Dec 022018

Hello Skiers and Parents,

We have been having a great start to the season so far. We’ve had great success in our new skiers learning how to ski, and all of our returning athletes look much improved. We are very much looking forward to seeing how they do in our races.

While the weather is cold and getting snowier, we don’t yet have enough snow at Woodland Trails to ski yet. The trails have been packed once, and have about 1-2 inches of snow and lots of debris on them. They need another 2-3 inches so we can start practice out there. We appreciate all of your patience and enthusiasm for the season as we wait for better snow conditions close to home. In the meantime, we have practice times at Elm Creek this week again, and also a race at Hyland in Bloomington!

We will be at Elm Creek Monday 2:45-4:30, Thursday 6:15-7:45, and Friday 2:45-4:30. Hopefully this will be our last week with travel, as we understand the difficulties with balancing the additional practice time with school, homework, and other activities. We are working on getting the vans all 3 days, like last week.

The race at Hyland is on Wednesday starting at 4PM.  I know that isn’t a great day, with many of you having church activities on Wednesday. We won’t be back until likely 6:45, so if you need to pick up your kids from the race at Hyland, please do. Just remember they must be signed out with the coaches. We are excited for the race, and look forward to competing!

For more details on the weeks practices see the weekly practice schedule tab. Have a great week!

Nov 272018

We have reserved 2 of the district vans for Wednesday to bring kids down to Elm Creek to ski. This is great! We should be able to get everyone on snow to learn how to ski! We will be skate skiing. The two vans should hold 8 kids each, or 16 total. We plan on having one van for the younger high school kids, and one for the middle school kids. The rest of you should be able to carpool down and meet us there.

The first van plans on leaving at 2:45 at the latest and taking 8 of the younger high schoolers.

The second van plans on leaving with middle school around 3:15 at the latest.

Coaches will drive and bring the kids back to school. Vans should get back to school around 5:15.

If you can carpool, please do, so we have room for everyone who cannot.

There will be no practice at Elk River HS Wednesday, we will all be going to Elm Creek. Parents, you can pick up kids back at school around 5:15-5:30, or you can pick up at Elm Creek around 4:45.

Thanks for your cooperation and flexibility as the season progresses. We have lots of new skiers who are very enthusiastic and showing lots of early talent!

Nov 182018

Skiers and Parents: Here are key events for the upcoming week.

First off, we still have some Papa Murphy’s cards left. I think we missed some people due to the football game Friday. If you haven’t gotten your cards, do so on Monday. Shelly Binsfeld we be there after practice again to help hand out cards and take money.

Monday: Hand out rental skis for girls. Rental costs are $25 per pair of skis, so for skate and classic, that would be $50. Bring money, or checks, made out to Elk River Nordic Returning skiers get there at 1:45 to help scrape wax off of skis so we can fit them to the skiers.

Tuesday: Hand out skis for boys. Plus team night at Pioneer Midwest at 6:00. Buy any gear you don’t have already, get ski bags, poles, clothes, skis etc… Remember we get a team discount.

Wednesday: Packing stuffing for the Wild Turkey Wattle at 12:30. Remember this race is our biggest fundraiser and we need everyone’s help, whether that is on Wednesday or Thursday. Sign up in the ski room for assigned tasks. Remember everyone to bring treats for the runners!

Thursday: Happy Thanksgiving! Wild Turkey Wattle Race at Otsego Park. Race setup starts at 6:00AM. Race starts at 8:00 AM. Clean up should be done by 10-10:30AM

Friday/Saturday: Tentative trip up north to Giants Ridge/Mt. Itasca Ski areas

Nov 132018

Hello Skiers and Parents,
Here is an update on our fundraising activities.
At our team meeting on November 5th, we received an overwhelming response to sell Papa Murphy’s Pizza cards in order to generate the funds needed for team equipment.  The cards will be available starting Thursday, November 15th before and after practice. A parent will be at Elk River high school to trade the pizza cards for checks.
Process for selling pizza cards:

  • Choose the number of cards you and your skier want to sell.
  • Write a check to Elk River Nordic for $20 per card. (ie. 5 cards = $100)
  • Send in/Exchange $ for cards on Nov 15 +16
  • SELL, GIVE, or USE the cards
  • You keep the payments for the cards since you have already paid the team for the cards.

HOW MANY cards?
The recommendations are 5 cards ($100) for returning families and 2 cards ($40) for new families. If you can sell more please do. Each card sold matters and together we can help provide the needed items. Please view the attached flyer on team needs.

HOW and WHEN to get the cards?
Thurs. and Fri., NOV. 15th+16th Send a check with your skier to practice or come yourself into the Elk River High School front doors at pick up (5:00-5:30pm) and exchange a check for the pizza cards.
Sell, Give, or Use the cards.
10 Locations to use the pizza cards, Elk River, Albertville, Andover, Maple Grove, Brooklyn Park, Ramsey, Coon Rapids, Champlin, 2 Plymouth locations. We are working on adding Rogers as an 11th location. Hopefully it works out.
Remember our team is benefiting $15 from each card sold.
Each card you sell impacts our teens and the skiing community.
A sample card from another team’s fundraiser is attached here. Sample Card You can see the value of the cards.
Sell for $20 each to:
Ski friends
Other athletic team friends
***FOUR LARGE Papa Murphy’s Pizzas are worth $32-$40.
The card includes 18 more coupons and it worth $125 total.

Christmas gifts
Teachers gifts
Appreciation gifts
Family gifts
Thank you gifts
Office party gift
Mail carrier

Pastor’s family
Ski friend
Community service person (police, fire, etc,)
The person who doesn’t need anything for Christmas but that you still want to give a gift to.

***They will remember your care and generosity 4 times throughout the year.
  • Buy one or two for yourself. Just imagine dinner planned and paid for once every 3 months for a year. Just put it on your calendar and you will be surprised by a free dinner to pick up on your way home.
  • Empower your driving teen to provide dinner for the family by the teen using the pizza cards to picking up and bake dinner every 3 months. Buy 3 cards and they can be in charge of pizza night once a month.
  • Have a pizza loving family? Buy two cards and pick up two free pizzas each trip.
  • Plan a Pizza Night Gathering with friends or neighbors every three months. A great reason to make a plan and get the date on your calendars.
  • The non-cooker of the family will be thankful for the simplicity and cost of a pizza dinner.
  • Snowstorms! Swing by Papa Murphy’s just before a snowstorm hits and you can enjoy a warm delicious pizza without waiting for the late and risky pizza delivery in the middle of the storm.
Please consider helping the team by selling the pizza cards, however, if you don’t want to be apart of the Papa Murphy’s Fundraising that is just fine.  There are other ways to help the team to gather the needed funds.
  • Local Restaurant Fundraiser Event  —-  The team captains are investigating which restaurant we can partner up with in order to do a fundraising dinner.
  • Sponsorship of needed items by Current Families —- Select an item off the Coaches’ wish list and team up with other families to sponsor the purchase of the item(s). Write checks to Elk River Nordic.

  • Legacy Donations in the form of used Equipment or Monetary Gifts —- Give Coach Varty the name and contact number/address of someone involved in the team in the past and who you think may be interested in currently helping the team

Please contact me with any questions or concerns.
Shelly Binsfeld

Nov 132018

Captains Annica Carr and Jadon Purcell have organized clothing orders for the team. There are long and short sleeve T-shirts, sweatpants and sweatshirts, and also hats and headbands. All the ordering is online at this link. Clothing Orders Annica will have sample sizes to try on at practice later this week. The deadline is Dec. 5th.