2012 November
Nov 262012

It has been a busy week for the nordic team!  The Wild Turkey Wattle was a great success – over 200 runners/ walkers/ and kids!  Thank you to all those that helped out, we couldn’t have done it without you!

Equipment!!  We will be handing out equipment tomorrow for those that need skis.  It should be an adventure!  Hopefully we’ll be using it soon!

Varsity – bring your skis on Wednesday to get them checked by the coaches.  They need to be scraped and brushed so we can check out the bases and look at the condition of your skis.  We will also have you do a wax seminar on Wednesday to make sure you know what you are doing as you wax.  You must attend a session so if you can’t make Wednesday – we’ll need to find you another time.  Check with a coach.

New skiers and returning – we’ll be going through a wax seminar on Thursday.  Even if you know how to wax…or think you know how to wax…we need to do a refresher with you.  If you can’t make it on Thursday, we’ll need to find another time for you to do it so talk with a coach.

Elm Creek pass money will be due by Thursday.  $25 make checks payable to “Elk River Nordic”  Talk to Coach K if you have questions.

Nov 232012

With the recent weather…please bring wheels and shoes to Elm Creek tomorrow if you can make it. 9:00am at Elm Creek visiter center. Call Coach Kallemeyne with questions.

Nov 212012

We had a great turnout this morning for the workout – along with several alumni – fantastic!! 56 of us including the two coaches – it was a full room! Hopefully the group that headed to Perkins afterward was able to get enough food there. Great job today group!

The Wild Turkey Wattle is tomorrow – we have 134 preregistered!!! Awesome! We are expecting quite a few to show up tomorrow morning to register so 150 is not out of the picture and maybe even a push toward 200 participants – great job all you skiers for recruiting people (and mother nature isn’t hurting us tomorrow either). We will need all the help you can give to make things run smoothly. Coach Meyer and Coach Bullis will be helping get tents and things set up in the morning but they will need more then just themselves. Mama Anderson (Coach K’s mom) will be heading up the registration area so she will put several of you to work there. We’ll need help with timing (150+ runners = lots of timing!), food set-up, course set-up(thank you Breck, Joey and Dan), course take-down, kids-course direction, picture taking(thank you Reece), and plenty of other random things that come up. Please be ready to help and just ask what you can do. With the huge turnout Coach K is really wishing she could be there so she wants to hear all the awesome reports once she gets back!

Have fun!!

Nov 172012


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Trail work day tomorrow!! Noon at Woodland Trails, bring work tools and dress for outdoor work. We’ll meet you in the parking lot at Woodlands and clear some Buckthorn. Thanks to those who have signed up to come work – we still need some more people so if you can spare and hour or two – it would be a huge help to the park and trails!

Wild Turkey Wattle/Waddle – We are up to 84 people pre-registered as of this evening!!! That is our biggest group yet that has preregistered. With the weather looking fantastic and the word getting out, we might make it to 150 runners this year. That would be fantastic!! Remember to get people to register and sponsor you as that goes to your account for the winter trip. Thank you to all that have signed up to help with that day – it really makes a great impression on the community and helps put on a good image of the nordic team for the community. If you can still help out and haven’t signed up with Coach K – talk to her on Monday and we’ll find a spot for you. Also, a huge thanks to those that have signed up to bring treats to feed our runners – that is awesome! We’d still like to have some hot water available for hot cocoa at the end of the race so if that is something that you can contribute – let us know. We’ll have some large 5-gal Gatorade jugs that hot water can go it – it should last for the whole race once it is heated up!

Finally for tonight – a little bit of a disappointing end to the week… After a simply wonderful 4 days – Friday’s practice was low on attendance. We practice M-F with Saturdays starting in December. Several skiers talked to the coaches about missing practice but not everyone that was missing. As a member of the ski team – you are expected to attend practice and support the team fully – at each, and every practice. We understand that things come up; sickness, trips, school projects… but you’ve made a commitment to the team also. Make sure you are communicating with the coaches if you are unable to attend practice, and make sure that you have committed to the team. We need you all and we are so impressed with what we saw starting this week – keep on!! We’ll see you tomorrow at Woodlands for the trail work or on Monday at practice. Check the practice schedule to find out what is coming this week! Thank you!!

Nov 142012

A message from the team:

Hello everyone!

On Sunday, November 18, there will be trail maintenance at Woodland Trails at 12:00. We will be cutting down an invasive species called buckthorn. Buckthorn is extremely detrimental to the local environment and thus Woodland Trails. It is very important that we take care of these trails as they are some of the best ski trails in Minnesota. We also use these trails extensively, for free, as a team and we do owe the trails something for this. We need around 20  volunteers for this job and also four adult volunteers. Everyone should either bring some sort of hand saw or bush clippers, if you could bring multiple sets that would be much appreciated. Wear clothes for the weather and the project. I would suggest a jacket, jeans, and gloves to protect you from thorny plants in the woods and for warmth. We do not want anyone to get hypothermia and die so dress warm. If you have any questions about this project or volunteering, please talk to Breck Hickman, Ryan Trapp, Joey Martin, Nate Webster, or any of the coaches. We hope to see you out there Sunday!  There will be a registration form at practice Thursday and Friday.

More information on invasive species and Buckthorn: