Nov 242010

With the projected snow and weather, Woodland Trails has closed the ski trails to any walking – good for us as skiers, not so good for us when we are holding a 5k tomorrow. We have decided to move the location to just down the road at Meadowvale Heights Park. It is a cute little park nestled in a lovely neighborhood and should be just right for a 8:00 am run/walk/waddle to get ready for the turkey. We’ll need some help directing traffic because of the location change and then with the trail marking but the new park has paved trails and we’ll do a nice little loop system there.
The entrance is off of Co Rd 1, between Woodland Trails and Meadowvale. If you are coming from Elk River, take Co Rd 1 and turn left onto 196th Ave. Drive straight and it will be on your left. If you are coming from Woodland Trails, take Co Rd 1 toward Elk River and turn right onto 196th Ave. Drive straight and it will be on your left. We’ll be looking for help around 7:15am, drive safe!! (And pass the word!!)

Nov 242010


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No sign of snow yet but we are still looking. The captains are organizing two options for morning practice today. Meet at Woodland, you can bring skis with if there is a chance of skiing but have tennis shoes as a back-up. There will be a group meeting at 8:00am and a second group at 10:00am.

With the weather changing we are scrambling to put together alterations for the Wild Turkey Wattle. Keep checking back so we can let you know what is going on. We will still plan on meeting at 7:15am with the run/walk starting at 8:00 am. You will be on your way by 9:30am!

Also – a huge thank you to the captains and veterans for helping hand out equipment yesterday. It takes a lot of time to get taken care of but it went very smoothly! And a double thanks to alumni Eric Volk who stopped by to say hello and ended up staying for several hours helping to fit skis! It was a very smooth and “fast” process with all of your help! There are a few skiers that didn’t receive skis yesterday, talk to us on Monday and we will assign you a pair.

One more shout-out needs to go to the groomers that maintain Woodland Trails. We would not have the fantastic trail system without their hard work and countless hours they put in. If you happen to see them out there, make sure you thank them personally! We have one of the best trails in the mid-west thanks to them!

Enjoy your day off and think snow!!

Nov 212010

Week 2

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Well, we made it through the first week and we are heading full speed into the second. We’ve got a busy week with a team night at Pioneer Midwest on Monday after practice, the first morning practice for veterans on Tuesday and our Thanksgiving Wild Turkey Wattle on Thanksgiving.
Monday at Pioneer will be after practice. They will have free pizza for us and have extra staff on hand for any equipment needs. We’ll also be going through a waxing demo so if you are new to waxing skis or need a refresher, tomorrow night would be the time.
Tuesday morning practice will start at 6:00 am in the gymnastics room. This is an optional practice for high school returning skiers, first year skiers and middle school skiers can talk to a coach if interested. Breakfast will be provided in Coach K’s room after practice. Afternoon practice will still be held. This week we will be trying to distribute equipment so if you have a ski bag, bring it Tuesday because we’ll try to fill it.
Wednesday’s practice is yet TBD. There is snow in the forecast so we are looking to see how that shakes out a little. We’d like to get you on snow if possible.
Thursday is the annual Wild Turkey Wattle. We still have plenty of space for people to register so spread the word and turn those forms in. We will need your help starting at 7:15 and we will have you out of there by 9:30. We’ll make announcements during the week about extra jobs that we need taken care of so if you are available, we’d love your help.
Thanks to all the help you’ve given your skiers so far this season, they seem excited to be out there working hard and much of that is a direct reflection of the support you give them and us, thank you!
Stay warm and drive safe tomorrow morning!

Nov 202010

Congratulations to Dallas Erdahl and Ryan Trapp for winning the annual Ride ‘n Tie competition.  It was a close race with both teams fighting hard but Elk River and the “Fighting Penguins” ended in the lead, well done!  The traveling trophy will return to Elk River for the year.  We had a small group today but the raced well in the chilly temps.  Pictures are up now, check the photos page above.

We have a busy week coming up with the Wild Turkey Wattle.  We’ll need help on Thursday morning to get things set up and the timing taken care of.  We should have you on your way by 9:30am.  That gives you plenty of time to get cleaned up and help your family with the turkey dinner.  We’ll get you more details during the week.  Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Nov 172010

Yes, you did hear correctly – the infamous 4-Ball Soccer was started today.  With our huge numbers we can’t play as one game this year, we’d need 12 soccer balls to get everyone involved, and that would be just plain crazy!  We’ve been splitting into 3 groups so far to rotate between stations for workouts.  We’ll continue to do that so that we can work with slightly more manageable numbers on technique and specifics.  We’d like to thank the captains and veterans that have been helping out so far this week.  They have been helping get our new skiers comfortable on the roller skis (not an easy task!) and we are grateful!!

Speaking of roller skiing – it is not something that is easy to learn and yet your athletes are picking it up with no problem.  We were talking today and we (the coaches) can’t remember a better looking team at the start of the year.  If this continues they are going to be some fine skiers in no time.  Parent’s, I’m sorry to tell you, but your kids are really hoping for snow to come soon.  They will be quite the excited bunch when we can get on snow.

A couple reminders:

  • Clothing Orders are due by Friday if possible.  If you have any questions about those, contact the captains and they can answer any questions.
  • The Ride ‘n Tie is Saturday at 10:00am in Maple Grove.  We’ll set up teams on Friday so start thinking about what to do.
  • Forms!! – Get your forms and fee turned in to the office A.S.A.P.  You need to get everything turned in immediately.  If you need something of have questions, contact Coach K we will try and get things sorted out for you.
  • Ski Swap – Yes, the last swap is on Saturday, 10:00am at Dunwoody College, Minneapolis.  People line up early so be prepared to be there by 8:30(or earlier) to get the best selection.

Have a great night and stay warm!