Jan 142015

There will be a trail maintenance day on Sunday Feb 8th. This day is mandatory for the team – families are welcome too!  We will be helping out on the trails that we use so much, please put this date on your calendars.

Great job today at the race! A huge thank you to the Hipsag and Morgan families for the food at the meet – and being flexible with the date.

More dates to change on the calendars is next week… The Tuesday Jan 20th meet has been canceled.  The Thursday Jan 22nd meet has been moved to Elm Creek – Classic 5k at 3:30pm.

The backup location for JV Conference is at Elm Creek on Jan 9th.  Keep this in mind – we need more snow if JV Conference is going to be held at Greenhaven on Jan 26th!

Jan 122015

Thursday’s meet has been rescheduled to Wednesday 3:30pm at Theodore Wirth (5k Skate). This is a great opportunity to see where Conference and Sections are held.  The spaghetti dinner is now at the Beaver household on Tuesday after practice- hosted by the Beaver and Ley families! Thank you so much for hosting! It will start around 6pm.  The wax room will be open after/before practice.

Dismissal Times:

  • Zimmerman is dismissed at 12:55, picked up at 1:10pm
  • Saulk is dismissed at 1:05, picked up at 1:20pm
  • Vandenberg is dismissed at 1:00 to walk over
  • Elk River HS is dismissed at 1:25, buses will leave at 1:40pm
  • Rogers HS is dimissed at 1:35, picked up at 1:50pm *Plan ahead for your gear!

Start Times:

  • Boys race starts at 3:30pm with 20 second intervals
  • Girls race starts at 4:00pm with 20 second intervals
Jan 112015

Great job this weekend at the Mesabi Invite!

The boys Elk River team scored 24th led by Dan Janasz who got 28th overall in the skate and Colin Webster who got 37th overall in the classic race.  The boys Rogers team scored 39th overall led by Karl Gorecki who got 28th overall in classic.

The girls Elk river team scored 19th overall led by Reece Hickman who got 31st in classic, Maggie Hohlen who got 37th in classic and Ali Manthey who got 36th in skate.  The girls Rogers team was led by Jenna Karls who scored 77th overall in skate.

A huge thank you to the Websters who not only provided treats for Thursday’s meet but also helped wax and brush skis for the racers up at Mesabi!

This week we have our first spaghetti dinner, hosted by the Ley and Beaver familys on the 14th.  Details will be talk about/handed out at practice.

Jan 092015

The Mesabi race has been delayed 1 hour due to cold weather.  The boys classic race will now begin at 11:00am and every other race is pushed back 1 hour.  The start list is posted at skinnyski.com.

There will be no practice today for JV/Middle school.  The wax room will be open after school until 2:45pm if anyone needs to grab anything for the weekend.

We have quite a few people missing their gear (one pair of gloves, two pairs of pants and a red headlamp).  Please check the tags on all of your gear! Both pants have the athletes name written on the tags.  If you do have another persons gear, please bring it to practice next Monday or drop it off at the wax room today.  Thanks!

Jan 062015

Due to the school cancelation, according to district policy, practice is also canceled.  Tomorrow was going to be an easy recovery day so if you can get out and do 30min-45min of easy cardio that would be great!  This can be indoors on a bike, running, skiiing or even ice skating if you want.  Unfortunately this means that I cannot open the wax room for athletes.  Mesabi athletes, if you can meet up to wax that would be great!!! You need some cold wax on your skis!! I also need everyone’s permission slip and $25 before you can come with.  Please bring this on Thursday.  I will still accept permission slips and money on Friday but you will not be allowed on the bus without!

Thursdays meet is still scheduled to run as previously posted.  Dismissal times are listed below:

  • Zimmerman dismissed at 1:25 picked up at 1:40pm
  • Salk dismissed at 1:35 picked up at 1:50
  • Vandenberg dismissed at 1:30 and walk over
  • Elk River dismissed at 1:50 leave at 2:05pm
  • Rogers picked up at 2:30