Jan 232010

Well, it just keeps raining… Elm Creek is still open as of now, call before you head over to make sure they are still allowing skiing. If you have a treadmill or trainer or access to a pool or some other cardio equipment you could take advantage of that also. Please be very careful on the road surfaces, some spots are great- and then the ice is there. Get in a good warm up and then you have some high intensity intervals to work in. 5 x 4 mins with 1:30 easy between plus 4 x 2 mins with 1:00 easy between. Make sure you cool down fully afterward. We’ll keep you posted on Woodland’s status and next week’s schedule as we hear more.
Rain, rain, go away…

Jan 232010

We just received word that Woodland Trails has been closed until further notice. Conditions went downhill quickly with the rain this evening and they made the decision to close the trails to all users. Please pass this info on to the team as you get it. We’ll try to start reaching people at a more reasonable hour. For now, enjoy your extra morning time. We will post a workout for you later when we get a chance to evaluate conditions.
Again, Woodland Trails is closed, no A.M. practice, please pass this on to other team members and send Coach K an e-mail so she knows that you know. Thanks! Check back for details later in the morning.

Jan 222010

Well, what will tomorrow and the weekend bring?  Maybe snow, and then again, maybe not…

We are going to hold out hope for the best.  Tomorrow’s practice will be at Woodland at 8:30.  We’d like to do both skate and classic but we’ll have to check conditions tomorrow morning.  Be ready to work hard, this is one of our final pushes before the Championship races.

Monday will be the JV Conference Meet.  Those not racing on Wednesday will race on Monday at Woodlands.  Home course advantage, let’s use that and hopefully enjoy some fresh snow in the process.  You’ll be released at the same time as the last few home meets:

ERHS: 2:05

Salk and Vandengerg: 2:05

RHS: 1:35

RMS: 1:35

We’ll get details out as they are finalized.

Please drive carefully tomorrow as you travel to practice, if roads are slippery, make the best judgment.  Allow extra time for travel if needed.

Jan 212010

Well, mother nature has been working against us a little but we are working at holding strong.  The rain came today but we were able to get the race in.  Skate only results are below, we’ll get the pursuit results up as soon as possible.  We’ve also changed the schedule for this weekend.  With the incoming weather we’ve changed the plan for Saturday.  We will not be heading up to Camp Ripley but will be having practice at Woodland Trails at 8:30am.

Easy Skate practice tomorrow.  Great racing today!!

Jan 212010

Okay folks, time is catching up with us all. We are already through week 11 of the season with a scant 3 weeks left from today. Time is precious…

Today’s race is the pursuit finish for the two day event.  Skiers will start in the order that they finished from the classic race.  If the leader finished in 14:00 and second place was 14:28, the second place skier would start 28 seconds behind the leader today.  The order they finish at the end of the race today is the place that they earn – that doesn’t happen much for our events so enjoy it today!

Also, the weather is looking questionable for this weekend, we’ll make a final decision about the Section Course preview today.  If we decide not to go to Camp Ripley on Saturday, we will still have practice at Woodland, (It will be a tough one – be prepared!).  You would still have time to ski the course before the Section Championships on the day of sections.

Racing today starts at 3:45 with the boys.