2012 February
Feb 292012

The first registration for the Loppet is in…we will have racers!

Feb 292012


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Yes, it has happened! Please be careful with your day off, roads are a bit treacherous so be advised to take care. On to the additional good news! The trails will have snow on them! Woodland Trails will have ski-able snow at some point here! The groomers will not be able to head out right away though because the snow is so wet. Give them a bit of time so we can have that snow set up nicely.  It should be some fantastic skiing!

On that note – we are hoping to hold our citizen race on Saturday…yes – this Saturday!!  Pass the word to the other skiers so all are aware.  We’ll be getting you more info as the storm shakes out a bit.  Registration is available here. So you can pass that along and we will keep you updated as we see the final conditions and the groomers are able to get out.  We’ll need a few people to help on Friday after school in Coach K’s room to get things set and we’ll need quite a bit of help on Saturday morning.  Races will start at 10:00 am, we’ll need help starting around 8:15am until around 12:30.  We’ll also be looking for treats to have on hand.  We talked to Diamond City in anticipation of this so we have donations from them.  We’ll need bars, cookies, brownies, apple/orange slices, hot water for hot cocoa, chicken broth(if possible), and water.  If you are able to use some of your time today to help out with that, it would be fantastic – let Coach K know today or stop by her room tomorrow.  Be aware though: we are still tentative until the grooming shakes out and we see the final totals of snow and look at the weather temps the next couple days.  Thank you so much in advance for all your help – and yes!! Of course you can race also, we just need enough people on hand to help with timing during the race and if you choose to race, you can help with food, equipment set-up, registration, trail marking…plenty of things going on before the race to help with so you can still race!  We’ll let you know for sure as soon as we know but it might not be until this afternoon/tonight.

Feb 262012

The banquet date and time have been set!  We’ll see you on Sunday, March 11th at the High School cafeteria.  The doors will open at 5:00 – dinner will start at 5:30 pm.  You will receive details on what to bring in the next week.  Looking forward to seeing you there!!

On a separate note – a few of you have not turned in uniforms or equipment yet.  Please get those in to Coach K asap!!  Thanks to all of you that were able to get things turned in on time – we appreciate the effort.  If you are still hoping to get out on your skis on the “monster” snowfall (that may or may not happen) on Wednesday/Thursday, please feel free to enjoy using them!  Turn them in when the snow is gone and make sure to get that coat of summer coat of wax on them!  Keep those fingers crossed!

Feb 232012

This past Wednesday we had our trail work day. We got done some really great work but our efforts were limited by the number of skier that came. In all just five athletes came to work on the trails. We were a bit disappointed in the turnout as it seems we are taking one of our greatest assets for granted. The maintenance crew would like to schedule another work day for Monday March 5th from 3:00-5:00 (Meet at woodland parking lot carpool to worksite). It would be a huge impact to have Elk River Nordic skiers at the trail clearing as we are THE main group that makes use of the trail system.  If Monday does not work, the grooming crew does trail work on weekends and would be happy to have extra help. They have been out most Saturday and Sunday mornings this winter. They will continue to work on the trails at regular intervals (contact danderson@cretexinc.com).

Even though we did not get to make good use of it this winter, we are fortunate to have one of the top trail systems in the metro area(state) in our back yard. These trails are absolutely key to our success and give us a substantial advantage over our competition. We are the primary users of these trails, and as such we need to at least take the time to understand all the work that goes into their creation and maintenance. Nearly everything that gets done out at woodlands is done by volunteers, we need to help as well. I’m looking forward to seeing everyone, feel free to bring your parents(and friends) if they are available.

Feb 202012

Busy Stuff

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Snow is falling…finally! A little late for us this season though but if there is enough, I’m sure we’ll see each other out skiing. If you haven’t turned in your equipment and uniform, get that in to Coach K immediately! There are some other things going on also so don’t forget…

  • From Mary Elmquist:  “Please turn in your contribution for senior gifts and coaches gifts as soon as possible.  If you have questions contact a captain.  You can turn in your contribution ($5-$10) to Mary, another captain, or through school mail to Coach K (Kirstin Anderson) at the high school in an envelope addressed to ‘Mary Elmquist: Nordic Captain’ and make sure to include your name.”
  • Photos:  If you have any photos or video from the ski season – we’d love to have access to them for the end of season video.  If you can get them on a disk and drop them off to Coach K this week that would be great.  Captains will be putting the video together this year and will be getting started this weekend.
  • Senior Parents: We need a couple things from you.  Coach K will be sending out an e-mail Tuesday or Wednesday of this week detailing those things so look for that.
  • Trail Maintenance:  There is some work that needs to be done at Woodland Trails and the hands that do the work…yep – those are our hands!  We’ve got some time to put in on the trails if you are available.  Wednesday – 3:00pm – 5:00pm, dress in work clothes (not workout clothes), bring work gloves, tools will be provided.  We weren’t able to put much time in skiing on the trails but time we put in now will allow us to have an even better experience in the future.  (Also – this would give you one of the first chances to see the new trail system)  How much has changed, you ask?  Umm, well, in short – you won’t recognize it at first, come put in some hours to help, and get a sneak peek of what is to come next season!  Meet at the parking lot and we’ll diverge from there!
  • Banquet:  We are still waiting to hear from Community Ed. about our banquet date.  Yes, still.  But, once that is finalized we’ll pass it along immediately.  Captain Laura Crepeau is organizing skiers for food to bring.  For all of you new families – our banquet is family style pot luck, usually in the high school cafeteria.  We try to keep expenses to a minimum but still have a classy, nice event so we dress up and eat with silverware and use napkins…yep, silverware and even napkins!  All kidding aside, it is are really nice night to celebrate the skiers and all the hard work, time, and effort they have put in during the season.  Everyone is invited (parents, siblings, others).  Once we know the date and we get you the final info, we’d love an idea of how many people you are bringing, we’ll have you do a quick RSVP.  Thank you!
  • Thank you for an absolutely-fantastic season!!