2012 December
Dec 312012

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Happy New Year! We hope you are getting some sleep and recovering from the last four days of skiing. Make sure you are continuing to get sleep, fluids and take care of yourself. We’ve had several skiers sick the last few weeks so make sure you are smart about yourself. A huge thank you to everyone that helped and those that came along. We were able to get a lot of great skiing in and make some great memories! A few pictures to check out…

Dec 292012

Final Results of the Time Trial are below!  The skiers did fantastic!  It was awesome!  We finished the afternoon with some ski game relays on teams – the Zebra Muscles took it all by a lot.  Dinner is on its way tonight (Spaghetti and Meat Balls with cheesy/garlic bread).  Skits are later tonight and hopefully then some sleep.  We are bringing home some tired kids tomorrow.  Just a fair warning parents (when your skiers come home – they may not be the most talkative…give them some time to get some sleep, eat, and sleep some more – and then they’ll tell you all about it!!)  We’ll get some more photos up tonight along with some additional info after we eat.

Dec 292012

Just a mid-day update: Just finished up the skate portion of our racing today.  Lunch is soon (Webster Chili and Potatoes are on the menu!!)  The classic race will be this afternoon along with some other doings!

Dec 272012

We made it! We had great snow and we’ve skied a bunch already! We checked out the fabulous trails of ABR and will be returning here tomorrow and Saturday. We are back at Camp Jorn for the evening. Dinner has been made, consumed, and cleaned up. Lunch for tomorrow is in the oven to pre-cook and Mr. Vrchota is whipping up industrial size batches of his famous cinnamon rolls to have with breakfast. It should be an excellent day!

Dec 262012

Don’t forget to look below for the schedule/packing list if you have misplaced yours (it was posted on the 21st). Also, remember to have your ski boots available on the way up and be dressed in layers for the bus. We’ll be skiing as soon as we get to ABR and you won’t have access to your main bag before then. The bus can be hot/cold so layers are the way to go. Make sure you have a lunch (and maybe a breakfast). We’ll see you bright and early, make sure you are there BY 6:00am!! We need to load quickly and then get on the road! You will have access to the school (and bathrooms/locker rooms) if you need it.

Also, if you only have one pair of skis, please try to talk to Coach K about it tomorrow morning – we’ll see if we can work something out for the trip so you won’t have to remove kickwax every day. She’ll try to remind you and make an announcement but things can get a little busy in the morning! ;-) See you then!