2011 November
Nov 242011

Thank You!

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We had a fantastic turnout today for our annual Wild Turkey Wattle. We had over 100 run/walkers join us today and we had a lot of fun staying active and enjoying the trails at Woodland Trails Park. A huge THANK YOU to all the helpers today with course marking, food prep, registration, timing, parking direction, water jugs, course direction, course clean-up…the list continues – but thank you!!! You helped us put on a great event and we heard quite a few positive comments about the event and how hard you all worked. Again, thank you – we can’t put this on without your help.

Parents and family supporters – thank you for helping your skiers get to the park at an early time on a HOLIDAY! Thank you for your support out on the course, for transporting water jugs, for cheering on kids, for running/walking the 5k, for setting great examples for our kids about how we can be active adults. Your support is crucial for us to be able to continue doing all the little things and is greatly appreciated! Thank you!

We are looking for some pictures from the event. Coach K forgot her camera on the kitchen counter this morning (whoops!). If you have any, you can send them to us or drop them off in Coach K’s classroom on Monday. Enjoy the rest of your day/weekend. Get some sleep – don’t be overly crazy tomorrow(tonight) with “Black Friday”. ;-) We’ll see most of you at practice on Saturday at 10:00am at Woodland Trails. You can roller ski or pole hike, we’ll have both options available. Practice should run until around 11:30/12:00. We’ll see you there! Monday will be pole hiking at Hillside Park on Monday.

Nov 192011

As I write this, Newton and I are curled up by the window.  He is tearing the fuzz off of a tennis ball while I am enjoying a cup of hot cocoa, both of us are watching the snow fall outside.  Any snow coming down in November is a good sign for a ski team.  Yes, it may hit 50 later this week – but for right now, we won’t think about that.  Enjoy the beautiful sight of the snowfall.  Enjoy the way the flakes dance down from the sky.  Enjoy the way they pile on your deck and driveway, just waiting to be cleared off.  Skiers – if your parents want their driveway shoveled, help them out, it would be great conditioning for you!

Well, enjoy it while it is here.  It looks like the next storm won’t be until December so we’ll have another week+ to work dryland.  Elm Creek is working on their man-made snow loop so we’ll let you know when that opens.  Keep looking for that but it is not anticipated until after Thanksgiving a bit.  I know they were hoping for the first week in December if the weather held on with cold temps.

If we do end up getting a few (or several) more inches and you have a pair of old rock skis…you could check out some of the grassy sections that have nice snow cover.  Just take some pictures too – it doesn’t happen often that you can be skiing Nov. 19th around here.  If you just picked up new skis – don’t you even dare think about it!!

Enjoy your weekend!  It was wonderful to meet so many parents last night at Pioneer Midwest’s Team Night.  Hopefully we’ll be able to meet more of you as the season goes on.

Nov 172011

Great practice tonight!  Make sure you drink lots of fluids, refuel properly and stretch!  Tomorrow will be a shorter practice – we’ll should finish up by 4:15 and return to the high school to change and take care of some announcements.  Pioneer Midwest will be ready for us at any time, pizza will be there around 5:30 and the waxing demo start around6:00pm.

We will not be having practice this Saturday because the big Ski Swap is happening down at Dunwoody College.  The doors open at 10:00am but they will be busy so be sure to arrive early.  (And take a deep breath before you step inside)  Some great deal can be found but it can be overwhelming also.  Have fun with it.

The Wild Turkey Wattle (Waddle) is next Thursday.  Register your friends and family for a great way to start your Thanksgiving morning.  The 5k begins at 8:00am so you’ll still have plenty of time to get home and get ready for your family get together.    We’ll need help with having treats for after the run including cookies, brownie, water, hot cocoa …  We’ll also need some help with timing and course marking.  We’ll have a sign-up at practice tomorrow (Friday) and we’ll post an additional list over the weekend for help needed.

Nov 162011

We fought through the wind today – boy was it out there!  The past two days we’ve had some great work on roller skis.  We’ve been working on technique work (and some balance drills also).  Those roller skis can be a little tricky!  The skiers are looking great though and we’ve seen improvement from just yesterday to today.  Most of the athletes have been wearing hats and gloves but we still have a few out there that are forgetting them.  Remind your kids to make sure they have everything when they head out the door in the morning, including a water bottle!  We have a few more points to highlight below:

  • We still have several skiers that haven’t turned in their forms.  You will not be able to practice unless you have all your forms turned in.  Please take care of that immediately tomorrow morning!
  • Pioneer Midwest is hosting our Team Night on Friday.  They’ll have pizza and the Swix Wax rep on hand along with extra staff and stocks on hand.  Things will get started there around 5:30 with the wax rep starting at 6:00pm.  If you can’t make it until a little later, they’ll still have people on hand and the wax rep should be around for a bit to answer questions.  The store will be open until 8:00pm and you can always show up early.  There is no pressure to purchase anything, they will answer any question you may have and coaches will be on hand to help with anything.
  • The ski swap is on Saturday at Dunwoody College in Minneapolis.  If you plan to go – we suggest arriving early.  Friday would be a great chance to price things out and then have a better idea of what you are looking at on Saturday.  Make sure that you have things fit properly for your skiers size/weight.
  • A former skier is selling a pair of RCS Fischer Skate skis.  The skis are fit for around 100lbs but we can do a final fit on sizing at school if you are interested.  The skis have been well cared for and are fast skis.  He is asking $175 for them.  Talk to Coach K if you are interested.
  • Remember that we have the Thanksgiving Wild Turkey Wattle next Thursday (on Thanksgiving).  We’ll need help with trail marking and set-up, along with timing, arranging treats and having some hot cider and water on hand for the run/walkers.  Coaches will be talking to the team Thursday and Friday this week about who can help with different things.  This is a great fundraiser for the team and the money goes directly back to the athletes and their team expenses with the winter trip or other events.  Registration form are available from coaches or can be available online through the link at right.

Thanks for some great first few days!  We’ll see you tomorrow.

Nov 142011

The first day of practice has come and gone – and wow – what a day! I looks like we are going to have another great season with great turnout, we’ll just have to wait a bit longer for the snow to come. The skiers did a great job today of keeping moving and paying attention through practice. We started with a bit of conditioning, moved on to some small group work on names and drills, and finished up with the infamous 4-ball soccer.

A couple tidbits to remember -

  • Get ALL paperwork, forms, fees and physicals turned in to the office IMMEDIATELY!!  You can not practice with us until all your forms and things are turned in.
  • It is getting colder out – shorts are NOT acceptable for practice.  You need to have wind pants or some type of pants to help keep your muscles warm.  Also, as many of you found out today, fingers get cold easily – gloves are important – along with a hat/headband/or earmuffs.  Be prepared and be dresses appropriately!  Layers, layers, layers!!!
  • Clothing orders are due on Friday.  If you need a form check in the locker room or with a captain.
  • Team night at Pioneer Midwest is on Friday so be ready for that.  They will provide a pizza dinner and go over waxing techniques along with having extra staff on hand that night.  They are also getting a new shipment of combi skis in so if you were looking for a pair on Saturday and they ran out, they should have new stock in on Friday.  There is no pressure to make purchases but if you have questions, coaches will be on hand and it gives you a price comparison before the big swap down at Dunwoody on Saturday.

If you have questions – please contact a coach.  Thanks for a great start to the season!!  Congrats on a great practice!!