Jan 212016

Team results are up so you can check out your classic, skate, and pursuit times from the races this week. Congrats to all of our skiers, we’ve been seeing some great improvement the last few days on snow! We are excited to see everything coming up in the next few weeks.

Speaking of the next few weeks – we have a very busy schedule coming up and a lot of information that we’ve been sharing with the skiers. We want to make sure that that information is getting to everyone and sometimes the bus is a little loud as we make announcements.

  • Friday: Normal practice time.  We want skiers to practice the technique that they most need to work on.
  • Saturday:  No formal practice in Elk River.  Coaches will be skiing at Theodore Wirth Park (site of the JV Conference, Conference Championships, and Section Meet) at 9:00am.  It would be great for all varsity skiers and any JV skiers that are able to get down there to be able to practice on the race course and talk through racing strategies there.  Transportation is on your own and you will need to get a ski pass there.
  • Monday:  JV Conference Championships at Theodore Wirth Park. Practice and the meet will be at Wirth, all skiers will attend.  Anyone not racing at the Varsity Championships on Wednesday will race at this race, varsity will be practicing on the race course.
  • Tuesday:  Very short ski/starts for the Conference Skiers and alternates only.  (No practice for JV and middle school)  Pasta dinner at the Webster’s for EVERYONE!! (First Pasta Dinner of the season!  Directions and time will follow)  (No practice for the JV/middle school team)  We will collect and load varsity skis right after school for waxing at the Lee house.  We are in need of lots of help from parents waxing! We’ll start waxing shortly after school at the Lee house, you can join when ever you are available.  Waxing usually takes several hours and lasts until the skis are done.  With 40+ pairs of skis to wax, there is a lot of work to do!  If you are available, let one of the coaches know and we’ll get you directions.  Thank you in advance!  It really does take many parents to help us get those skis done, even if you don’t have experience waxing, we can teach you a specific portion and you will be a great help.  Please help us make those skis fast and set the kids up for a great day on Wednesday.
  • Wednesday:  Conference Championships at Theodore Wirth Park!! Racing will be all day and the bus will be leaving early on Wednesday morning, around 7:30am but we will finalize that.  The basic race schedule: 10 am-Girls Classic, 11 am-Boys Classic, 1:40-Girls Skate Pursuit, 2:40-Boys Skate Pursuit
  • Thursday:  Practice immediately after school. (2 hr early release day)  Details TBD.
  • Friday:  Details TBD.
  • Saturday:  TBD depending on section course announcement for Wirth.

With next week being finals week – high school skiers, you will need to talk with your teachers if you will be missing class or finals.  Be kind and work with your teachers to set up alternative times for your finals if needed.  We don’t have another option for the Conference Championships and we know it is an inconvenience for them, be respectful as you work on finding alternative times.  Also, make sure you are using your time wisely for studying and finishing final projects.  This will be a very busy week and you need your sleep along with time for everything else.  Find some balance and use your time appropriately.

Thank you for reading this far, we know it was long and detailed.  If you need anything clarified, please let a coach know so we can help, you probably aren’t the only one with that question!  Thanks!

Varsity Conference Championships Racers:

Girls Boys
Lydia Carr Colin Webster
Cheresa Bouley Aaron Ley
Kaja Montplaisir Bradley Beaver
Carli Vrchota Cory Warner
Sydney Redepenning Max Friese
Taylor Nelson Noah Adams
Lauren Lee Noah Haaf
Addie Hohlen Evan Huber
Jenna Karls Lucas Gustafson
Annica Carr McKone Corkery
Alt: Alyssa Dallman Jarod Gill
Alt: Eva Bednarz Kenny Peterson
Jan 202016

The second half of the pursuit is tomorrow – Thursday!!! Team results and overall results are posted. Your start time for tomorrow’s skate race is based on the finish time/order of Tuesday’s race. We’ve linked up your start time and order below so you will know when you race. The girls race will start at 3:30 and the boys race will start at 4:00. If you didn’t race on Tuesday, we will start you at the end of the girls/boys start order. Remember, release times are the same as last week, and the same as Tuesday. The race will be held on the golf course again. Check out your start order (and time) so you know where you’ll be lined up tomorrow. Coaches will be at the start line to help you line up and to be sure you know your start time. Pursuits are a little chaotic for first time racers but they are a ton of fun also! Get excited!! We’ll see you tomorrow!!

Release Times

  • Rogers HS and Zimmerman release at 1:35 – RMS walk over to RHS, bus pick up at 1:50pm

  • Salk release at 1:45, bus pick up at 2:00pm

  • Vandenberg release at 1:50, Walk Over

  • Elk River release at 2:00
  • Everyone leave ERHS at 2:15pm
Jan 172016

Just a reminder – The wax room will be available starting at 10:00am Monday morning. It will stay open as late as noon but if skiers finish earier, it will close at that point. Practice will be a classic practice at Woodlands at 2:00pm, the warmest part of the day. We will have kick wax available for you at practice or you can put it on at school at 10:00am. Please remember, it is going to be cold again. Hats are mandatory, a headband is NOT enough. You should also have a face covering of some sort and layer your clothes well. Practice won’t be very long as it is a pre-race day but it will be a good day to get a little technique work in and to do some pre-race prep.

Stay warm!!

Jan 142016

Team Results are up!  The overall results will be linked once they are finished.  Great job today!  It was so exciting to see everyone racing – and so close to our home course!  We are hoping to be on Woodlands soon for racing but we’ll just have to see what the weather brings.

A huge special thank you goes out to Coach Varty and one of the fantastic volunteer groomers, Pat Jopp!!  Varty created the course for a 1 loop, 5 km course – a fantastic feat – and Mr. Jopp helped show him how to groom and helped groom and set the course!  We are so grateful for that!  And – and added bonus, Mr. Jopp was able to set tracks for the classic race today – that was huge with only 4 inches of snow on the ground!  If you see either of them around, please give them a big thanks for their time and hard work!  We also want to thank the golf course for hosting us as that was not originally part of our schedule, we are very fortunate that they allowed us that privilege.

Again, team results are linked on the results page, overall results will be up soon.

Jan 102016

Thursday’s meet is going to be classic 5k at the GOLF COURSE!  With the low snow levels at Woodlands – it will be a safer and better race on the golf course.  The Start/Finish area will be on the driving range which is just behind the brown grooming shed at the entrance to Woodlands.  If you are coming to spectate – please park in the Woodlands parking lot as normal and walk back to the grooming shed, a short walk through the snow and over the hill will bring you to the start area.  Races will start at 3:30pm with the Girls Varsity race, the rest of the schedule is below.  Skiers, please pay attention to release times so you can catch your bus/walk over to the high school in time.

Release Times

  • Rogers HS and Zimmerman release at 1:35 – RMS walk over to RHS, bus pick up at 1:50pm

  • Salk release at 1:45, bus pick up at 2:00pm

  • Vandenberg release at 1:50, Walk Over

  • Elk River release at 2:00
  • Everyone leave ERHS at 2:15pm

Start Times

  • 3:30 Girls Varsity
  • 3:45 Boys Varsity (15:00 mins on the clock)
  • 3:55 Girls JV (25:00 mins on the clock)
  • 4:10 Boys JV (40:00 mins on the clock)

One skier from each school will start together every 20 seconds.  The first racer will start at one minute on the clock.