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Nov 252013

Yes – the UP is getting some snow – it looks like we have a little longer to wait around here though. Trollhaugen and Elm Creek Park are making snow and Trollhaugen has been open already for some nordic skiing on the weekends. Elm Creek Park is making snow too – check out some pictures here. Unfortunately they haven’t opened for skiing yet – we’ll have to wait a little longer but keep your ears open for that.

With the man-made snow option at Elm Creek there is also an option for a season pass there.  The season pass is $25 which you can purchase through the team or if we have a scheduled practice there it will cost the daily rate of $5.  It really will depend on when the natural snow comes as to whether it is cost effective or not to get the season pass.  If we have a ski meet at Elm Creek – the team pays a race fee and the skiers do not need a separate pass, but if we have a practice there because that is the only location that has snow – or if skiers go to ski there on the weekend, then each skier needs their own ski pass(either a season pass or a pass purchased each practice).  When we get natural snow – we ski at Woodland Trails and are able to ski there for free as it is our local city park.  We will pass out additional information to the skiers tomorrow about the season passes.    We’ll need those decisions made quickly though as we want to order the passes on Tuesday.

Nov 232013

We are going to need a lot of help this week with the Wild Turkey Wattle.  We have close to 300 people registered including the kids race, it will be a great event but a very crazy morning.  We are going to need all hands in for this.  Skiers with families that are heading out of town for family stuff – is there a chance you could bake a batch of cookies or bars ahead of time for the race.  We are going to need all the help with treats that we can get and that would be an easy way to contribute even if you can’t be there to help.  Those that will be in town – we had many of you sign up for jobs on Friday – if you didn’t get a chance to sign up – we’ll have the sheets available on Monday and we’ll be getting you assigned to various jobs.

With so many people pre-registered – we will need extra help with bib pick-up and registration.  We will also need quite a bit of help with timing for all of the runners participating.  And of course there is course marking, manning the water stop, setting up the treat tent for afterward, parking, hot water for cocoa, treats, fruit, diamond city bread, signs made, t-shirts and bibs assigned, … this list goes on.  We’ll be looking for extra help on Wednesday for pre-set up and then Thursday am starting around 6:30 for some folks – registration opens at 7:00am, the race starts at 8:00am and we should be cleaned up by 10:00am if everyone can help.

Thank you in advance for all the help you all give for this – it will be a pretty awesome event!

Practice for this week is a little weird because of the holiday.  Monday and Tuesday will have practice as normal.  Wednesday practice will be an early am core practice at the high school.  Dress for indoor practice on Wednesday – practice will start at 6:00am.  The team usually heads for breakfast after these early morning practices as a way for some good food and team bonding.  Thursday will be the Wattle and family time.  We’ll talk about weekend options this week.  Check the weekly practice page for details.  We’ll see you Monday – dress warm, looks a little chilly for the weather.

One more item: Team Night at Pioneer Midwest!! Right after practice on Monday. They will provide a pizza dinner and a waxing demo along with having extra people on hand if you have questions about anything. Coaches will also be available if you have questions for them.

Nov 212013


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What a busy week!  Awesome job team – it has been a great week so far, now we are just waiting for the snow!

  • Jacket/Pant/Windbrief orders are due tomorrow!! Order form is below.
  • Bring work gloves for practice tomorrow (Friday)
  • Fill out your training log books
  • Monday after practice is Team Night at Pioneer, pizza dinner, wax review/lesson, question time
Nov 182013

Just a reminder for today’s practice – everyone is at the 2:35 time today. Middle school, high school, everyone! We’ll see you then!

Nov 152013

So Impressive!  That is what the coaches walked away thinking yesterday – you all were SO IMPRESSIVE out on the hill!  Great job – great workout – very nicely done.  As we lead into the season – that work is really going to pay off over and over again – Nice Work!

Jackets, Pants, and windbrief orders were sent home yesterday.  There is a copy attached below.  We will be placing the order next Friday so forms and money is due by then.  The pants are full double zip and will be great to ski in and to get off/on on race day.  The jacket is just the right weight to keep you warm skiing but not overheat and will have Elk River, Rogers or Zimmerman Nordic Team Logo along with your name embroidered on it.  If we have 40 jackets ordered – they will discount the embroidery charge.  We will reimburse that money if we have those orders come in.  And the windbriefs will block the wind in all the right spots.  Again, orders are going to be due on Friday, November 16th.  If you have questions about the items, ask!  We have a few kids on the team that have similar items (pants and a jacket) so you can look at those for samples and a little bit for sizing.  Otherwise we’ve attached the Sporthill sizing guidlines below.  Most of the local ski shops carry Sporthill so if you are out and about – you could try the jacket or pant on there to get a better idea of what to order.

Saturday: Big Ski Swap at Dunwoody – MYSL Ski Swap – if you still need equipment, this is the last one so after this you are left with what the stores have available.  Varsity – Trollhollow is OPEN!!  Who wants to rollerski when you can really ski?!  If you can make it, Trollhaugen has opened their nordic area from 7:00am -9:30 am.  The cost is $8.  It is open to anyone for skiing so if you are ready to get on skis – there is your option.  We’ll talk at practice about your workout for Saturday.  If you can’t make it to Trollhaugen – you can still rollerski or do another workout.

Monday Practice Info: We will have practice at the normal time on Monday – 2:35.  We can not practice earlier because of teacher worktime/meetings.  Meet at the high school at 2:35!