Jan 202017

Woodland trails is closed due to the warm weather, but we would still like you to get a ski workout in Saturday on the man made snow. The workout will be a 20 minute warm up, followed by 12×90sec intervals at slightly faster than race pace. Recovery should be 90sec as well. Finish the workout with a 20 minute cool down. Have a good weekend!

Dec 242016

If you need to wax your skis for winter trip, Coach Varty will open the wax room will from 2-4 PM on Monday December 26th. If you have your own wax supplies at home, wax with blue, as temperatures look to be in the 20’s for highs during the trip. Should be great skiing weather! Captains remember shopping for the winter trip is 10 AM on Monday at Costco in Maple Grove. Happy Holidays!

Nov 232016

Good job to everyone today at the time trial. We had a lot of good results, some of us on our first or second day on snow ever! The season ahead looks promising!
Time trial results