Nov 302010

Elm Creek is not allowing team practices this week. We will not be able to be at Elm Creek on Wednesday – we’ll stay in Elk River for practice, normal time all week. We will continue on snow if possible but we’ll have to be a little flexible with where we ski. Keep waxing those skis as we go along, with 77 skiers on the team, it will take quite a wile to get through the line if you all try at the same time. We had five skiers that stayed to wax tonight but once the football equipment gets moved out of there, we should be able to get several extra benches set up.
Hope you enjoyed your first ski, you all looked pretty sharp out there!

Nov 292010

So the question has been posed: “What happens if school is delayed 2 hours? Do we still have morning practice?” The correct answer is no. If the roads are bad enough for school to be delayed, you should not be driving on them earlier. That is the same policy for when school is closed 2 hrs early – no after school activities.

That being said, the likelihood of that happening is fairly slim since the roads seem to be pretty well under control. Take your time driving, do NOT rush. If your parents are concerned with the road conditions, they make the final call – they love you and are worried about your safety, as are we.

Have a great night and make sure to dry out those shoes from today – loosely stuffed newspapers in the shoes, it works wonders. Think snow!

Nov 292010

Well, the weather is NOT in our favor at this moment, it was 38 when I work up this morning and it seems to be holding steady at that temp…We will not be skiing today. Dealing with changing weather conditions is pretty common for us so it isn’t a huge problem to deal with. We’ll be pole hiking today at Hillside Park. We are hoping that the predicted storm system will swing a little further south and hit us with about 6-8″ but at this point, it is all up in the air. If we get snow tonight/tomorrow, we’ll be on snow for practice but we will play things by ear. We will for sure be at Elm Creek on Wednesday for practice, we’ll be a little later than normal – return around 6:30 – and you’ll need to bring $4 to get on the snow. We’ll get back to school close to 5:00 tonight. Have a great Monday and think snow!

Nov 282010

We hope you all had a wonderful holiday with your families! We have one more week of practice before our first meet so we are going to get you all out on the snow, a lot, this week. Make sure you have all your equipment, boots, poles, skis, warm clothes, hats, gloves… We need a few more inches of snow to get on at Woodland Trails but we are able to get on snow this week both locally and at some groomed trails. M, T, Th and F will be normal practice times this week, Wednesday our practice time will be a little later as we were able to get a practice slot at Elm Creek on their man-made snow. The bus will load that day at 3:20, we can be on the snow from 4:15 to 5:45 and we will make the most of that time that we can. The bus should return to Elk River around 6:30. Four of our races are scheduled to be at Elm Creek this year so it is a good idea for the skiers to be familiar with the course in addition to the fact that we can get on good snow. Elm Creek charges $4 per skier for practices so if you can attend the later practice, please bring $4 on Monday or Tuesday if possible so the team can write one check. We also have a practice set up for next Monday at Elm Creek. If the weather forecast changes and we get additional snow before Monday, we may move that practice to Woodland Trails, as things look now though, we will be there at least twice for practice so if you want to bring in $8 for the two days, that may be easier.

If you have new skis, make sure you have been taking the time to get some base layers on those skis. You’ll be racing on them next week and we want them to be fast! Plan ahead because with so many of you on the team trying to wax at the same time, the night before a race is not going to be a very good time to wax, it will take you hours to get through. If you need to get into the wax room for waxing, talk to a coach to work out a good time to do that. Enjoy the rest of your weekend and make sure you have your homework done for tomorrow!

Nov 252010

Thank you!

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Runners and volunteers – thank you for your help today. We may have been small in number but it was a great morning to be outside! Hopefully you have thawed out and warmed up enough to enjoy your turkey dinner. Results are up now for the mornings 3.7km run. We apologize for the mistake in course marking and will be sure to have that fixed up for next year. Great running, great morning, great day! Thank you skiers and parents for your support and help this morning!!

Enjoy some time with your family!