Dec 202013

It is here!  Our first citizen ski race of the year!  Dave and all the groomers have been out working the trails into fine form – they even took out leaf blowers to the trails last night to try and clear some more of the leaves out.  With that final new inch of snow this morning – we should have a great course tomorrow!

We have the skiers signed up for stations to work.  They need to dress warm!!  It is not like ski practice where they get to move around and ski to stay warm.  Warm boots, hand warmers, hats – stay warm while you work.  We still need some cookies and treats brought out along with some fruit.  We’ll have warm chicken broth along with Diamond City bread and water and cocoa too.  We usually anticipate around 100 people for total racers (although this year our pre-registration numbers are up by almost 50% so we may be looking at a bit larger crowd!).  After taking care of the Wild Turkey Wattle – this should be a “cinch” – but we still need all your help.

We could still use a couple extra folding tables (6-8 ft long) if you have one or two laying around.  It would be nice to have one or two extras in the tents for registration/treats and then an extra for the water stop at the lap point.  If you have a table available, contact Coach K – thank you!

The Winter Trip is coming up quickly!  Your skier is bringing home the info sheet/packing list today.  If you have questions on that – contact a coach and we can answer those questions.  We are also looking for a few crock-pots to bring with so we can have hot lunch options for the kids.  We are looking for around 5-6 crock-pots so if you have one available that the team could borrow, have your skier let Coach K know.

The coming week/weeks:

  • Saturday: Skinny Santa Race
  • Monday: Core – 8:00am-10:00am
  • Tuesday: Ski on your own
  • Wednesday: Family day
  • Thursday: Winter Trip Prep (captains help with shopping) – you pack all your stuff – check that list a couple times!!
  • Friday: depart at 6:00am – yes, that is correct – 6:00am!
  • Saturday – Sunday: Ski, Ski, Ski!
  • Monday: Return – 7:30pm, approximate time
  • Tuesday-Wednesday: Off
  • Thursday: Back to school, race at Woodlands
Dec 182013


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Grooming at Theodore Wirth Park is not going well so far.  As a result of that, the meet on Monday will not be happening.  It has been postponed until January 20th.  We’ll be looking at the schedule to see how that works out best for our skiers but pencil it in on your calendars now.  January 20th, all day.

Dec 182013

Total results are up now – team scores will be up later today!

Dec 172013

Congrats on the great showing today against Anoka, Blaine, Coon Rapids, and Maple Grove. It was great to see all the progress you’ve made so far and to know how far you will still be able to go. Congrats! It was also wonderful to see so many parents and fans out there supporting the team – thank you for that! Awesome Job! The team results are up so look those over – the overall results have not been collected yet but we’ll let you know when they are up.

Some things to remember -

  • Winter Trip money is due – get that in ASAP
  • If you haven’t paid for your trail pass or ski rental – get that to a coach ASAP also
  • Skinny Santa is THIS Saturday!!  We’ll need batches of treats baked and people working the event.  It is a little later in the day compared to the Wattle so you can sleep in some but you’ll need to dress warm!  We’ll need groups setting stuff up (course, tents, registration) at 8:00am, and then various groups for running the registration area, parking organization, water stop working, timing, course clean up…and more.  The sign-up sheet will be at practice tomorrow – please sign up to help us with our citizen ski race!
  • Monday is the Theodore Wirth Nordic Jamboree – We will be handing out more information at practice tomorrow – it is going to be a great event!  This will be a limited entry race – the top 12 to 16 skiers will be racing in this event but all are welcome to come and cheer.  First race starts at 10:00am, the final race is at 3:00pm and awards will be at 4:00pm.  Check back tomorrow for a final meet schedule and more details!
Dec 152013

We’ve got a lot on our plate this week as we head toward break! Be ready for a busy few days headed to a busy weekend, some great time with family and an exciting (although tiring) winter trip.

  • Classic Race on Tuesday (at Woodland Trails):  Boys 5k at 3:30, Girls 5k at 3:50, Boys 3k at 4:10 and Girls 3k at 4:25.  Release times are the same as last week: 1:35 – Rogers and Zimmerman (Zimmerman will be picked up), 1:50 – Salk and Vandenberge (Salk will be picked up), 2:00 – Elk River HS.  We have parents signed up to bring treats so thank you in advance for that!
  • Saturday: Skinny Santa Solstice Ski Race is on Saturday – we’ll need help from all of you putting this on.  We’ve got a 20km and 10km citizen race that we are putting on for the community.  Registration opens at 8:30 am, the race is at 10:00am, and the kids race is at 12:00.  We should be wrapped up around 12:30 or 1:00pm.  We’ll need treats again as well as people to help with course set-up, registration, timing, running the kids race, and course clean-up.  We’ll have sign-ups open at practice for you to let us know what you can help with.
  • Monday: Theodore Wirth Park – Nordic Jamboree – This is a limited entry race so it will be for our top skiers.  There are three parts to this race, a continuous skiathlon pursuit, a relay race and a sprints portion.  We’ll be setting up our entries after our ski race on Tuesday.  Everyone is welcome to attend and cheer on the team.  The first race will start at 10:00am and the last race will be at 3:00pm and awards at 4:00pm so we will be there all day.  We will get a more detailed schedule up after Tuesday’s race.
  • Winter Trip: It is coming up fast!!  December 27th -30th – Make sure you have your money turned in to the coaches.  We’ll get you a packing list and a detailed adgenda this week.  Snow cover looks great and all trails are open – first time in 3 years!  Let’s get our ski on!
  • Trail Passes and Ski Rental:  If you are renting skis from the team or ordered a trail pass – please make sure you get your payment turned into the coaches a.s.a.p.

We’ll get more details out to you this week about things but just be aware of how busy it is going to be.  Check the practice schedule for the week’s practice times and techniques – the wax room will be open for waxing on Monday before the race and again near the end of the week for the Jamboree and Winter Trip waxing.  Make sure you take care of those skis!