2013 March
Mar 162013

Thank you to all who were able to show up and help today – you were fantastic and a huge asset!  The results are up and things mostly cleaned up.  The trails are still in great shape though – enjoy them while the snow is here.  Ski, ski, ski!

Luck of the Woodland’s Loppet

We’ll see you tomorrow at the banquet – remember to bring your food item (enough food for 15 to 20 people).  We’ll see you in the Elk River High School cafeteria at 4:30.  Also, if you haven’t brought your money in for team gifts – please bring that tomorrow – $5 for seniors and $10 for non-seniors.

We look forward to celebrating with you tomorrow!

Mar 152013

We’ve talked to a lot of you – but we need your help tomorrow!  Registration starts at 8:30 with the races begining at 10:00am.  Bring some treats to share with the racers – we’ll have you help with registrations, timing, and course clean-up!  The kids race is at 12:00(noon) and we’ll be done shortly after.

See you then!

Mar 122013

We are on!  We have one more race on Saturday that we’ll need your help with!  Bib pick-up starts at 8:30.  First race starts at 10:00am.  We’ll need a group at 8:15 to set up the tent and do course marking – a group at 9:00am to do registration – and a group at 10:00am to do timing.  We also need a bunch of treats and fruit for after race refreshment.  Our usual “go to” (Diamond City) is booked for the week so we won’t have the opportunity to use their bread.  We are looking for replacement ideas if you have any.

Coach K will be looking for people to sign up to help and send treats and snacks.

By the way – when you head in to Diamond City next time – please tell them Thank You!  They have been a huge help for our events that we’ve put on.  It has been fantastic to offer up their wonderful goods at the races throughout the season.

Also a huge thanks to the grooming crew for their continued fine work with the trail system.  With all the rain over the weekend we weren’t very hopeful – and then – wow.  Trails look to be in solid shape, it should be some great racing!

We’ll see you on Saturday – and on Sunday for the banquet!  If you haven’t RSVP’s yet, please let a captain or coach know so be can verify food!  4:30pm Sunday at the high school.

Mar 042013

We need you to RSVP immediately!!  Please contact Captain Mary or Captain Nate with your yes/no and numbers attending.  We need to know for awards, food amounts, plates/serving items and multiple other reasons!!!  Please RSVP NOW!!!

Also – Please turn in your money for gifts to a Captain or Reece.  They are in the middle of getting things set up for seniors and everyone but are missing money from many people!  Please help them out so they don’t have to find each one of you.