Nov 112014

First Day

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Today we were able to hand out skate skis and poles.  We are planning on handing out classic skis next week (probably Monday).  Be ready to skate ski at Woodland starting tomorrow! That means dressed and ready to go at 2:45pm for HS and 3:30pm for MS – we will meet in the hallway before getting onto the bus.

Please bring the “Athlete Responsibility Form” to practice sometime this week.

If you have questions about the winter trip please email or ask.  Any middle school athletes interested need to be cleared through the coaches.  We are starting to collect the release forms and the payment will happen after the Wild Turkey Wattle.  The more people who sponsor your athlete, the less they have to pay for the winter trip!  If you are interested in being a chaperone please email me for details.  Alumni are welcome on the trip as well.  Alumni pay the same rate as the high school athletes as done in the past – but, keep in mind that they are paying for their lodging, food and ski passes.

There has been a change to the meet schedule (already).  Trollhaugen is no longer hosting Nordic meets one of our meets has changed to accommodate that.  Our meet on the Dec 4th has been moved to Tuesday Dec 2nd. Please make the change in your calendars!

Nov 102014

I am so excited to wake up to snow this morning! But, pretty bummed school was canceled.  We cannot formally practice as a team if school is canceled.  If you are a returning skier and would like to go out for a little cardio today, please take it easy (around 30-45min ski and core after).

Tomorrow we will be handing out skis and poles and getting out on the snow. Plan for skate skiing tomorrow and bring your boots! Dress in layers and bring dry clothes for after practice.

The helmets previously mentioned were for rollerskiing.  Since we won’t be rollerskiing anymore, you do not need to bring those tomorrow!  We will split into two groups.  One will be skiing and another will be doing cardio and core.  If you do not have boots yet, please bring your running shoes and both outdoor and indoor gear.  We do have a few sizes of rental boots to try for those of you who haven’t gotten a pair yet.

Nov 072014

Plan to be outside for practice on a daily basis.  The weather is looking cold (in the low 30’s) with a chance of snow Sunday night.  Make sure to bring a hat, gloves, and layers including something windproof!  Dress warm and bring dry clothes to change into after practice!

Please have running shoes on hand all week, we’ll be rotating groups through the roller skis (if they have boots) and doing other activities to start some technique work.  If you do have boots, bring them along starting on Tuesday and don’t forget to have your helmet along also!

We will be issuing poles to students on Monday so that they are ready to start on some technique Tuesday.  This means if you are renting equipment from the school please bring $20.  Don’t forget to get all of your forms turned in or you won’t be participating in practice!!

More information about the Wild Turkey Wattle:

The athletes will be helping out at the event in the morning if possible.  This is a fun event and helps raise most of the funds for our team to travel for the winter trip.  Encourage your friends and family members to sign up! They can elect to sponsor an athlete, which means that a small portion of their entry fee goes directly to cutting the price down for that specific athlete.  Skiers – get people to sponsor you and your cost for the winter trip will decrease!

Registration is down this year for the race, please get the word out to anyone interested! We need more people to sign up! Registration is done completely online this year.  You can find information about the race on the link to the right.

Nov 072014

Good news!  If you were worried about setting up a carpool for your middle school student there is a new one-way shuttle bus to Elk River! This will be a one way shuttle to Elk River – students are still responsible for finding their own way home.  This is a pilot program for the remainder of the school year.  Administration will make a decision on next year after we go through a couple of season and see how many athletes utilize it.

The bus DOES NOT ARRIVE ON TIME FOR ROGERS HIGH SCHOOL students.  If you are traveling from Rogers to attend high school practices, you should plan to carpool and leave directly after school is out to get to Elk River in a timely manner.  Hopefully they will change this schedule to have a bus leave right after school for RHS.  Practice starts at 2:45pm for high school and 3:30pm for middle school.

Here is the information – it is only for activities/athletics!
Rogers High School and Rogers Middle School
· Rogers High School – Loads at 2:45pm (Door G) and departs at 3:00 for Rogers Middle
· Rogers Middle School – loads when bus arrives from RHS and departs RMS at 3:10 from the bus corral
· Bus will drop off at ERHS – Door A only.
· Have students go to the Activities Office at RZHS if they need more specific information
Zimmerman High School and Zimmerman Middle School
· Departs ZHS at 2:20 from Door J
· Bus will drop off at ERHS – Door A only.
· Students will need a pass from the ZHS Activities Office in order to board the bus
· Have students go to the Activities Office at ZHS if they need more specific information
Nov 032014

We’ll see you at Elk River High School at 6:00pm, Zabee Theater, just inside the front doors.  We will try to make it quick but still get you all the information you’ll need as we head into the season.

Please take a moment to fill out the linked google docs form – instead of having one of the coaches type up all the info – it will just take a few minutes for each skier.  Thank you so much for your time!! We are looking forward to a great season!

  • Athlete Contact Information (This is just the roster info for Coach Litchy, you still need to register and turn in your forms with the school)

If you are looking for how to register your skier for the Nordic team, everything can now be done online.  Our sport is run through Elk River High School as a joint program for all schools.  Registration is available here!