Feb 102014

Awesome job today all! It was great to see you out there for one more race and see all the improvement over the last several months! We’ll get the overall results up once they are compiled and sent out. Team results are up now.

Huge thank you to the Beaver family for taking team photos today! We’ll get those linked up soon so you can make orders or copy any that you want. We also have new pictures coming in next week from the team so we’ll let you know when those are posted.

We have one more citizen race on Sunday!! We need your help! We’ll need help setting up, timing, providing treats, water stop, course marking and take down… Please help with our last citizen race of the season. Sign up with Coach K on Friday. We’ll need help in shifts so we can just sign you up for a few hours if you are available for that. These can count for volunteer hours also if you need those. Thank you in advance!

Feb 102014

We leave for the State Meet and State Coaches Relays tomorrow! Wish our competitors good luck as they get ready to compete and race. We depart immediately after school on Tuesday and will return on Thursday late after the state meet.

The relays will compete on Wednesday with the Girls at 1:00pm and the Boys at 2:00pm. The individuals will compete on Thursday at the State Meet with the Boy’s Classic at 10:00am, the Girl’s Classic at 11:00, the Boy’s Pursuit at 1:30, the Girls Pursuit at 2:30.

Boys Relays:

  • Team 1: Karl, Colin, Aaron, Dan
  • Team 2: Ben V, Matt V, Johnny, Jacob N

Girls Relays:

  • Team 1: Maggie, Ali M, Tori, Mallory
  • Team 2: Emma, Shannon, Taylor, Hannah

Alternates are Ben S and Lydia C. They will fill in for our team if needed and we’ll try to fit them into a team if extras are available at the Ridge.

Make sure you pack everything well and bring your signed permission form with. We’ll be taking a bus and trailer up. Relay Teams – Don’t forget to bring your own food for dinner on Wednesday night – this is your celebration night so we let you bring your own food to plan and treat.

Feb 092014

Yes – it will happen finally tomorrow. After two rescheduled dates – this is the real deal! You choose which race to do – classic or skate, it is your preference.

Race times:

  • 4:00PM Boys JV Classic
  • 4:10PM Girls JV Classic
  • 4:20PM Boys JV Skate
  • 4:30PM Girls JV Skate

Release Times

  • Zimmerman out at 1:40
  • Salk and Vandenberg out at 1:50
  • ER High School out at 2:00
  • Rogers High School out at normal time. We will pick you up on our way down.

We are going to fit in team pictures on Monday also. We keep waiting for a warmer day and they just aren’t coming this winter so Monday is the day. We’ll do the big group shot as soon as we get to Elm Creek – race suits for everyone! – and then we’ll do individual shots quickly by race type. If you are the first race out – we’ll do you first and so on. Those of you not racing – we’ll have you inside the building after the group shot for a few minutes to stay warm until we get to you. We take the team shots ourselves and with parent help so that you don’t have to pay $20 for team photos/individual pictures. We’ll link them on the website and you are able to print any photo, any size that you would like.

We still have more photos to link up from the season but if you have some shots to share, we’d love to get them up for the team to see! Thanks to the Vrchota’s, Tormoen’s, Hickman’s and anyone else that is gotten us pictures so far!

Feb 072014

Racing Week

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What a week and week ahead!

The Section Meet was yesterday, JV/Jr. High Championships are tomorrow, JV Conference Championships will be Monday, the State Coaches Relay is Wednesday and then the State Meet is on Thursday. Wow! Yes – the season sure wraps up with a bang!

A huge congrats to the section’s teams! (All 5 of them!) Ally (our Zimmerman girl’s team!) scored points to represent Zimmerman! Rogers boys and Rogers girls earned points as full teams for the first time ever! Both the boy’s and the girl’s Roger’s teams placed 9th! Elk River boys were 3rd and the girls were 4th with tough competition on both sides! Well done to all the skiers! A special congrats go to Joey Martin, Breck Hickman, Brittney Dorn and Reece Hickman for qualifying for the State Meet which will be next Thursday!

Tomorrow will be the JV/Jr. High Championships in Lakeville. Just a reminder that the bus loads at 7:00am. The school will be open at 6:45am along with the locker rooms and ski room. The first race goes out at 9:00am and then the rest of the races follow after that. The time schedule is linked here. We’ll be stopping at Olive Garden on the way home to celebrate the season so bring some money with for that. We are hoping to be home by 3:30.

On a separate topic – we want to say a huge thank you again to all the parents this past week!. The help you gave with waxing and the support at the meet was huge! We waxed 60 pairs of skis on Wednesday night for the 30 skiers and alternates that we took to sections. That was our biggest group yet at sections and yet we were able to get done in great time. It was amazing to see all of you working so hard in getting our racers skis ready. Thank you for jumping in, thank you for making the time to wax and to learn how to do something new, thanks for being patient when we needed time to find you a job since there were so many of you! Thank you, thank you, thank you! Thank you again to the Hickman’s for hosting and for providing dinner for all the workers – it was fantastic!! Thank you to all the supporters on Thursday who braved the cold weather to cheer on your skiers at the race and for helping with capes, food, clothing, brushing skis, feeding kids, reserving rooms, arranging food, running for bibs, … it truly takes a village! Thank you all!

As things are wrapping up in the coming days, we are fitting a few more things on the schedule – Team Pictures will be on Monday. We’ve been waiting for a warm day and we just haven’t found one so we’ll have to go with Monday. Racers – you’ll have your suit for the race, non-racers, start in your suit so we can do the team picture first and then you can change if you want.

Happy Friday!

Feb 052014

Well – with all the weather related fun we have had all season why wouldn’t we have some weather related fun for the Section Meet also? We’ve gotten some changes already so we’ll pass that along to you -

Start times have been changed and pushed back to deal with the cold temps and wind. They may be adjusted more tomorrow morning but here are the updated start times and the potential changes.

  • 12:00 – Girls Classic – 4 skiers per minute
  • 12:35 – Boys Classic – 4 skiers per minute
  • 2:30 – Girls Skate – Pursuit Style
  • 3:30 – Boys Skate – Pursuit Style
  • 4:45 – 5:00 Awards

We will also be keeping the same bibs throughout the day to help consolidate the time schedule. Right now we are looking at a little bit of time consolidation between the races but they are trying to keep as much time between races as possible.

We will also push back the bus time a little bit so we’ll meet at the high school at 7:30 and leave shortly after that. Please pass the word so everyone knows. Bring a HAT – headbands will not be acceptable for tomorrow’s temps. You also need multiple changes of clothes, gloves and everything else. Bring a second breakfast for the bus and Wirth Park along with fluids and everything. Should be a fun day!