Mar 072017

Thank you!

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Thank you for such a great season, here’s a commemorative video that Cheresa made:


Enjoy! :)

Feb 122017

Tuesday Feb 21st is equipment return day.  This is a mandatory practice for you to finish the season in good standing.  Bring your school issued skis/poles and uniform to return.  Please take your uniform home after the relays and wash it first :)

Monday March 6th is the banquet starting at 6pm in the ERHS commons.  It is potluck style, please bring enough of your dish to feed 20 people!

8th/9th Grade – salad or fruit

Sophomores – beverages/cups

Juniors – main dish

Seniors – dessert

Feb 102017

JV Relays

  • We will not be getting out of school early to go to JV Relays this year.  The timeframe has been pushed back to relieve the stress of missing school!  Each relay will consist of two members (both skate), each person does 1 lap at Elm Creek park tagging off to the other person.  Relays must be in their uniform but then ADD some flair or costume! This is a celebration of your season – have fun and race hard!
  • Vandenberg/Salk dismissed at 2:00pm, Salk picked up at 2:10 and Vandenberg walks over
  • Bus leaves ERHS at 2:30pm, pick up at RHS 2:45pm
  • Rogers athletes make sure to bring home your gear on Friday so that you have it!
  • Boys race 4:00pm, girls race 4:30pm

Varsity Relays

  • We leave after school on Tuesday, this means plan ahead! Talk to your teachers and get your work ahead of time so that you don’t fall behind!  We will be arriving back late on Thursday night.
  • Turn in your permission slips and money to any coach before we leave.  You will not be allowed to come on the trip without both.
Feb 052017

We, as coaches, have been notified to let all spectators know that they should park at Valley of Peace Lutheran Church and there will be no spectator parking at Wirth until after 2pm. A free shuttle bus will run from the church to Wirth from 9am until 5pm. “The closing of the parking lot was a recent event and out of control of the section meet manager. It should be a one time event and not repeated next year.”

Valley of Peace Lutheran Church
4735 Bassett Creek Drive, Golden Valley MN, 55422

We are still looking for more volunteers for waxing on Tuesday night – please let Coach Litchy know if you can make it!  We will be going from 4:30 until finished and dinner is provided by the Lee household – A HUGE THANK YOU to them for hosting!

Practice will be held all week for Varsity and JV except there will be no JV/MS practice on Wednesday.  All practices this week will be ending early because the athletes are in taper mode.  We will likely be done around 4:30/4:45pm each day.  The last JV meet will be on Monday Feb 13th as a fun relays event.  To be on a relay you need to either let a coach know you’ll be there or make sure to get on a relay team at practice on Friday.

Feb 032017


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A few notes about the sections meet.  This is again a full day event and athletes will be excused from school.  The course will be one loop – slightly different than last time.  There will be a parking issue with Wirth on Wednesday due to a VIP event being hosted on the same day.  Spectators may need to be bused in from a further parking lot, I will keep you posted!

The Zimmerman parents are hosting a pasta dinner for the athletes on Tuesday night at the Bouley house – thanks! Parents/family/friends are invited again on Tuesday to the Lee house to wax athlete skis – please let me know if you can come we need help! The team has purchased two new wax benches so we can fit more volunteers working, if you have a wax bench your family could lend for the night we would appreciate it.

The locker room and wax room will be open to grab gear at 6:50am we will load the bus and leave ERHS at 7:10am.  The bus will pick up athletes at RHS on the way (approximately 7:20am).  Rogers athletes make sure you have all your gear!

Race Times

  • 10:00am Boys Classic
  • 11:00am Girls Classic
  • 1:30pm Boys pursuit Skate
  • 2:30pm Girls pursuit Skate
  • 4:00pm (or earlier) Awards

Varsity Sections Athletes

  • Elk River
    • Kaja Montplaisir, Carli Vrchota, Addie Hohlen, Lauren Lee, Annica Carr, Eva Bednarz, Sophie Riewe (Alternates: Maddie Mitzuk, Alexi Jacks)
    • Max Friese, Noah Haaf, Noah Adams, Jadon Purcell, Carson Pixley, Mitchell Muniz
  • Rogers
    • McKone Corkery, Ethan Anderson, James Berg, Hyrum Teasdale, Kenny Peterson, Ben Fife, Joey Reshetar
    • Maddie Hansen, Ann Domanus
  • Zimmerman
    • Cheresa Bouley, Ilie Gallay
    • Espen Olsen, Alex Karnes