2015 January
Jan 262015

Nice Job!

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Nice job today everyone at JV conference! We had a very good showing.  Thank you to the Adams family for providing food!  JV athletes final race will be on Feb 9th and practice will be held at 3:30pm until then.  Wednesday is the Varsity Conference meet, if you are a JV skier and would like to attend the meet your parents need to excuse you from school.  If you are a spectator, please bring your own lunch.  The food provided is for the athletes.  There is room on the bus if you would like a ride down to Theodore Wirth – but, let me know so that I know about how many people are coming.

There will be no practice on Wednesday due to the Conference meet.

The classic and skate races have been switched due to the warm weather.  The times for boys and girls are all the same, just the races have been switched.

Jan 252015

We will still have practice on Tuesday – easy day.  The bus will run to Woodland at 3:30pm and return at 4:45pm.  If you are skiing conference and only have your race skis – bring them to the Hickman’s after practice.

16180 Turnberry Court NW Ramsey MN 55303

Conference skiers need to drop their skis off at the Hickmans before 3:00pm (or put them in one of the coaches cars to bring over).  Classic skis need to have clean kick zones that are marked with blue tape.  All skis need to have the skiers name on BOTH skis clearly marked.

The bus will leave ERHS at 7:15am and pick up at RHS at 7:30am before heading to Wirth.  Please be at ERHS around 7:00am to help load.

  • 10:00am Boys 5k Skate Race
  • 11:00am Girls 5k Skate Race
  • 1:40 Boys 5k Classic with pursuit start
  • 2:40 Girls 5k Classic with pursuit start

All skiers will do both races.  The Hickman/Webster/Hohlen families are organizing food for the athletes between races (Thank you for organizing! And, thank you to all who contribute!).  Concessions will also be open at Theodore Wirth.

For those new to Theodore Wirth, go up to the main golf course chalet and you can park in that lot.  The actual start/finish of the race is south down the path toward the “par 3 parking lot”.  There can be no outside food brought into the main chalet, we will set up our food in the tent down near the start/finish area and “par 3 lot”.  In previous years the team has used a back room for food and that room has been converted to offices and is no longer available.

Spectators, do not walk on the groomed ski trails! There are plenty of paths through the snow to get to good cheering spots along the course.

Jan 242015

Wax Room

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The wax room will be open at noon on Monday Jan 26th before JV conference.

Jan 222015

We have a JV race that just popped into existence on Jan 9th – Maple Grove is hosting and there are quite a few teams responding attendance (we had the space reserved as a backup). Practice will continue into February.  The additional JV race is at Elm Creek on Feb 9th.  Girls at 4:00pm and boys at 4:30pm. We will not have to leave school early! :)

JV Conference will be held on Monday Jan 26th at Theodore Wirth. The date and time is the same but this is a change in location!  Skiers will choose to either ski the 5k classic or the 5k skate.  The bus will leave from Elk River High school at 1:15pm.  The wax room will be open around 1pm.  All conference skiers are required to attend as practice.


  • 3:30pm Boys skate
  • 3:35pm Girls classic
  • 4:05pm Boys classic
  • 4:20pm Girls skate

All of the skiers who are not racing at Conference will race at JV conference.  Alternates will race JV conference but will be let out of school on Wednesday to attend conference (being ready in case they are able to ski).

For those attending Varsity Conference, we will be having a parent waxing night.  Parents we NEED YOUR HELP! We need volunteers to help wax the conference skis for their athletes.  Skiers will go to a pasta dinner at the Hohlen house and adults will meet at the Hickman household at 3:30pm on Tuesday Jan 27th to wax skis. This should last until after dinner – the Hickmans will provide dinner for the volunteers.  It is important to have helpers early in the night but if you can’t come until after work that is fine too.  Do not worry if you have little or no knowledge about waxing, that’s why the coaches are there too – we will show/teach you!  Waxing is a very important component of skiing and this is one way you can help them out with their season.  Even if your athlete is not skiing conference, this is an excellent opportunity to come and learn how to wax!

We will have another waxing night on Wenesday Feb 4th for the Varsity Sections skiers.  I will add details later.  The Hickmans have offered to host this night as well, thank you from all of us!

Jan 182015

This week

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Nice job to Colin, Karl, Dan and Aaron for placing 4th at the ABC Relays on Saturday and Reece for racing at Telemark Skate placing 27th in the U18 age group!

Our snow is a little thin and so I recommend Elm Creek on Monday.  There can be no organized practices at Elm due to the holiday but the skiing will be better than at Woodlands.  If you ski at Woodlands be careful of thin patches where there is cement underneath.  Everyone should go for a long easy ski.  Level one.  JV should go for around and hour and Varsity should go for anywhere from 1-2hours depending on how you feel.   There is light snow in the forecast so Woodlands should be thin but fine for this week!

We have another spaghetti dinner hosted by the Mogan family on Tuesday at 6:00pm after practice! Thank you for hosting! Spaghetti dinner is at 19575 Elgin St, Elk River MN

As a reminder, Tuesday’s meet is canceled and Thursday is at Elm Creek (classic 5k).  Dismissal times are listed below:

  • Zimmerman dismissed at 12:40 pick up at 12:55
  • Salk and Vandenberg dismissed at 12:50 Salk picked up at 1:05
  • ERHS dismissed at 1:05 leave at 1:20
  • RHS dismissed at 1:20 picked up at 1:35 (have a plan for your skis ahead of time!)

Thank you to the Ley family for adopting the meet! Races will start at 3:30pm (not finalized yet, but likely same as before with boys at 3:30pm and girls at 4:00pm)

JV athletes have started their taper and while Varsity athletes are starting after the race this week. Taper is the time when athletes focus should be on recovering and re-energizing.  This means catching up on sleep along with cutting back on mileage.  I know that finals week can be stressful, but try to take care of yourselves this week!