to be active for 30min a day 5 days a week.  This could be running, roller-skiing, weightlifting, walking, rollerblading, biking or anything that you enjoy!