Dec 242011

So Fast!!

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Yes, the year is flying by already – and yet there is no snow on the ground. We’ve got a few announcements to bring up (reminders really), some help to ask for and then a suggestion to check back later this evening to learn about some great things that some of our ski families and alumni are doing.

  • First: Yes, the winter trip is fast approaching!  Here is the tentative schedule and packing list.  Pack light but pack what is needed!  (Yes, this is a challenge)  Make sure you have enough ski clothes and don’t forget your equipment, race suit, lunch and sleeping bag.  Winter Trip December Handout: 11-12
  • Second: Crock Pots!  Yes, we are in need of crock pots again!  Please make sure you have the base, insert, and top labeled.  We had a mix-up with lids last year and we want to make sure they go back to the right families.  We have about 75 people going on the trip this year – skiers, alumni, and coaches/adults so we are looking for a few extra crock pots in addition to those needed last year.  If you have one available, please bring it on Tuesday – you can also let Coach K know, she’ll make a post if we reach our limit.  ;-)   Thank you again!
  • Third: Treats! After the fantastic support that you showed last year, we are again asking for donations of any extra/leftover/new treats, cookies, bars…anything your creative hearts would like to share.  We weren’t sure what was going to be brought last year so we had snacks plus what you shared.  This year we are just going to go with your loving creations and donations so if you have something to share, box-it, wrap-it, bag-it, however you’d like to do it and we’ll safely package it in the food trailer for distribution during the trip.  Thank you in advance!!
  • Fourth: (And hopefully finally…) 6:00am load time at the high school on Tuesday morning!!  Don’t be late, we keep a tight schedule, we need help getting everything loaded, packed away, and double checked.  We’ve been right on schedule the past several years and we like to keep it that way.  The school should be open at 5:30am so you can arrive anytime after that – as long as it is prior to 6:00am.  Thank you in advance for being prompt!!  Skiers – double check that packing list and make sure you have a bag for your skis/poles, sharing is great – they just need to be in a bag for transport.

Have a very wonderful couple of days before we head out.  Get a little skiing in today if possible and then make sure you get your sleep and that you are healthy on Tuesday to hit the snow flying!  Looking forward to it!!

I am off for some time with my family so hopefully this post is up to standard – I think this is as grammatically correct as I’m going to get it right now.  Feel free to call with any questions – you can find Coach K’s cell number on the Winter Trip Handout linked above.  Enjoy the time with your family!

Dec 202011


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Hey there team! Congrats on the great racing today! There was “a little” congestion on the course will all the teams and skiers out there but you all did a wonderful job! Our team results are up – we’ll get those combined with the other school’s results as they get compiled. Results are still tentative so we’ll get those finalized as we have a chance to look them over – we just wanted to get them posted for you to look at also. Thanks for your patience! See you tomorrow – remember, practice starts at 3:15 tomorrow with the middle school group.

Dec 192011

Details, details, and more details!

The race will be a skate race at Elm Creek.  Dismissal times are listed in the post below and will be announced at practice.  Buses will pick up at all ER/Zim schools to transport to ERHS then leave ERHS to pick up at R on the way.

Boys will start at 3:30 – one skier from each school every 20 seconds(wave starts).  Girls will start at 4:00 – one skier from each school every 20 seconds.

Veterans and those that are getting comfortable on skis will do 2 laps.  Our younger new skiers that aren’t quite sure what they are doing yet will have the option of doing one lap.  Those of you in the middle ground, we’ll talk to you individually but we can decide that tomorrow on our way over.

Parents, this is a great opportunity to come out and watch your skier.  It should be some great racing out there!  We’ll look forward to seeing you there.  Parking will probably be crazy so plan to arrive a little early and catch the shuttle up from the lower parking lot.

Dec 182011

A huge congrats to our racers yesterday – we had some great showings and some really exciting events. We also want to say thanks to all the parents that came out to support their skiers and the team, thank you!! So, with that – let’s get to the results. We skied at Trollhollow (the nordic side of Trollhaugen), a two lap (3.2km) leg for each relay skier. We had six teams out there, 3 girls and 3 boys teams, one classic team for each and two skate teams. The morning started with the girls classic races so we’ll start with that as well:

Girls Classic: 25th out of 39 with a time of 0:59:41

  • 52 Maggie Hohlen (9)  0:13:04
  • 86 Emma Crane (9)  0:14:26
  • 107 Ellie Hudson (9)  0:15:30
  • 131 Annie Gatzke (10)  0:16:41

Boys Classic: 27th out of 37 with a time of 0:47:54

  • 97 Ryan Shaw (10)  0:11:50
  • 99 Ryan Trapp (12)  0:11:53
  • 100 Alex Hickman (12)  0:11:54
  • 110 Blake Thompson (12)  0:12:17

Girls Skate: 10th out of 56 teams with a time of 0:46:21

  • 32 Anna Haugen (11)   0:11:16
  • 41 Reece Hickman (9)   0:11:34
  • 43 Mary Elmquist (11)   0:11:35
  • 57 Mallory Adams (10)   0:11:56

Girls Skate 2: 40 out of 56 teams with a time of 0:61:54

147 Brittney Dorn (9)
Elk River B
  • 147 Brittney Dorn (9) Elk River B 0:14:32
  • 155 Tessa Lasserre (9) Elk River B 0:14:50
  • 188 Kelly Edwards (12) Elk River B 0:15:42
  • 200 Kailey Erdahl (10) Elk River B 0:16:50

Boys Skate: 5th out of 53 teams with a time of 0:37:33

  • 8 Jake Schroeder (11)   0:08:45
  • 16 Breck Hickman (10)   0:09:18
  • 31 Max Riebel (12)  0:09:39
  • 38 Nate Webster (11)  0:09:51

Boys Skate 2: 24 out of 53 teams with a time of 0:45:02

  • 53 Joey Martin (10) Elk River B 0:10:11
  • 104 Matt Vrchota (9) Elk River B 0:11:14
  • 120 Ben Vrchota (10) Elk River B 0:11:36
  • 139 Peyton Riebel (8) Elk River B 0:12:01

We had a few casualties during the day – a couple falls with the tight quarters, a broken pole in the boys skate race and a new suit with a slight tear… We also saw some great corners, excellent hills, great tag offs, powerful quick starts and some great skiing – it was a fantastic and wonderful day of racing.  We want to extend an extra hearty congrats to Jake Schroeder who placed 8th overall in the boys skate and earned a medal – we’ll get pictures up shortly.  Congrats teams!!  Full Results Here.

Now, for this week – if you skied Friday, Saturday, and Sunday – you have Monday off from practice.  The wax room will be open at 2:30 and you can wax for the meet on Tuesday.  If you were not able to ski Friday, Saturday or Sunday, we will have practice for you on Monday and the wax room will be open after practice for you to wax.  And yes, the rumor is true – we do have our meet on Tuesday!!  It will be at Elm Creek, with the entire conference…yes, it will be busy.  It sounds like it will be a two loop course with younger, newer skiers having the options of skiing one loop.  We don’t know the time schedule yet but we’ll get that out to you as soon as we get it.  First races will start at 3:30 though.  Your skiers will be getting out of school early, times and information are below.  Look forward to seeing you out there, this is a great venue for spectators to see your skiers several times (one of the few places that you can do so).

  • Salk and Vandenberge: Out at 1:05 – Salk kids will be picked up and brought to the High School, Vandenberge skiers will walk over to the HS.
  • Zimmerman: Out at 12:55 – Zimmerman kids will get picked up and brought to the high school to change.
  • ER High School: Out at 1:15 – get down and changed, the bus should be there and we’ll take off.
  • Rogers HS: Out at 1:40, get out, and we’ll pick you up at RHS, make sure you have your uniform, skis, boots and everything with you on Monday night – we’ll pick you up on the way to Elm.

Each school will get an e-mail clearance for the skiers but parents of middle school skiers should send a letter with their skier so they have final clearance to leave.  We will get more details out as we learn them.  See you on the snow!

Dec 162011

Yes, the rumor is true, we’ll be taking a group over to Trollhaugen Ski area over in Dresser, Wi to race in the Holiday relays.  Anyone is welcome to join us, we have three girls teams and three boys teams formed.  We’ll be loading the bus at 6:30am and pulling out at 6:45am – yes, you read that correctly – “am” !!  Don’t forget food for lunch and snacks and $10 for the trail pass/race fee.  We’ll bring some fruit and water along but we’ll be gone for the full day – bring some snacks and lunch food.

If you are not joining us for Trollhaugen you should be skiing at Elm Creek or one of the other man-made snow areas…since there is no natural snow to speak of.  If you get out Friday, Saturday and Sunday remember, you can take Monday off.  If you take Friday, Saturday or Sunday off – you should be at practice on Monday.  We’ll see you out on the ski trails this weekend.  Cheer our Thundering-Royal-Elks on for Saturday – it should be a busy day out on the course!!

Think Snow!!