2012 September
Sep 102012

Yes, fall is here.  Fall sports are well underway.  We will all the fall athletes success and great training in their endeavors over the next couple months, and yet, we can’t help but think of ski season starting soon!  A few things to note right now:

1.  Gear West is having a “Pig Out” sale this weekend.  I’m not sure what the prices are like but it is their pre-season sale.  They will still have team pricing and high school discounts for this fall and winter so don’t feel you need to buy anything right now, we are just passing on the information.

2.  Yes, the rumor is true.  Coach K is getting married!  As we are such a close knit ski family there will be a little meet-and-great to introduce you to the newest ski member.  Stop by Coach K’s room for info.

3.  Get out and be active!  If you aren’t in a fall sport, make sure you are doing something: roller skiing, biking, running, hiking, anything.  Be active, it will make those first few weeks of the season MUCH easier and more FUN for you!

4.  THINK SNOW!!!  We don’t want a repeat of last year’s weather.  I’m not challenging mother nature – but it is hard to imaging that it could be that bad again…Get those snow shovels/blowers ready – we are hoping for early, heavy, and often snowfalls this season!!  (Apologies in advance parents)

We will see you soon!  Enjoy the fall!