Dec 262012

We are getting ready for this fantastic ski trip that is quickly approaching!! Make sure you check that packing list and don’t forget anything. Things to be sure to remember – a lunch – race suit – ski clothes (a few sets) – both boots – skis – poles – ski bag – sleeping bag – pillow – towel … check the list!!!

Also, we are still in need of several crock pots. If you have one that you can spare for a few days – we would really appreciate it! Please let coach K know if you are bringing one. Her phone number is on the info sheet you were given at practice.

Pack light, but don’t forget anything…it is not an easy task but you can do it!! (You might also want a blanket or something on the bus to be comfortable. Be at the school by 6:00 am – we’ll need your help loading and packing everything in the trailer! We pull out at 6:30 am!!! ;-) See you there!

Dec 242012

It was nice to wake up to a few flurries this morning! As you are spending time with your families the next few days we are also preparing for a fantastic winter trip. In the hustle of the weather and the race this past week, Coach K forgot to ask for Crock Pots for the winter trip. If your family has a crock pot that we could use for the trip, we would be very grateful. It makes it so much more enjoyable to have a hot meal at lunch in addition to the other food we have. We are looking for 5 or 6 crock pots. If you have one that we can borrow, please let Coach K know and we’ll make sure that it is well taken care of along the way. Thank you so much!! We can also help with those extra holiday goodies that are sitting around the house – if you don’t want them of course – just pack them up and we’ll set them out as treats along the trip.

Thank you so much! Enjoy some time with your families! We’ll see you bright and early on the 27th – well, it might not be so bright out, but it will definitely be early!

Dec 222012

Thank YOU!!

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Wow – We still can’t get over what a great day it was out there on the course!  Thank you so much for all your help!!  You were ready and willing for everything today and that is huge.  Thank you for being on time, thank you for the treats and things you brought, thank you for your time, your effort, your smiles and just thank you for helping us put on a great event!  We know there is a lot of standing around at the beginning and we tried to spread you out a bit – you did a great job of chipping in and just being ready as soon as we needed you!  You are AWESOME!!

A special thank you to the Elmquist family for making the water trips, taking care of the broth and prepping all that bread!  A second special thanks to the Webster family (and Nordahl’s??) for the awesome ski holders and bag leans – What a great addition they made today and how much fun to see them used!  The third special thanks goes to the grooming team – the trails were in great shape today, even after all the skiing we’ve been doing on them – there were SO MANY compliments on the trail system and the skiing that was up here – those all go back to the grooming team – so THANK YOU – THANK YOU!!  The Como’s for the pictures, Bullis family for hauling gear and taking care of the parking situation (and there was a lot of parking to take care of!!), skiers, skiers and more skiers – Thank you all!

Enjoy your Christmas and Holiday Break.  Get out and ski today (Saturday), take tomorrow off, ski (classic if you can) on Monday-90-110 mins with some pick-ups, spend some time with your family on Tuesday, and pack-pack-pack on Wednesday.  Check the website for any updates but enjoy the next few days!

Dec 212012

We’ve gotten all the info we can about the trails and it looks like it should be a solid four days of skiing. We won’t know for a few days if we’ll be able to check out some of the other trails around but there are a few more days of snow possible so we are holding out hope. We have everything set up and ready to go and we should have a great trip. Your kids will definitely come home exhausted after all their skiing. They will be bringing home an information sheet today with a packing list, tentative schedule, and contact info for the camp we ski at. If you have additional questions, please contact Coach K and she’ll answer anything you need. Load time is the same as in previous years – 6:00am – be prompt, we will be pulling out right at 6:30am and we have to load a lot of stuff! ;-) Celebrate! It will be a great trip!! (And a big thanks for all the thoughts of snow…wa-hoo!!!)

Skinny Santa is tomorrow!  We’ll need all your help – a huge thank you to the groomers and to those already signed up.  The weather looks great and the groomers are going to make another pass tonight to make sure it is all cleaned up and ready for tomorrow.  Exciting!!!

Dec 192012

Overall results are up! Check the Results Page. Congrats on all the great racing yesterday, it was wonderful to finally get out there!

Skinny Santa is looking great for Saturday – we’ll be looking for lots of help so remember to sign up with Coach K at practice. This will be in place of Saturday practice. Make sure you are there to help us put on this great event!

Winter Trip – We’ll update you as soon as we know anything or decide anything. Think Snow!