2015 December
Dec 232015

The packing list and updated lodging information was handed out last night at practice. (bright gold sheet!) If you didn’t get one, you can pick one up during video analysis or waxing tonight. We’ve also attached the link below. If you have any questions about the winter trip – make sure you ask a coach so we can get you a clear answer. We have made a ton of changes this year because of the snow (or lack there of) situation and with all the changes, sometimes information isn’t translated clearly. The parks we are skiing at are tentative – Coach Varty is doing some reconnaissance work right now so we’ll be adjusting our plan based on his expert and experienced evaluation of the trail systems. When Sunday rolls around – we should be perfectly set!

By the way, the weather up in Grand Marais is looking like very “normal” winter weather – which will be quite a bit colder than we are used to!!  Highs around 18 or 19, lows in the single digits!  This is normal winter weather!  But – it is about 20 degrees cooler than you are used to having at practice, bring layers, bring changes of clothes so you have dry clothes, bring a windproof jacket.  Hats and ski gloves are necessary and if you have a second set – that would be very good so you can put on a dry set for the afternoon.  This weather is normal and will actually be great ski weather and fantastic classic weather – but you need to dress appropriately.  Bring on the winter!!

Dec 202015

So the weather is still not cooperating for our normal activities so we are still adjusting things. This week we will have practice Monday-Wednesday for everyone. Details are on the practice page.
With all the weather issues – we also have another major change that has had to happen. Our normal Winter Trip to the UP and northern Wisconsin is not going to happen this year. Ironwood has about 2 inches of snow – and rain in their forecast. Thankfully, Grand Marais received about 10+ inches of snow late last week and is expecting another few inches over the next few days. Their trail systems are looking great and they are working on getting things groomed up. We have the lodging and busing changed over and are working on getting the food and final schedule set up. We will get that information out to all of you as soon as it is finalized but here are some tidbits… We’ll be staying at a school in Grand Marais, yep, a school! We are planning to ski at 5 different parks overlooking Lake Superior (that may change with trail conditions). We’ve got a dinner night out planned for the infamous Sven and Ole’s in Grand Marais. A couple pieces of note: (1) Your skiers will want to have an air mattress or camping mattress. We’ll be staying at a school and sleeping on the floor in sleeping bags. (2) The trails we will be at have a little more rustic lodges at their trail heads then what we are normally at. We usually have some crock pots going during the morning so they have a hot option for their lunch. With all the skiing they are doing each day, they really need that warm option along with our other food. We believe that we’ve found at least one lodge that has electricity at the trail head but it would be great to have a generator to use for the couple days, just in case that doesn’t pan out. If you have a generator that would be of a reasonable size for us to manage and are willing to loan it to us for a few days of use, please let us know! We’d be very grateful! (3) Speaking of crock pots, we are looking for some to borrow for during the trip. We usually need around 5 crock pots so if you have one that would be available for the 5 days of the trip, again, please let us know and we will make sure that we take good care of it.

That is it for now – again, we’ll get out more details about the trip soon but we are still working out some of those final kinks. What a crazy (and fun) season so far!

Dec 162015

Do not be alarmed! That white stuff that fell from the sky last night – yes, that is that mythical snow that we have been talking about. That is the natural form of it. It is how it looks when it is not man-made from snow guns. It just falls from the sky like rain. We like it! It is a start but it in not nearly enough for us to ski on yet…but it will come.

So this has been a season of flexibility so far – a huge thank you to all the skiers and parents in being able to adjust to things as they are coming. We are waiting on more snow, we are waiting on colder weather, we are still training hard and preparing for racing…but we are waiting on the races.
They will come. A few updates that have happened over the night – there is a race on the horizon. There will be a race hosted at Trollhaugen on Saturday morning. It will be EARLY in the morning and will be a limited entry meet. We will only be able to take a varsity contingent of skiers to the event so we’ll be talking with those skiers today. They will only allow us to be on the snow at Trollhaugen to race from 7am – 9:30am so it will be an efficient event. 5 km skate. We will be bussing out there, the bus will leave by 5:00am (potentially earlier as we need to check timing on a few things) – yes, we know that is early. (Pack a blanket and breakfast for the bus ride over there.)

The schedule as of right now is:

  • 6:00 am - On snow practice time opens
  • 7:00 am – 5 km Girls Skate  (Course closes for inspection)
  • Rolling Start for the boys after the girls go out – 5 km Boys Skate
  • 9:10 am – Last racer on the course

We are waiting for more details to be finalized but that is the tentative plan.  We will talk to potential racers today and will be making adjustments to entries as needed.  Thank you for the flexibility.  Make sure you dress warm for practice the next few days – the temps will be colder (more in the normal range for MN).

We’ll get you more details as they come!

Dec 112015

The meet on Tuesday December 15th has been canceled.

It seems there is some confusion about today’s practice… to clarify:

  • If possible, go to Hyland from 4:30-6pm for practice (drive yourself or carpool!)
  • If you can’t make it to Hyland, practice is at regular time at ERHS.
  • Tomorrow Saturday practice is 7am at ERHS – core!! Then you will be skiing afterward.

Last day to turn in winter trip money and forms!!

Dec 062015

The meet on Wednesday, December 9th has been canceled.

Elm Creek and Hyland continue to be open to the public but only Hyland is allowing hosted practices.  We were able to get a time slot on Friday from 4:30-6:00pm.  If you have a ski pass, please try to attend this!  You can stop by to get your skis Friday or take them home Thursday.  If you can make it out to Hyland you are exempt from practice at school on Friday.  Driving will be on your own so set up a carpool in advance.

Winter trip forms and money are due on Friday, December 11th!!