2013 January
Jan 302013

What a day! 6 Boys and 6 Girls made All-Conference! That is a huge accomplishment!! The boys team was able to put together some great races and earn 1st place overall! The girls pushed through and made a huge improvement from last year to earn 3rd place!! Most of us are exhausted so we’ll update more tomorrow – forgive us…the results are posted though. Special Congrats to our All-Conference Skiers: Jake Schroeder, Nate Webster, Joey Martin, Breck Hickman, Tommy Como and Ryan Trapp for the boys! And Reece Hickman, Mallory Adams, Mary Elmquist, Brittney Dorn, Shannon White and Maggie Hohlen! What a day! Enjoy the festivities today – we’ll be getting back to work for next week! Parents – if you have pictures from today that we can put up – please pass them along to Coach K so we can get them shared.

A HUGE Thank You to the Hickman’s for hosting the waxing deal last night and allowing us to take care of all our skiers skis!  (Also, thank you so much for dinner)  A huge thank you to all the parents that came to help out with the waxing – you helped tremendously (even if you had no idea what you were doing)  Thank you, thank you, thank you!!  We’ll need help next week on Wednesday to wax for sections so if you are available – we’d love to have you help us again! (Or for the first time)  Thank you for all the time, support, and help you give to your kids – they are wonderful people because of all of you!

Tomorrow – with the cold temps – we’ve decided to cancel practice. No practice for middle school/JV – Varsity Conference Skiers will be meeting in Coach K’s room after school. The wax room will be available if needed.

Practice on Friday is at Theodore Wirth for high school. Meet at the high school as normal and we’ll take a bus down. Remember your $4.31 for the trail pass. We’ll be home around 6:00pm. Middle School will have practice as normal at Woodland on Friday.

Jan 282013

JV Conference Championships were today at Theodore Wirth Park. The new snow was quite a surprise to have and made the trails much more enjoyable. Racers did a great job on the different trail system and were able to see where the section race will be in two weeks. Results are up so you can take a look at those.

We’ll be at practice as normal for the JV and Jr. High. Varsity, you should have your skis waxed and ready to go before practice so we can start waxing them right after practice. Have an excellent evening! Make sure you remember that the Vrchota’s are hosting the pasta dinner after practice tomorrow. Enjoy all that fantastic food!!

Jan 272013

Monday: JV Conference Championships – At Theodore Wirth Park in Minneapolis.

Skiers can choose which race to compete in. Race schedule follows below. Release times are 12:50 Zimmerman (bus pick-up), 1:00 Salk and Vandenberg (Salk will be picked up with a bus), 1:15 ER High School, 1:30 Rogers Middle School (walk to Rogers High), 1:40 Rogers High (we’ll pick you up on the way and drop you off on the way home).

Monday Race Schedule:

  • 3:40 – boys skate
  • 3:55 – girls skate
  • 4:20 – boys classic
  • 4:30 – girls classic

Tuesday: Pasta Dinner at Vrchota’s – Practice at Woodland Trails, pasta dinner after.

Wednesday: Varsity Conference Championships – At Elm Creek Park

  • 10:00  Girls Freestyle
  • 11:00  Boys Freestyle
  • 1:30    Girls classic with pursuit start
  • 2:30    Boys classic with pursuit start

Bus Pick-up will be at Elk River High School only at 7:20 am.  Skiers will need both sets of equipment, uniform, changes of ski clothes and plenty of rest and energy. You’ll need to wax your skis with the base wax we determine on Monday night but otherwise focus on staying fresh and drinking fluids. Tuesday we need to get you out for a warm-up, some starts/quick speed, and cool down. We’ll talk on Monday about the best plan for that. Wednesday is go day. Load at the high school at 7:20. We’ll head over and go from there, it should be a great day. We’ll discuss Thursday and Friday as the week progress. Right now we were able to get on the practice list at Wirth for Friday but they have moved all Loppet events to Wirth for the weekend so it will be busy again like this past Friday.

Awards will be shortly after the last race, last year it was closer to 4:00pm.

Parents!!! – It is that time of year again – we are waxing skis on Tuesday night at the Hickman’s. We have a lot of skis to get through and waxing will be important with the projected weather. We’ll be hoping to get started around 4/4:30 but you can join us at any time. We can definitely use any help that you have to give. If you don’t know how to wax – guess what? We’ll teach you!! We are friendly folk just looking to make some skis really fast. Come on over and help – or watch and cheer us on! Call or ask for directions, all are welcome! We’ve got about 44-48 pairs of skis to wax so we’ll be going strong for a while!

Jan 232013


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Nice racing! Despite the cold weather we’ve had – we are still making it out skiing and even racing today! Congrats on the great efforts. We’ve seen so much improvement the last few weeks, it is tremendous! We still see areas to work on but you all are doing a great job. The team results are in the results section, we’ll get the overall results posted as soon as they are compiled.

Just a few reminders – When we are skiing at other parks – and even at our own – please make sure to grab your gear, all of your gear, and your ski bag.  We’ve collected many ski poles, skis, ski bags, pants, gloves…through out the season (Please don’t ask where the pants came from, we don’t know how you lose your pants)…most of it has gotten returned, lost things have been found, and the items returned to their rightful place but it would be better that we don’t have to worry about it.  That being said – if you are missing something, check our lost and found collection in the wax room, it may be there!

Tomorrow’s practice will be at Woodland but Friday’s practice will be down at Theodore Wirth for the high schoolers.  The bus will leave at normal practice time and will return close to 5:45 depending on traffic.  The JV Championships race along with the Section race will both be held at Wirth park so this is a chance to ski the course before hand.  The JV Conference Championships will be on Monday so practicing on Friday is important.  Trail passes will be $4 at Wirth.

Jan 222013

5km Skate Race at Elm Creek tomorrow!  Release times are the same as they have been for the last couple races at Elm.  Race times are below:

  • 3:30 Girls pursuit Start (Pursuit Style)
  • 3:55 Boys pursuit Start (Pursuit Style)
  • 4:15 Girls JV 5km Start(20 sec intervals)
  • 4:25 Boys JV 5km Start(20 sec intervals)

Start position for the first races is by pursuit time, for the second races the order is correct but you will be going out in 20 sec intervals.  Check the link below.

Pursuit Starts For 012213