2012 April
Apr 172012

Tree Planting and Trail Maintenance is happening at Woodland Trails this weekend – we are looking to plant around 500 trees this weekend.

We’ll be meeting at Brentwood (off of Procter) at the top of the hill and heading in to the back portion of Woodland.  Mr. Niziolek is organizing and running the show so if you have questions, please contact or see him at school.  They will be using an auger to drill the holes and have a watering truck to water all the trees to make sure they are set well so they’ll be looking for parental help as well.  Saturday they’ll be starting around 9:00am so if you can help – please dress in work clothes and head over.  If they still have more to plant on Sunday, work will start around 11:00am.

There is a lot of work to be done so if you can’t make 9am on Saturday, don’t fret, get over there when you can and someone will be ready to put you to work!  ;-)   Thanks!!!