2016 January
Jan 292016

Monday: Pasta dinner at Beaver’s!  Picture day – have your uniform!  We will be staying at the high school and practicing from there or splitting the group.  The wax room will be open during practice.

Tuesday: We need parent help again to wax skis at the Lee residence!  We will start between 3:30-4pm and end once the skis are finished. Email or text a coach for the address.  We have far more skis this week!!  33 athletes x 2 pairs of skis – your help is GREATLY APPRECIATED!!

All sections skiers need to clean their classic skis, and tape their kick zones.  Before Tuesday both classic and skate need to be waxed and clearly mark both skis with your names! Wax room will be open after practice on Friday/Monday.  Everyone will meet at 7am on Wednesday at Elk River to load and head down to Theodore Wirth Park.

Zimmerman Team:

  • Cheresa Bouley, Alex Karnes

Rogers Team:

  • Evan Huber, McKone Corkery, Ben Fife, Kenny Peterson, Dylan Brunetti, James Berg
  • Jenna Karls, Alyssa Dallman, Maddie Hansen, Lauren Polzin, Kaitlyn Benz, Anne Domanus, Maddie Erickson

Elk River Team:

  • Colin Webster, Aaron Ley, Bradley Beaver, Cory Warner, Noah Adams, Max Friese, Noah Haaf (Alternates: Lucas Gustafson, Jarod Gill)
  • Lydia Carr, Kaja Montplaisir, Lauren Lee, Taylor Nelson, Carli Vrchota, Sydney Redepenning, Addie Hohlen (Alternates: Annica Carr, Eva Bednarz)

Race Times:

  • 10:30am Girls 5k Classic
  • 11:30am Boys 5k Clasic
  • 1:40pm Girls Pursuit Skate
  • 2:30pm Boys Pursuit Skate
Jan 282016


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With the warm temps and deteriorating snow conditions – our Saturday ski at Wirth will have to change venues.  They have moved some citizen races to Wirth for the weekend and they will be taking up the trail system all day Saturday.  You could ski at Elm for a closer option but we feel it would be beneficial to continue to get you on hills Saturday, prior to Wednesday’s Section Meet.  If you are able – Varty will be at Hyland to ski some hills with you Saturday morning – same time, 9:00 am.  It is only about 10 mins further down the road from Wirth so travel time is about the same.  This would be a good time to get in a last practice with some hills before Wednesday.  If you aren’t able to get down that far, we would recommend Elm as a second choice option.  The trails at Woodland are deteriorating fast and the packed snow has become a little sketchy and will be even worse come Saturday.  Spread the word please, so that the rest of the team knows the change!  Bring your ski pass so you can ski for free!

Jan 272016

Congrats to all of our racers! It was a non-stop day today with classic racing starting at 10:00 am and the final skate race wrapping up at around 3:30 pm. The day finished with 7 All Conference Skiers, 5 Boys – Bradley Beaver, Colin Webster, Aaron Ley, Evan Huber, and Cory Warner, and 2 girls – Lydia Carr and Cheresa Bouley! The boys team placed 2nd overall and the girls placed 6th! We are so proud of the hard racing and great efforts that you put out! Well done!

We also want to put out a huge thank you to so many of you!! The Lee’s for hosting the wax party last night and all the parents that were able to join us for waxing – the kids skis ran so well and were so fast because of your hard work and time , it makes a big difference for the kids and we wouldn’t be able to do that with out your help! (We were also done in record time last night because of all of your involvement!) We’ve got even more racers skiing in Sections next week because we split into 3 teams, Elk River, Rogers and Zimmerman! All the parents and families that contributed food to feed the skiers between and after the races – thank you for the great spread and fantastic food! Our athletes were able to recover well and come back for that second race because of all the wonderful food you provided. The Webster’s for stopping and picking up our new tent shelters that were ready this morning! All of the parents, alumni and friends that came down to watch the racing and cheer for the team! Everywhere we turned there were team supporters and it was so great for the kids to see. Thank you for your help with getting the kids ready, working jobs, setting up things, waxing/brushing skis – It was so wonderful to have that support! And a huge thank you to Coaches Kallemeyn and Coach Varty for getting down to the trail system early to test wax, prep skis and get that final kick wax set up for our athletes! That extra time is a huge help and what a great asset for our athletes!

A couple reminders:
Thursday - Practice will start right after school tomorrow with bus transportation to Woodlands. The bus will leave ERHS at 12:45 and practice will be finished around 2:30. It will be a skate practice.
Friday - practice will be at 8:00 am at Woodlands for anyone that can make it. Captains will lead an easy and shorter ski for about an hour. All are welcome. If you can’t ski at that time, try to get out at some point during the day and enjoy the trails and do and easy 1 hr ski. We can also open up the wax room on Friday if you would like to prep your skis for sections on that day. If you are interested in doing section wax race prep on Friday during the day – contact Coach Anderson so she can open it up for you. After ski practice would work quite well – wax room opening at 9:30 am.
Saturday - Section Course preview. We’ll be skiing down at Wirth for one more practice prior to the section meet on Wednesday. Varty will be available at 9:00 am to ski.  We will be changing the venue to Hyland though because of the races at Wirth, deteriorating snow and warm temps.  Don’t forget your ski pass!
Mondaywill be picture day! Have your uniform ready so we can do team and individual pictures for everyone. We’ll also have the wax room open after practice for a bit for section skiers to get their skis prepped for sections if you can’t do it Friday.  There won’t be much time on Monday though so if you are able to – Friday will be a great day for race ski prep.  The Beavers are also hosting a pasta dinner on Monday after practice.  We’ll get more info to you about that later.

Jan 252016

Waxing for Conference Tuesday 1/26 (and sections next Tuesday 2/02): Parents, if you can help wax please let us know! Fast wax makes a big difference for your skiers and we need you to help the process go quickly and efficiently!  We will begin waxing after practice around 3:30pm, come whenever you are able.  (We’ll be working until at least 8 but the more people, the faster it goes!!)  Please email/text a coach so that we can get you the address.  A huge thank you to the Lee household for hosting.

Conference skiers need to have clean classic ski kick zones that are clearly marked with tape.  All skis need to have your name on BOTH skis.  The bus will start loading at 7:00am and leave at 7:30am from ERHS. RHS and Zimmerman people, please get a ride or drive yourselves to ERHS to get on the bus!

Race Times

  • 10:00am Girls Classic
  • 11:00am Boys Classic
  • 1:40pm Girls Skate pursuit
  • 2:40pm Boys Skate pursuit

Pasta Dinner Tuesday Night! Just a reminder that there is a pasta dinner for the entire team at Captain Colin Webster’s house.  Start time is 4:30 and with will run for a couple hours.  Come when you can get a ride.  If you need the address, contact one of the coaches, email/text/phone and we’ll get it to you.  We just don’t want to post addresses on the internet if possible.

Jan 232016

All JV and alternates will ski at JV conference and get to pick either classic or skate.  The Varsity squad will come along as practice and to cheer on team members.

Dismissal Times:

  • Saulk and Vandenberg dismissed at 12:55 – Saulk will be picked up at 1:10 and Vandenberg walks over
  • Zimmerman dismissed at 12:45 and will be picked up at 1:00
  • ERHS will be dismissed at 1:10 and will leave school at 1:30
  • RHS and RMS you need to have your skis packed, with you and ready to go (or have a designated friend to get your skis) because you will be dismissed at 1:25 and picked up on our way to Wirth at 1:45pm. You should change and be ready for pick up. RMS will walk over to RHS for pick up.

Race Times

  • 3:30pm Boys Skate
  • 3:45pm Girls Classic
  • 4:05 Boys Classic
  • 4:20 Girls Skate