2014 March
Mar 162014

A couple things – Summer Training!!  Yes – even through there is snow on the ground, we are talking about summer training already.  Registration is open for several programs and we’ll be looking at putting something together for the team also.  With low turn out the last several years for our team training we’ll be looking at making it a bit of an event for the days that we have training practice. We’ll be setting some things up with Maple Grove for several practices this summer taking advantage of the long trails at Elm Creek for some distance days.  We’ll get you a calendar as we get closer to the summer (in May some time).

One of the better known and respected programs in the area was called Finn Sisu but has been renamed “Endurance United”.  They have flexible training programs for different days of the week and can work with you if you’ll be out of town for periods of time so you don’t lose training days with coaches.  They also have a 10% “team” discount if 5 or more people from one team register.  Currently there are 4 skiers from the team that are committed to registering for some portion of the summer programs so only one more is needed for the additional discount.  You can still register for any number of days when you register as a team, the forms will just be turned in together.  If you are interested, please contact Reece as she is organizing the group registration.  Group registration must be turned in by 4/1/14.  You can find general information on the Endurance United Website.  And you can find information on the summer training through Endurance United here.

Also – no baby news yet.  We’ll let you know!

Good luck with your spring sports as they get started!  We’ll be looking forward to seeing you competing you there in your other sports!  Listen for announcements later this spring for summer training details.  Also, if you are interested in purchasing roller skis, we may be looking at putting an order together prior to this summer.  We are looking into a few options and looking at price discounts available.  We’ll let you know when we finalize anything but keep your ears open and let Anderson know if you are interested.  The team will still have roller skis available for rental over the summer.  They are $30 for a pair for the summer and helps to cover the cost of replacement wheels as they wear down.

Congrats again on a great season – it was wonderful to see you all at the banquet and celebrate such an awesome season with you all!!  Ski a few more times if you get a chance – and if you happen to see a jump drive out on the trails as the snow is clearing – it is probably Anderson’s – she is looking everywhere for it!!  She checked the trails a couple last times this past week but didn’t see it.  She won’t be getting out to ski again this season most likely so if you see it out there – pick it up and send her a message!  It is maroon with silver-metal edging/clip around the outer side.  Thanks for keeping your eyes open!

Mar 072014
  1. The banquet is this Sunday!!  Don’t forget to bring your food that you were assigned and also – it is daylight savings time again – we lose an hour on Saturday night.  Set those clocks forward!!  We’ll see you at 4:30 in the Elk River High School commons!
  2. Make sure your uniforms and skis were turned in.  Some of you still have them out.  If you are still planning to race – that is great, then use it for another week or two.  If you are still planning to ski, wonderful, keep skiing, but then get things turned it.  You will need to get storage wax on your skis and make sure your uniform is clean when you return it.  Contact the coaches and they will set up a time for you to take care of it.
  3. WCCO’s Matt Brinkman’s “Best of MN” series is looking for the best cross-country ski trails in MN this week.  It would be really great to have Woodland Trails be voted the best!
    Email your vote to mbrickman@wcco.com or tweet him at @Matt_Brickman.
    Please forward this note to your friends and relatives who you think will vote for Woodlands as well.
    It would be really fun to see Woodland Trails on channel 4 next Thursday during the 10 pm news.  Spread the word!

  4. Thanks for a great season!  We are looking forward to seeing you on Sunday!  Good luck with your spring sports!  (Although it is still looking very much like winter out there!)