Nov 082019

Hi everyone,

First off, here is a link to our meet schedule. Race Schedule

Second, It looks to be very cold for our first week of practice, so dress warmly. That means hat or headband under your helmet, gloves, ski pants, jacket, etc… Be prepared!

Here is the schedule the first week.

Monday: Meet at 2:45 at ERHS. Get lockers. Then dryland practice at Salk Fields. Go over body position on skis/rollerskis. Form drills+ core. Get to know each other and fun fact. Try to learn everyone’s name. Middle school meets around 3:15 at high school back entrance to get lockers, then joins high school kids around 3:30.

Tuesday: First day on rollerskis. Bring boots/helmet, poles etc… We will hand out rollerskis and boots to those who need them. If you have rollerskis you rented over the summer, bring them back, we need them! Returning athletes 50-70 minute rollerski. 20 minute continuous double pole in the middle. Finish with agility drills. New skiers, work on getting comfortable on rollerskis, learn no pole skate, double pole.

Wednesday: Long rollerski for returning athletes, 60-90 minutes. New skiers continue to get comfortable on rollerskis, we will explore the surrounding neighborhoods and work on uphills and downhills. Learn V1 and V2 techniques.

Thursday: Returning athletes, 40-60 minute rollerski followed by group team sprint race or short intervals. Location TBD, (biathlon range?). New skiers, continue to work on being comfortable, review of the techniques we have learned, followed by a short continuous ski in groups in the neighborhoods.

Friday: Banana hill bounding day. Everyone will participate, 20 minute jog warm up followed by 3-5 sets of hills, end with 10-20 minute cool down back to school.

Saturday: Long rollerksi or ski? (They are making snow) at Elm Creek. Depending on ability, 60-90 minutes.

It should be a great first week!

Also: FYI, website may be down for a while this weekend as we update to a new one!

Mar 132019

Hi all,

Remember, the banquet is tonight at 7PM in the ERHS Commons.

Seniors bring desserts, Juniors bring salads, sophomores bring main dishes, and freshman and junior high bring drinks.

Also, remember to turn in your gear you might still have from the season, that means, skis, poles, uniforms, rollerskis, etc… I know there are some of you still out there who have this stuff, bring it tonight.

Rollerski check out for the summer will also happen tonight. The cost is $20 for the whole summer. Make sure you put your name down on our check out sheet. We encourage all of you to check out a pair to practice on. It helps a lot for next winter!

Lastly, there are tons of deals right now at the metro area ski shops on skis, poles, jackets, gloves, hats, etc… Now is a great time to buy new stuff for next season. Sales are ranging from 20-50 percent off at Pioneer Midwest. I know other shops, Gear West, etc… have similar deals. Especially if you know you will be skiing for a few more years, until you are a senior and beyond, your own gear makes a huge difference! Now is the time to buy!


See you all tonight!

Feb 102019

Hi everyone,

The last week of our nordic ski season is here. We also finally have snow, and more snow on the way! Maybe this is a good sign for next season. Here is the plan for this week.

Monday: JV Conference Championships at Elm Creek. 5k. You can pick skate or classic. The race course will be one lap of the man-made loop plus the Northern Lights Loop. This is different than the past races because of the new natural snow. It is a very nice gently rolling course to ski on. Nothing too difficult.

Race times are…

4:00 Girls Skate, followed by classic

4:25 Boys skate, followed by classic

Here are the leave times

Zimmerman: 1:30, bus leaves 1:45

Salk and Vandenberg:  1:35, bus leaves from ERHS 2:00

ERHS 1:45, bus leaves 2:00

Rogers 2:00, bus leaves 2:15

Remember, everyone is invited to come along for practice and to cheer on the JV Skiers. There is no practice at the high school. Those who are coming for practice, you can dress up and ski, much like the costume relays were in the past years. JV skiers in the race must wear the school uniforms. This is the last day for all skiers not coming to the coaches relays and state meet, so have fun skiing and enjoy the race.


Leave after school from ERHS to go to Giants Ridge for the Coaches Relays/State Meet. We have permission slips and cost for those going, some of you have them already. If you do not, get one Monday. The coaches relay is 4×3k relay, 2 classic, 2 skate.

The teams are mixed and matched among teams, for the race they are

Elk River Boys: Classic: Jadon Purcell, Alex Heidorn. Skate: Miles Olofson, Tyler Davis

Elk River Girls: Classic: Sophie Riewe, Katelyn Gramstad. Skate: Ilie Gallay, Annica Carr

Rogers Boys; Classic: Jacob Dirschel, Eliott Swanson. Skate: Joey Reshetar, Andy Huber

Rogers Girls: Classic: Anna Eich, Audrey N-C Skate: Elaina Kuhnau, Madison Mitzuk

Girls start at 1:00, Boys at 2:00

Wednesday: Race coaches relays

Thursday: State Meet! Congrats to Cheresa and Ethan!

Start times: Boys Skate 10:00, Girls Skate 11:15, Boys Classic 2:00, Girls Classic 3:00. Top 25 are All-State

Should be another great week. For those of you not going with to Giants Ridge, please go out and ski while we have the snow! Woodland trails will be awesome!

More updates will follow about end of the season events soon.

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Feb 032019

Hi everyone,

First off, conference went very well. The boys got 2nd, beating Maple Grove by only 3 points. It was a great day where everyone skied well, and a few of you skied great! 5 boys were all conference. Ethan, Tyler, Jadon, Lucas, and Alex H.

The Girls got 4th in a very tough meet, they placed 3 all conference, Cheresa, Annica and Katelyn and 2 honorable mention, Sophie R, and Anna.

Remember JV Conference was rescheduled to Feb 11th at Elm Creek. Pick your technique. 5k Skate or classic. Everyone is still welcome at practice every day until then!

This week we have Sections on Wednesday at Theodore Wirth. The time schedule is slightly different, with classic first. The skiers miss the whole day of school. Top 2 teams and top 6 individuals not on qualifying teams make it to state.

Boys Classic  10:00

Girls Classic  11:00

Boys Skate Pursuit   1:30

Girls Skate Pursuit    2:30

Awards  4:00

Here are the section teams. Remember we ski separately, Rogers and ER/Zim and we ski 7 people, with 2 alternates if they meet the level of skiing needed to race twice in one day.

Elk River/Zimmerman Boys. Jadon Purcell, Lucas Gustafson, Miles Olofson, Eliott Swanson, Matthew Binsfeld, Reid Binsfeld, Cameron Lehman. No Alternates



Elk River/Zimmerman Girls, Cheresa Bouley, Annica Carr, Katelyn Gramstad, Sophie Riewe, Ilie Gallay, Madison Mitzuk, Audrey N-C. Alternates, Elaina Kuhnau, Micah Collins

Rogers Boys: Ethan Anderson, Tyler Davis, Alex Heidorn, Jacob Dirschel, Andy Huber, Alex Reshetar, Joey Reshetar. Alternates, Joe Clausen, Hayden O’Connor

Rogers Girls: Anna Eich, Elise Ames, Ella Stritesky.  No alternates

Other than Sections, here is the rest of the schedule.

Monday. Practice 2:45 at High school. Bus to Woodland Trails, short ski with short intervals. Skate. Also, wax skis for sections. We need to put a base layer on before the coaches and parents put the final layer on on Tuesday. You can wax before or after practice. Both skis, skate and classic.

Tuesday: Short ski at Woodlands. 30 minutes plus skate starts. Rest up for Wednesday

Tuesday Night: Wax Party at The Lee’s House, same time as last week. Starts at 4:00. Same rules as last time, no experience needed, we will teach you. Food and drink provided! Thanks in advance to the Lee’s for hosting again!

Wedesday: Section 5 race at Theodore Wirth. No practice for other athletes.

Thursday and Friday: Practice for everyone. 2:45 at High school. Ski at Woodlands. Workout TBD.

Saturday: Practice at Woodlands: Time TBD.

Jan 282019

Hi everyone,

We have certainly had a crazy stretch the last few days, with Conference being moved/changed twice, and the now bitter cold which has closed school for the next two days. Thanks to everyone for being flexible as we try and figure everything out. With that being said, Friday at Baker is the final change for the race. It will not be pushed to next week as it would interfere with Section races. Friday’s weather looks to be good, with highs in the teens after starting out around zero degrees in the morning. The time schedule is the same as it was for Monday, the second time. That is Boys skate at 10:30, Girls Skate at 11:30, Boys Classic Pursuit at 2, and Girls Classic Pursuit at 3. It should be a great day to race!

For the next two days, Tuesday and Wednesday, the weather i too cold for school, and also for skiing. Wind chills will be below safe levels. We recommend that you do try and get some sort of physical activity in if you are able. Most likely this would be running on a treadmill,  or riding a stationary bike. You should try and do 30-45 minutes each day to keep your fitness up.

Thursday we will hopefully be back to somewhat normal. We are planning on having practice at ERHS and doing our normal pre-race workout. A short 30 minute ski with 5-6 pickups to race pace to end the ski. We will be at Woodland Trails. Forecasted highs are for around -3 to -5 degrees, but not windy. Dress warm, and we will be in and out of the cold weather quickly.

Friday is all day at Baker for the Conference. Bus leave times will be at 7:00 am from ERHS.

That’s it for now. We will continue to keep you updated on anything skiing related. We will also send out an email with more conference information including parking and spectator info.