Jan 262012

Adding In

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We are joining a pursuit race that has already started today. The first portion was held on Tuesday down at Wirth and was Skate. We’ll be joining during the classic portion today and will start interval style. This was explained to your skiers but they might not have passed that information along.  Just expect the start to look a little different than a normal race.  We will still have classic only times to post and to score with the other teams.

  • 3:30 Boys Varsity
  • 4:00 Girls Varsity
  • 4:20 Boys JV
  • 4:30 Girls JV
Jan 242012
  1. We are skiing tomorrow!  Here!  Bus will load at the high school at 3:15, we’ll be back at 5:00.  Classic skiing!  Be ready!  Wax your skis Tuesday or before or after practice on Wednesday.
  2. Pasta Dinner: Wednesday at the Nordahl’s house.  Directions are available at practice.
  3. Race on Thursday is Classic at Elm Creek.  Should be a great day of racing – this is our last regular season meet so come support your skiers – temps should be great for spectators!
  4. Friday, Saturday and Sunday – you need to get out and ski!!!  The course has likely changed down at Wirth (they’ve added some extra distance on the man-made area) so varsity, we will be checking that out.
  5. The JV Conference Championships will not be on Monday – they will instead be on February 13th, the Monday before State.  We’ll get more details as they come.
  6. Picture Day!  We’ll do pictures next week at practice.  We’ve been waiting for snow and this may be as good as it gets.  We are looking at Thursday or Friday of next week right now.
  7. Basic rundown for the next couple weeks:
  • Wednesday: 1/25 Pasta Dinner at Nordahl’s
  • Thursday: 1/26 5km Classic
  • Wednesday: 2/1  Conference Championships – 10 boys, 10 girls
  • Thursday: 2/9 Section Championships – 7 boys, 7 girls (ER and Rogers split)
  • Saturday: 2/11 JV/Jr. High Championships at Lakeville (tentative still)  they need more snow!  Pasta Dinner at Gatzke’s afterward!!!
  • Monday: 2/13 JV Conference Championships at Elm Creek
  • Wednesday: 2/15 Coaches Relay up at Giant’s Ridge
  • Thursday: 2/16 State Meet at Giant’s Ridge

Changes will happen – we’ll be ready for it.

Jan 222012

We all made it home safe – although mother nature through a little curve ball with the weather and rain/drizzle. We were able to get in some solid technique work and some good km’s up at ABR and were grateful to see the beautiful REAL snow and awesome tracks they had set. A huge thank you to parents and families that sent up contributions of food and towards food, helping arrange lodging and also thank you for the huge showing of support for the troops. We also want to say a huge thanks to Mitch and Nancy Webster and John and Julie Kallemeyn for assisting us with all the goings-on while we were up north. This may be the worst ski-trail snow-cover year in memory, but we are still making good use of what we can find available. Thank you so much for your help and for your support of your skiers – it makes all the difference.

This week: there is a LOT going on.

  • Numero uno: Finals Week – yes, your skiers are students first and need to study, but they also need rest! Rest will help them in skiing but also help them to be more focused in their studies and on their finals – please make sure they (you) are getting to bed at a decent hour and getting enough sleep – stay healthy!
  • Number two: Practice Monday is at Elm Creek from 2:30-4:00.  That means that skiers need to be released from school at normal race time dismissal.  If your skier (you) have missed to much of that class hour so far this season – we understand!  This has not been an easy year for those last period classes.  Let one of the coaches know that you will not be able to attend.  This is the only practice slot available this week so we scheduled it but we understand the difficulty that also poses.
  • Nummer drei: Our race is on Thursday this week.  It will be at Elm Creek and will be a classic race again.  We will let you know details as we find them out.  Talk to your teachers about missing those hours if you need to.
  • enfine: Pasta Dinner!  There is a pasta dinner at the Nordahl’s house on Wednesday night.  A great chance to get your pre-race meal, do a little more studying for finals and relax your mind a little.  The pasta dinner will start 30 mins after practice is done.  More details will be handed out at practice including directions.  See Bella with questions.

The weather is still not looking promising.  We’ll see what the rest of the evening brings but right now Woodlands needs several more inches to make it skiable.  The groomers are ready and waiting as soon as that white stuff starts falling.  Again – great job this weekend to those skiers up north and also to those back here that were fitting in practices and workouts around the rain/drizzle.  We’ll see you tomorrow for the start of a new week – Happy Studying!!

Jan 222012

Good morning parents! Our skiers that are up in the UP are finding great snow conditions and are getting some great skiing and focused km in. We are just heading out for our ski today and are keeping posted on the changing weather in the area. We just wanted to let you know that we are aware of the potential slippery roads and the weather conditions coming and we will be driving appropriately. Your skiers will be able to contact you for most of the drive except for a small stretch west of Ironwood. We will have them call as we get closer to home. We stick to the main roads and they are usually well treated and clear but we’ll be sure to drive as the conditions warrant. We just wanted to let you know that we are aware of the potential for weather.

Please check back later tonight (by 7:30pm) and we should have the weekly schedule up and let you know what is going on for Monday and forward. Make sure you are studying for finials – think positive thoughts for more snow – and get out and ski some today! We’ll see you tomorrow!

Jan 192012


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Wow – so it was a little chilly out there today…  okay, maybe ‘chilly’ is an understatement.  The kids skied very well today in the cold temps and in the classic technique.  We’ll have some time to work on classic technique the next few weeks as we know some of you haven’t had much time to do so.  Congrats on some good racing and for working hard out there in the cold temps.  Also – great job on dressing appropriately with all the hats and face covers – very important in temps like today – well done Elks!

Over the weekend you should get out and ski both Saturday and Sunday whenever and wherever is convenient for you.  You can also head out and ski on Friday but it needs to be after 5:30pm as there is another race going on there.  Also – we have practice on Monday at Elm: 2:30-4:00.  You will be dismissed from school at the same time as our other dismissal times.  If you can’t miss school again – we understand, this has been a rough year in that respect and academics come first.  Talk to your teachers and let Coach K know if it won’t work for you.  Thursday will be our next meet at Elm next week – details will follow, it should be a schedule similar to this week.