2015 November
Nov 102015

Many of you were asking about summer pole tips.  We have some as a team.  You may borrow them from the team.  The replacement cost for breaking or losing them is $15.  We have a  limited supply.

If you need or want summer pole tips for roller skiing – to take off your winter tips… Put the pole tips under hot water (or use a blow dryer to heat up the end) and the tips pop right off when you pull.  Bring your winter tips to practice tomorrow in case we run out of summer ones. The winter tips work fine but are more likely to break under the stress of the cement.

Don’t forget to bring your helmet! :)

Nov 052015

A few things to note:

Monday 11/09: Practice for returning skiers that are currently juniors or seniors.  We will meet in the wax room at 2:00pm to inventory gear, fix gear and likely go for a short jog.  This day is to help us get the pole tips switched over and get the gear ready for the season! We couldn’t do it without you! If you have a hairdryer please bring it with.

Tuesday 11/10: First day of practice! Make sure to bring running shoes, clothes for any weather, a helmet, and your boots if you have them (for roller skiing).  We look forward to seeing you.

Captains Clothing Orders: The sweatshirt design has been changed to exclude the year.

An Alumni Achievement: It is always good to hear about alumni continuing to be active after high school.  Karl Gorecki, RHS alumni, placed 17th overall in the Superior trail marathon over the summer.  He was also the 3rd youngest participant!  If interested, here’s the ARTICLE