2013 August
Aug 282013

DQ Night!

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If you are thinking it is hot out and you need a treat to cool you down – think Dairy Queen tonight – the Rogers location!  Stop by for dinner or for a treat after open house!  The Nordic Team will be earning 10% of proceeds tonight as a fundraiser.

  • Rogers Dairy Queen from 6-9pm tonight!
Aug 252013

We had a great volunteer group out at the triathlon and we want to thank you all for your time and enthusiasm out there!  It sounds like there will be some more opportunities for this in the future so you’ll all have a chance to help out!

Special Thank You’s go to:  Webster Family (Colin, Nate, Mitch, Colin’s friend and Nancy for helping organize), the Hickman Family (Breck, Reece and Annette), Tommy C., Brittney D., Madi A., Jeremy R., Luke H., Joey M., Dan J., and Mallory A.

Thank you all for your help and support in this.  Keep those cowbells for ski season!

Aug 242013

We are ready to work the triathlon this morning. It has been an eventful morning already with shirt and cowbell pick up (yes, you read that correctly-Cow Bells!).  We are waiting at the transport area to get bussed to our work location. I’ve never seen people trying to load bikes onto a bus to be brought to the start area… it looks surprisingly easier then I would have expected!  We’ll be directing the bike route this morning, should be awesome!

Aug 202013

Yes – it is THIS Saturday!  We are still looking for a couple more volunteers – if you are available Saturday morning until 11am – please sign up and help us volunteer at the Triathlon and raise money for our nordic team!  Information for signing up is in the post below.

Those of you that are signed up already – here are the details for our shift:

We will be working the bike course for the race – they will transport us to the specific sites we need to be at.  Meet at Boston Scientific parking lot in Maple Grove (off of Weaver Lake Rd).  You need to be there by 6:45am – yes, that is right, 6:45am!! We should be done by 11am.  We will be directing traffic on the bike course.

The triathlon has provided a handbook for the race that gives us a little more information about what is going on, that is linked below.

Volunteer t-shirts (red) will be provided and will need to be worn so athletes know that you are the people that are directing them the correct way.  We are working to get those shirts to the Boston Scientific parking lot so you won’t have to pick them up early.  See you bright and early on Saturday morning – we are excited – it should be a fun and fantastic morning!

Aug 062013

The Maple Grove Triathlon is looking for volunteers to help put on their fantastic event! We need 15-20 people to help and volunteer a few hours and they will donate $300 to our team. We are looking at potentially working the bike course or another section of the course. They’ll provide an event “official volunteer” shirt to each worker and we should be working around the same location as each other. It should be a really fun event and a great way to give back a bit. We don’t know the exact schedule until they assign us but it would potentially be from 7am to 11am on August 24th. It would be a great time and if you’ve ever had the idea to check out a triathlon – this would be a great time to do it. They are a ton of fun and it is a great crossover from skiing!!

What you need to do -

  1. Register to Volunteer – At the Maple Grove Triathlon Page:
  2. As you register – don’t pick a specific time slot or location, they will assign our group before hand
  3. Enter our group name: Elk River Nordic Team
  4. Finish registration

If you plan to help – please let Coach K know so we have an idea of how many people we have signed up!  Family and friends can sign up too!  If you have problems with registration or have questions – let Coach K know!  Most checked summer e-mail:  kirstin.kaye “at” gmail.com

Look forward to seeing you there if you can make it!!