Feb 012015

This week we will have shortened practices due to taper.  Practice will start at 3:30pm every day to accommodate for the middle school athletes.  Due to the weather, please bring running/dryland clothes to practice this week.  Make sure that you are sleeping and eating right all week planning for the big meet!  With this in mind there will be a pasta dinner at the Webster household on Tuesday starting right after practice at 5pm.  Thank you Websters, and athletes we hope you can go!

Websters: 9091 164th Lane Ramsey

Wednesday we will have another waxing night for any parents, adults, friends who are interested in helping out!  We need more people than last Tuesday because there are many more athletes.  Also, if you have any wax benches, wax brushes or equipment you should bring it to the waxing night.  Last week we were done around 7/7:30pm so if you can come after work we would love your help!  The Hickmans have offered to host this again, thank you so much!

Athletes, we need your skis cleaned and ready to go on Wednesday.  This means cleaning and marking your kick zone.  Clearly marking each ski with your name.  If you have ski ties, put your name on them!

SECTIONS: Thursday Feb 5th – Theodore Wirth

The bus will leave at 7:15 from ERHS, be there by 7am to help load!  The bus will stop by Rogers and pick people up around 7:30pm.  Rogers athletes, know and plan ahead for your gear!

All athletes: If you are new to pursuit racing ask a coach or a veteran about the layout.  Food will be provided by parents but if you have specific “race day” foods – bring them yourself.  You will be racing a 5k classic in the morning and a 5k skate in the afternoon.  Bring dry clothes to change into so that you don’t catch a cold!

  • 10:00am Girls 5k Classic
  • 11:00am Boys 5k Classic
  • 1:30pm Girls 5k Skate (pursuit start)
  • 2:30pm Boys 5k Skate (pursuit start)
  • Approximately 4:15pm Awards

Elk River Sections Team

  • Boys: Dan Janasz, Colin Webster, Bradley Beaver, Cory Warner, Aaron Ley, Brady Artwohl, Nick Frey (Alternates: Peyton Riebel, Noah Adams)
  • Girls: Reece Hickman, Ali Manthey, Maggie Hohlen, Shannon White, Tori Morgan, Lydia Carr, Emma Crane (Alternates: Hannah Lee, Angie Hipsag)

Rogers Sections Team

  • Boys: Karl Gorecki, Ben Sylvester, Evan Huber, Jacob Nardini, McKone Corkery, James Berg, Dylan Brunetti (Alternate: Ben Fife)
  • Girls: Jenna Karls, Katie Kemmetmueller, Alyssa Dallman, Hannah Teasdale, Ellie Cargill, Kaitlyn Benz, Maddie Hansen (Alternates: Lauren Polzin, Anne Domanus)

Zimmerman Sections Team

  • Girls: Cheresa Bouley

There is no practice on Thursday for non-sections athletes.  Practice will be held on Friday in preparation for the JV meet on the next Monday (which starts at 4pm).

Sunday Feb 8th: There is a mandatory trail maintenance day for all athletes starting at noon.  The reason that we get to use Woodlands for free is because of days like this – where we gather family and friends to help with the trails.  We look forward to seeing you there!  A huge thank you also to all the parent volunteers who have helped with grooming this year (another reason we get to use the trails!).