Feb 092011

Yes folks – the rumors are true, we will be delayed tomorrow for the start of the race. Racing will begin at 11:15 with the boys classic and the girls classic will follow at 12:00. With the delay, we have pushed the bus time back to 6:50am. We will need the skiers there at 6:50am to load skis and waxing equipment. We will leave the school at 7:00am sharp – see you there!

Parents – remember to allow plenty of time once you arrive at Camp Ripley to actually get back to the ski trails. You should allow about 30 mins from the gates at Ripley to get to the trail head.

A huge thank you again to the Volk’s for hosting our waxing fiesta. The heated space was greatly appreciated. A second thank you to all the parent’s that were available to help wax also. You did a great job and those skis are going to be fast tomorrow. Thank you so much for your help!! One more shout out of thanks to the Nordahl’s for providing dinner for the waxers. You kept us well fed and focus on those skis. Thank you all!!

We’ll see you bright and early at 6:50 tomorrow morning!

Feb 062011

The section meet is just days away now and we know you are getting primed for the event. The bus will load at 6:00 am and we’ll make the long trek up to Camp Ripley – please remember to drive slowly once you are inside the gates, speed limit is 25 and they stick to it! We’ve also been warned that the roads are icy so drive safely. Also remember to allow extra time to pass through range control. They change the process every year so just arrive early and follow the directions they tell you when you arrive.

  • Boys ER Team: Mitch Nordahl, Max Riebel, Jake Schroeder, Breck Hickman, Nate Webster, Max Peterson, Collin Crane, Alts: Dallas Erdahl, Erik Gatzke
  • Boys R Team: Aaron Shaw, Kyle Kolles, Ryan Shaw, Tommy Como
  • Girls Team: Jane Kallemeyn, Nicole Thorndal, Anna Haugen, Brittni Ellefson, Mallory Adams, Katy Turnaclif, Abby Turnacliff Alts: Laura Crepeau, Mary Elmquist

Racing begins at 10:3011:15 with Boys Classic and follows with girls classic, a short break and then skate races in the afternoon. This is contingent with the weather cooperating…we will see how that goes

  • 10:30 11:15 Boys Classic–one skier every 15 seconds
  • 11:15 12:00 Girls Classic -one skier every 15 seconds
  • 1:30 2:00 Boys Pursuit–Freestyle/Skate: -Individual start order and time out is determined from the classic race
  • 2:30 2:50 Girls Pursuit–Freestyle/Skate: -Individual start order and time out is determined from the classic race
  • 4:20 Awards Ceremony

We’ll get the start list posted once it is sent out to us. If there is a weather delay, we will let you know as soon as possible. We are hoping the weather changes a little as we get closer to the date but right now it looks like it will be chilly.

Waxing will be happening on Wednesday night at the Volk’s again. Thank you to all who came last Tuesday and to the Volk’s for hosting again – you all are a huge help. With the projected cold temps – we’ll be needing all that help again as it is important to give the skiers every chance to shave some time off. They’ve prepared, now we just need to get their skis prepared. We’ll be starting at 5:00 but we’d take your help at whatever time you can spare it. Thank you in advance. If you need directions on how to get there, drop a line to a coach or check with us at practice. If you have no idea how to wax, don’t worry – we’ll teach you and just having extra bodies is nice. Plus, we have a good time also.

We would love to have the entire team join us at Camp Ripley but we can’t pull you all out of school again. We’ll share results as we go but we can only bring up the Section skiers and the skiers that raced/were alternates at conference.

We will get the race schedule for Lakeville posted once we know which is correct (there are a couple different schedules floating around) Racing for the younger skiers (grade 7) starts close to 9:00 while JV starts closer to 10:30 or 11:00. We’ll be stopping at Olive Garden for lunch on the way home. Bus will load at 7:00am and we should return before 2:00. We will get directions up later this week.

If we are forgetting something (which we are…) please let us know so we can add it to the page. Thanks! Don’t forget the pasta dinner at the Nordahl’s on Tuesday. Section Team – you need to have your skis waxed before practice starts on Wednesday (that includes the kick zone cleaned out!).

Feb 042011

Congratulations to both the boy’s and girl’s teams on great showings at the Conference Championships on Wednesday! We had 6 All Conference Skiers: Mitch Nordahl, Aaron Shaw, Kyle Kolles, Max Riebel, Jane Kallemeyn and Nicole Thorndahl. Congrats to those skiers and the rest of the team. The boys placed a strong 4th place with tough competition from several teams and the girls improved greatly from last year with a 6th place showing. With the addition of Armstrong to the conference this year it made for additional competition for all around.

This weekend we have Saturday morning practice at Woodland Trails, 8:00am sharp! We’ll be starting with classic and then a few of the section team skiers will be finishing up with some skate work. We should be done by 9:30.

Next Saturday (the 12th) is the JV Championships down in Lakeville. Racing starts at 9:00am and should be wrapped up around 11:00. We will be stopping at Olive Garden on the way home to have a huge team dinner so we are hoping that everyone can join us for that. Our varsity will be down there cheering and our JV/middle school group will be able to compete against people in their own grade levels. It is a great opportunity to ski a new course and see some new competition. We’ll get more details out this coming week but the bus should load around 7:00 and we will plan on being home by 2 (hopefully a little earlier). If your parents come to watch and want to take you home with them, that would be just fine, but we would love to have you all join us for the team dinner first before heading out. Again – we’ll get more details out Monday of next week.

Finally – The Nordahl’s are hosting a pasta dinner for the whole team on Tuesday. Everyone is welcome and they want to be sure to get a good turnout so put it on your schedule now! There will be directions handed out on Monday and Tuesday at practice or just contact one of the Nordahl’s for directions. Go, eat, and have fun!

Feb 012011

We want to send out a HUGE thank you to all the dads that came out to help with waxing tonight. We had a great group and were able to get 44 skis waxed and spiffed up to be speedy fast for racing tomorrow! Also a huge thank you to the Volk family for hosting our wax shindig tonight – the garage was heated and warm and made waxing quite comfortable and easy – Thank you all for your great help!!

If you were hoping to help wax and are disappointed that you missed out this evening…don’t fret – we’ll be having another wax party next Wednesday in preparation for the section meet. Anytime after 5:00pm at the Volk’s again on Wednesday! We’ll see you there!