Feb 232010

Yes folks – tomorrow is the day you have all been waiting for, the 3rd Annual Olympic Nordic Decathlon.  What is it you ask?  You will need to be there to believe it.  You will be filled with shock and awe at the epicness of the event.  (Ahh, we need a ruling here – “epicness” – is that even a word? – In fact, epicness is only a word when used to describe the 3rd Annual Olympic Nordic Decathlon and how much awesomeness it entails…)  Right – getting back to it…

Who: All of you wonderful/crazy/exciting/beautiful ski people

What: An afternoon of awesome and epic experiences (dress for outside weather)

When: 3:00 (or when ever you make it over middle school skiers)

Where: Start by the ski room, we’ll be heading out from there.

Why: Because you are cool and so are we.  (And you are training for the Olympics – yep, that’s right.  We went there.)

How: In good time my dear friends, all will be shared in good time…

If you still have uniforms to turn in (we know who you are) or ski equipment that you want to return sooner rather than later (you know who you are) bring it with tomorrow and we’ll take care of it.  If you are still skiing on your skis, keep skiing!

Banquet: Monday, March 8th: Set-up/mingle around 5:30, dinner at 6:00pm.  Details will be coming.  It is a pot luck so you will be assigned something to bring and share.

Feb 202010

On TV?

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Nordic racing on TV?  In the United States?  You have to love the Olympics!  Continuous Pursuit… Sprints… Classic… Freestyle… Relays… Team Sprints… Broken Ribs… Crashes… Awesome Course… Driving Rain… Classic at 52 Degrees for a chance at an Olympic Gold Medal… and it continues…

Who thinks we should take a “little” trip next winter to check out a new course?  Can you imagine skiing there?  Racing there?

Don’t forget that we have our own “Olympic” event on Wednesday – The Third Annual Olympic Nordic Decathlon.  Dress for outside, we’ll get started around 3:00 and be done around 4:00.  Be ready for anything…

Feb 152010


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Okay – Photos have been uploaded and are linked from the photos tab above. Feel free to copy and print any of them. We’ll have a few more coming in from parents and skiers but for now, this is what there is time for. Now you can spend your time looking through them, there are only a few… ;-)   A huge thank you to Mama Bates for all the photos she added through the season!!  Please thank her!

As a reminder, we are looking for other pictures and video that might make it’s way to the end of year video. If you have any to share, put it on a jump drive or disk and get it to Coach K. Also, the music she listens to is pretty lame so if you’d like some of your own selections – put a disk together as a team and get that to her as well. See you Wednesday!

Feb 122010

Okay – can you believe it?  The season is over – but – there is still snow on the ground so go ski!!

Team meeting will be next Wednesday (the 17th) to turn in uniforms and put a storage coat of wax on any skis you will be returning.  If you want to continue to ski for a few weeks, (please do so!) you may return skis at the banquet.

The 3rd Annual Olympic Nordic Decathlon will be held the following Wednesday (the 24th) in the midst of the 2010 Olympics.  Rumors are that this event will be added to the 2014 Winter Olympics schedule so show up on the 24th to start practicing!

Banquet – more info to come on Wednesday but plan on the banquet being the second week in March right now.

The captains have asked to have the following message posted regarding the end of year festivities: “At the banquet, we as a team like to present the coaches and seniors with gifts.  In order to make that happen, we collect money from each skier to purchase the gifts.  We are asking for $10 per skier.  Please make sure your name is attached to the money and turn it into Mitch at practice next week.

Congratulations to the 4 state skiers, to the 3 relay teams and to the entire team on a great season!  Thank you for being you!  Pictures will be uploaded this weekend so check back on Monday for new ones!

Feb 112010


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Beautiful day, great skiing, tough courses, excellent racing! Morgan -71st, Emma -38th, Jane -99th, Mitch -86th (DQ).
Great Day! We are on our way home.