Jan 222013


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A huge thanks to the Nordahl’s for hosting a fantastic pasta dinner last night! Wonderful!!

As announced at practice, the Wax room is open from 9-10:30am today.

In all the busyness of the last few weeks I didn’t think to explain our new schedule to the new families.  We’ve been talking to your kids about it the last week++ but sometimes we forget that that information doesn’t always get home to you.  Because we are at Elm Creek for our races and are forced to be on the man-made loop, our race schedule if forced to change.  The park will only allow us to have 1 meet a week there in order to be fair to other schools and conferences.  That means that our two meets this week have been switched to one meet on Wednesday.  What was supposed to be a two meet pursuit this week has been changed around so that we can still do the pursuit but we’ll be using the results from last week’s race(classic) and then using that for the pursuit start of this week’s race(skate).

A pursuit races – just like the name implies, is where you are pursuing the leaders of a race.  For most nordic races, the skiers have an interval start, they get a finish time, then we compile the results, so the winner isn’t known until later.  With the pursuit races – the first race is skied in the normal fashion, we get the results, like we did for the classic race, and then we use those to set up the start times for the second race.  If you look at the boys results from last week, Nate won the race, Jake was a second behind, and Sean from Maple Grove was 12 seconds behind Nate.  When they start the race on Wednesday, that is how they will start – Nate will start first, Jake will start 1 second after, and Sean will start 12 seconds after Nate.  So when they cross the finish line, whoever crosses first will be the true winner of the race.  It is very exciting and if you look at some of those times – it is going to be a crazy start area and some interesting racing!!  It is a great experience for the kids as all of our Championship Races are set up as pursuits – except usually the race both races in one day, not a week apart!

Hopefully that makes more sense to new parents.  We’ll post all start times later today so you know when you are going out.  Because of the congestion – we will only be doing a pursuit for the girls finishing within 6 mins of the winner and the boys within 5 mins of the winner.  Everyone else will be put in a start order based on their finish from last week.  If you weren’t at last week’s race, we’ll get you a start time after those racers.

Jan 192013

Well – the weather change was a little crazy this afternoon before the girls race but our skiers skied well. Awesome job to all racers out there! We were very happy with things – very fun day. Results are posted.

Coming up the rest of this weekend/week: Tomorrow we’d like the kids to get out skiing if possible…It will be so cold on Monday, we don’t want them out skiing if we can help it so skiing tomorrow is the best alternative.  Monday will be core at the HS at 8:00am and the pasta dinner at the Nordahls at 5:30pm.  Tuesday we’d like the varsity to get down to Wirth if possible – long continuous ski.  JV can get out at any of the three locations for 90 mins.

Jan 182013

Just a reminder that the bus will load tomorrow at 10:40 am so be there a little early. Boys race will be at 1:00, girls race will be at 2:30. Everyone is welcome, if you aren’t placed on a team yet and you can go, talk to Coach K and she’ll get you on a team so you can race! After yesterday’s racing, tomorrow should be another fantastic day!

Jan 172013


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Coach K is just posting these to get them out to you.  She hasn’t double checked them or fixed any typos…In fact, as she types this, she realizes that she may not have fixed Bella’s name from her quick finger mistake earlier today.  But – you’ll get an idea of the results.  She is going to get a shower and dinner and then she’ll look them over and see if anything needs changing.  A huge, awesome, and wonderful job today!  We saw so much improvement in the last two weeks and you all looked so impressive out there!  Wonderful job!  We’ll see you tomorrow at school!  Get some rest and a good dinner – and more rest, now that finals are over!

Jan 162013

Meet Info

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Girls race first!!

  • 3:30pm  Girls Varsity Classic
  • 4:00pm Boys Varsity Classic
  • 4:20pm Girls JV (approx)
  • 4:25pm Boys JV (approx)

We’ll see you at Elm Creek tomorrow, it should be a great race!