Dec 312010


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Pictures are up so check them out on the photos page. If you have more to share, get them to Coach K!

Dec 302010

Home Again!

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We made it home safe and sound.  Your skiers should be tired and worn out but hopefully happy about the trip.  We would suggest letting your skiers sleep for a few hours (or days) before having them tell you all about it.  Though they were excited and having fun on the bus, their extra work and shortness of sleep would tend to show itself when they get home.  We apologize if they seem a little crabby for a little bit.

Woodland Trails are currently closed because of the weather.  Please don’t head to the trails and ski until they open the trail system again.  We’ll let you know when that happens.  We are hoping that we’ll get a little bit of snow so that our ice rinks can again become ski trails.

We will get photos and updates from the trip up tomorrow.  For now – get some sleep!  Thanks to the parents that came with and helped, thanks to the alumni for their awesome work and help, and thanks to the skiers for a great trip and lots of memories.

We’ll see you on Monday!  Happy New Year, don’t stay up to late!

Dec 302010

Day 4

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It rained, and rained, and rained, and then it stopped raining, and then it started raining again…an epic Birkie adventure!

We are going to be headed home early- projected leave time from the Birkie Trail will be 2:00. That is a guess though. We don’t know what the roads will be like but we will travel safely. We will have your kids call as we get closer buy we will be early. See you back in MN, think snow!

Dec 292010

Day Three

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Today was a busy day! We skied, we race, we ate, skied some more, ate some more, checked out “The Nutcracker”, ate dinner, did some core body and then skits and finished with milk and cookies.

We are watching the changing weather so our plans are flexible right now. We will update you once decisions have been made and we will have your skiers call you to let you know what is happening. Have a great night, we will have some tired skiers home tomorrow for you!

Dec 282010

Day 2

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7.5 hours of skiing, lots of km in, kids are fed and should be asleep. The coaches are a little tired but they are trying to keep up. We’ve got a second day planned at Winter Park tomorrow and included in that will be our skiathlon time-trial. Skits will be held tomorrow night so we are all looking forward to that.