Nov 172014

The back up location for the race is officially secured! If the trails at Woodland are too snowy for the race, we will be hosting the race at Otsego Regional Park.

Parents: If you are looking to help out, we usually stock the finish line with baked goods.  If each family could provide some “treat” (healthy or not) for the finish line, that will help make the race even more wonderful.

Athletes: You will be expected to help out during the beginning, end of the race, or during packet pick-up.  There will be a sign up at practice. Remember, tell people to sign up and sponsor you!


Jacket and pants order forms have been handed out.  They are due on Friday.  These are not mandatory, but if you need a good ski jacket, it is a good deal.

Nov 152014

Great Job

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Great job this week! Be ready for classic skiing next week! If you have time this weekend try to do the core workout that we did as a group on Thursday.  It’s posted under the “Weekly Practice Schedule” tab.

Nov 132014

Bus Changes

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Wonderful news! There is now a one-way bus from Rogers immediately after schoolThe bus will be the Far North Bus (Farthest from Road) in the Bus Corral around 2:15 and depart RHS around 2:20 PM for ERH.  They have this bus on a trial basis right now to see how many students would use it.   Unless you are driving to school and driving yourself, please consider this option so that we can keep the bus for the future.

Nov 112014

First Day

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Today we were able to hand out skate skis and poles.  We are planning on handing out classic skis next week (probably Monday).  Be ready to skate ski at Woodland starting tomorrow! That means dressed and ready to go at 2:45pm for HS and 3:30pm for MS – we will meet in the hallway before getting onto the bus.

Please bring the “Athlete Responsibility Form” to practice sometime this week.

If you have questions about the winter trip please email or ask.  Any middle school athletes interested need to be cleared through the coaches.  We are starting to collect the release forms and the payment will happen after the Wild Turkey Wattle.  The more people who sponsor your athlete, the less they have to pay for the winter trip!  If you are interested in being a chaperone please email me for details.  Alumni are welcome on the trip as well.  Alumni pay the same rate as the high school athletes as done in the past – but, keep in mind that they are paying for their lodging, food and ski passes.

There has been a change to the meet schedule (already).  Trollhaugen is no longer hosting Nordic meets one of our meets has changed to accommodate that.  Our meet on the Dec 4th has been moved to Tuesday Dec 2nd. Please make the change in your calendars!

Nov 102014

I am so excited to wake up to snow this morning! But, pretty bummed school was canceled.  We cannot formally practice as a team if school is canceled.  If you are a returning skier and would like to go out for a little cardio today, please take it easy (around 30-45min ski and core after).

Tomorrow we will be handing out skis and poles and getting out on the snow. Plan for skate skiing tomorrow and bring your boots! Dress in layers and bring dry clothes for after practice.

The helmets previously mentioned were for rollerskiing.  Since we won’t be rollerskiing anymore, you do not need to bring those tomorrow!  We will split into two groups.  One will be skiing and another will be doing cardio and core.  If you do not have boots yet, please bring your running shoes and both outdoor and indoor gear.  We do have a few sizes of rental boots to try for those of you who haven’t gotten a pair yet.