2013 December
Dec 312013


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We got home a little later then planned last night but we are all safe and sound! Thank you for all the help with unloading and unpacking and for taking the extra food that we had left!  Time trial results are posted, we’ll work on getting the rest of the photos up soon!

We’ve got a busy week coming up with a race right away on Thursday. Our race is a classic race – either or 7.5 km option or 5 km option. The race schedule is below:

  • 3:30 –   Boys 7.5 km Classic
  • 3:45 –   Girls7.5 km Classic
  • 4:00 –   Boys 5.0 km Classic
  • 4:15 –   Girls 5.0 km Classic
Dec 302013

The bus has started, it has warmed up, and we are on the road home!  Kids will contact you for rides as they get closer. Roads are in good shape so far but there are patches of snow fall that we’ll encounter along the way.
We are not going to stop at the Birkie to ski along the way – with the bus delay along with the cold temps – it just seems best to get them home.
They have skied a bunch in the last three days and while this last day wasn’t quite  we were hoping for, it has been a fantastic trip. We’ll get more photos up once the team returns and we’ll be looking for photos from the team to share with you also.

A huge thank you to the Crane’s, Webster’s, Kallemeyn’s, Steve, Jarv, Gnan, and Stephanie for all their help on the trip!  It was a great training trip and we couldn’t have done it without you all.

You’re kids are going to need some rest when they get home. They probably won’t be quite as tired as they usually are since they had a pretty relaxing day today but they have worked hard the last three days and have earned some quality sleep. Once they are rested up, I’m sure they’ll be telling you all about the trip!

Dec 272013

We had a great first day on the trails at ABR in Ironwood, MI!  Pictures are working to upload so we will try to link those later.  It was a beautiful day, weather was around 30 degrees and the sun was out and there was some wind out there too.  We were able to get the vehicles loaded fairly easily, thank you for all the help this morning!  The bus ride was smooth and uneventful (and even slightly quiet as the kids slept).  We pulled in around noon and were able to ski for almost four hours today!

The birds group made dinner for us tonight (lasagna, salad, fruit and bread).  Lunch crew has already started prepping the augratin potatoes for tomorrow.  We have scrambled eggs along with everything else for breakfast tomorrow and taco’s are on the plan for dinner tomorrow night.  Your skiers will not go hungry!

Tomorrow we have a long day planned at Winter Park Trails in Minocqua, WI.  We haven’t been able to ski there because of the lack of snow the last several years so we are very excited to be able to get back there this year.

It appears that the pictures are very slow to upload at the moment so we’ll try linking them later (UPDATED: we were able to get some pictures up online).  Have a great night!

Dec 262013

We leave tomorrow – are you ready??

The weather looks gorgeous for the first two days – even a bit warm – so make sure you have layers that you can work through and take off.  The third day looks chillier but still reasonable.  Layers of warmth are important and changes of clothes for the afternoon with the time trial.  Our last day is going to be the trouble day…it is looking frigid – the very definition of FRIGID at the moment – we are watching it closely but make sure you have tons of layers, a face mask, warm gloves, and everything else you need for cold weather skiing.  We will watch the weather and adjust but be prepared for anything.

Don’t forget your lunch on Friday – your race suit – your boots, skis poles, ski bag – and everything else on the packing list.  If you can’t find your packing list – it is linked in the post below.  Also – if you have extra holiday treats from your family – package them up and send them with.  We’ll share them for snacks after hard days of skiing.  If you have questions – contact Coach K – her number is on top of the trip packing form.  Yes, you will have access to the locker rooms tomorrow morning if you need to – but hopefully you took everything home over break.

A huge thank you to the captains for their help today with all the shopping!  We’ll see you bring and early tomorrow morning – be on time – 6:00am SHARP!  We’ve got a lot of loading to do and want to head out on time.

Dec 242013

More Snow!

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Drive carefully out there! The roads are slick with the new snow!

Things to be sure to remember – a lunch – race suit – ski clothes (a few sets) – both boots – skis – poles – ski bag – sleeping bag – pillow – towel…check the list!!!

We are set for crockpots but if you told Coach K that you could bring one or two – PLEASE be sure to remember it!

Pack light, but don’t forget anything…it is not an easy task but you can do it!!  (You might also want a blanket or something on the bus to be comfortable.  Be at the school BY 6:00am – we’ll need your help loading and packing everything in the trailer!  We pull out at 6:30 am SHARP!!  See you there!

Check back for last minute updates on the 26th.  We’ll give you  the final word on everything for us to head out!  Enjoy the time with your families!!