2014 January
Jan 302014

Earlier this week we lost a member of our Nordic Ski Family, Senior Nick Jarpey. While our hearts are heavy still with the news, we want to celebrate his life and the joy, humor and energy he was able to share with us. The funeral and visitation have been announced and the information is listed below. Our thoughts are with the family and all of you as we grieve for his loss.

  • Visitation 4-8PM Friday at the Evans-Nordby Funeral Home, 6000 Brooklyn Blvd, Brooklyn Center and at the church one hour prior to service.
  • Funeral Service 3PM Saturday, February 1, 2014, at the Apostolic Lutheran Church of Blaine, 9401 Bataan Ave. NE.
  • StarTribune Obituary
Jan 302014

The JV Meet for tonight has been cancelled due to poor road conditions and poor trail conditions. We will be having the meet on the original back-up date of Feb 10th at Elm Creek. We will get out more details closer to that date. We have planed for the wax room to be open after school today and then we will have an on snow practice starting at 3:30. Practice will go until 5:00.

Jan 292014

First – Congrats to all of our skiers today! You skied so well and we are very proud of you! The boys team finished in 4th place and the girls team finished in 2nd! Congratulations! We also want to say a huge congratulations to our All Conference skiers – 4 boys and 5 girls: Joey Martin, Breck Hickman, Karl Gorecki, Dan Janasz, Brittney Dorn, Reece Hickman, Mallary Adams, Shannon White and Maggie Hohlen! The whole team skied wonderfully – congrats! Full results are posted in the results section.

2nd – JV Conference is tomorrow. Release times are posted from the other day: Zimmerman – 1:35, Rogers – 1:45, Salk and Vandenburg – 1:50, Elk River – on time. Zimmerman and Salk will be picked up and brought to Elk River. Rogers, meet at Elk River. Race times: 4:00 – Boys Skate, 4:10 – Girls Skate, 4:15 – Boys Classic, 4:20 – Girls Classic. Again – this is your choice of technique. This is your second to last race of the year! You can find the location at: Baker National Golf Course.

3rd – A HUGE thank you to all the parents and supporters for your help the last two days. Wax team – you were awesome! You helped us wax a huge number of skis and we finished in record time! All of you did a wonderful job and helped get the skis ready for the kids. They had fast skis today – thank you for that! We will be doing the same thing next Wednesday in preparation for Sections so if you are available or if others are available – we could really use your help again. We’ll have even more skiers racing next week because the team splits into Rogers, Zimmerman and Elk River teams. Thank you in advance! Thank you to all the parents for contributing food for the team today! They were well fed and nourished for the races because of you – thank you for all your work! Helpers today – you were fantastic with stepping in and waxing, providing capes, setting up food, helping with tents, brushing skis, and cheering on your kids…the list goes on and on. Thank you. A double huge thank you to the Hickman family for hosting the wax night and providing dinner for such a huge group on Wednesday and thank you for everyone chipping in with grocery runs, food prep, sandwich making, and everything. We are so grateful for your support and help. Whether you are a first year parent or a veteran parent – thank you! You have wonderful kids and wonderful families and we are blessed to be a part of that.

We’ll see you out on the course again tomorrow as we cheer on the JV/middle school team at the JV Conference Championships at Baker Park! Cheer Loud!

Jan 272014

Okay – so if you are wondering, we are on plan “H” at the moment, but it may change and we’ll move on to plan “I”…What a season! At least we have snow!

Lots of stuff to cover this morning and I’m sure we’ll be adding to it during the day – hopefully this will cover quite a bit:

  • 1. Today (1/27): No Practice. No meeting. Stay warm and study for finals. Wax your skis if you are able to.
  • 2a. Tomorrow (1/28): IF there IS school – practice is just for Conference Squad – very short and then skis and wax gear will be loaded for waxing at Hickman’s. JV/middle school are on your own.
  • 2b. Tomorrow (1/28): IF there is NO school – there is no official practice or meeting. Once the temps warm up- you should prep for your race with a 30-40 min easy ski and 3-4 good starts. It needs to warm up first! Conference Squad – Your skis need to be dropped off at the Hickman’s for waxing. We would like the skis there by 3:00 if possible. Your skis need to have your names on your skis and binders(large and clear), the kick zone taped off clearly, kick zone cleaned, and have the proper base coats of wax on your skis. (Teal for classic, and skate).
  • 2c. Tomorrow Waxing(1/28): We will be waxing at the Hickman’s. Thank you to those that have volunteered – we will definitely put you to work, thank you! If you have waxing equipment – please bring it, bench and such. We will have a few extra benches and everything else that is needed. With the anticipated temps and school issues, we are going to try to get started at 3:00. If we have school, that will be pushed back. Join us as you are able. We’ll be there for a while…yes, a while… ;-) We’ll get you set with a specific job and train you in. Address and directions are being sent out today.
  • 3a. Wednesday (1/29): Conference Championships Squad: Bus loads at 7:45am – be at the school at 7:30 to pick up your skis and help pack and load wax gear and everything. Race schedule is: 10:00 Boys Skate – 11:00 Girls Skate – 1:40 Boys Classic Pursuit – 2:40 Girls Classic Pursuit. The race is at Theodore Wirth Park. We plan on being home around 5:00. Alternates – if you don’t race on Wednesday, you will be racing on Thursday at JV Conference. We will have lunch and snack food for you along with water and gatorade. You should have breakfast or bring something on the bus for breakfast/snack depending on when you race. If it is super cold that morning, there is the potential for a 30 min or 1 hr delay. That decision will be made race morning.
  • 3b. Wednesday (1/29): Non Conference Squad(JV and Middle School Group): You still have practice today!! Coach Larson will be down there for the 3:30 practice time and will have the ski room and locker rooms open for you. You should ski the technique that you want to race on Thursday, your choice – classic or skate. Practice will run from 3:30 – 4:45. Nice 45 min easy ski, focus on technique and the do 3-4 good starts.
  • 4. Thursday(1/30): JV Conference Championships: Everyone will attend! Conference skiers will do a recovery ski and then cheer for the JV. The race is at Baker Park – home of the infamous “WALL”! ;-) Release times: Zimmerman – 1:35, Rogers – 1:45, Salk and Vandenburg – 1:50, Elk River – on time. Zimmerman and Salk will be picked up and brought to Elk River. Rogers, meet at Elk River. Race times: 4:00 – Boys Skate, 4:10 – Girls Skate, 4:15 – Boys Classic, 4:20 – Girls Classic. Again – this is your choice of technique. This is your second to last race of the year!
  • 5. Friday(1/31): Practice for everyone at 3:30 time.
  • 6. Looking Ahead – Sections Waxing: We will be waxing for the section teams on Wednesday evening (the 5th) again at the Hickman’s. While most teams have fewer skiers in Sections, because we split into three teams for sections – Elk River, Rogers AND Zimmerman – we actually have more skiers racing that day! Exciting, yes!! But also more work for waxing. So again – we’ll need all the help we can get. If you are available on Wednesday the 5th for waxing, please let Anderson know. Block it out now! Thank you again in advance!
  • 7. Looking Ahead – Sections: Sections are next Thursday, the 6th at Wirth, All Day. The schedule and teams will be posted on Friday.
  • 8. Looking Ahead – Lakeville JV/Jr. High Championships: Will be on Saturday, February 8th! We bring the whole team down. If you do not ski at Conference, you race here. It is a 5 km skate race by Age Group – you only race against your grade level. It is tons of fun – awards to the top 10 in each grade. We stop at Olive Garden on the way home to celebrate the coming end of the season. This is the last race/event for the JV/Middle School Group.
  • 9. Looking Ahead – State Week: Those that qualify for State and those that are named to the relay teams, we will be leaving for the Ridge on Tuesday afternoon after school. The relays are mid-day on Wednesday and the State Meet is All Day on Thursday. We will return late on Thursday evening. We will announce those teams after Sections is complete.

Wow – I know that was long – I’m sorry. Hopefully this answers most questions. If you have additional questions or need clarification, please ask! Stay Warm!!

Jan 262014

“School” – meaning activities – are canceled for tomorrow. There will be no meeting for nordic tomorrow – again, no meeting for nordic tomorrow. Please check the website tomorrow for additional details. We will post additional information tomorrow. If you have questions – e-mail Anderson and she’ll get that info to you – along with posting the info, other people probably have the same questions so we can get answers to everyone. The weather is not working in our favor but we’ll work around it.

Again – no meeting for tomorrow.