Feb 072016

JV Relays Monday 2/08: Wear your race uniform plus some flair/costume-like addition that matches your team.  Boys will start at 3:30pm and girls at 4:00pm.  If you were unable to make a relay on Thursday or Friday at practice and still want to race – there will be an individual 5k race as well.  Varsity relay skiers will come along to cheer on their teammates, practice handoffs and ski at Elm.

Dismissal times

  • 1:10 Salk and Vandenberg (Salk pick up at 1:25, Vandenberg walk over)
  • 1:05 Zimmerman – pick up at 1:20
  • 1:25 Elk River High School – leave at 1:50
  • 1:50 RHS and RMS – pick up at 2:00 (RMS walk over to RHS)

Varsity Relays and State 2/09-2/11: We will leave immediately after school on Tuesday to head up to Biwabik!  Make sure you have everything packed and ready to go.  RHS students will need to get a ride up (or ride the activities bus) to ERHS.  Please make sure that you have turned in your money and permission slip or else you won’t be allowed on the trip!


  • Equipment return is immediately after school on Thursday Feb 18th.  This is a mandatory practice for all! Bring your uniforms, skis, and any other gear that needs to get returned.  We will also be putting summer wax on skis so plan on staying awhile.
  • Sunday March 6th at 5pm will be the banquet.  This will be a potluck and each grade will be bringing something different to share (details to follow)
Feb 062016

Huge congrats to Coach Varty who has be quietly posting some pretty impressive finishes this past month in racing!  Today he competed in the Pre-Birkie and it must have been a pretty impressive sprint finish to see!  Coach Varty came in a close 2nd, just 2 seconds out of 1st place and 1 second ahead of third!  Congrats to him and good luck in the Birkie in a few weeks!

Feb 032016

We’ve heard of no changes so we are staying with our current plan!   See you at 7am at the high school. Drive carefully!

Feb 022016

There will be NO SKIING at Elm Creek tonight!  The weather has moved in and while our roads aren’t too bad yet – after school activities in the Osseo/Maple Grove area have been canceled and we don’t want you to be driving through that area.  Woodlands will have some snow cover so you can do your pre-race workout there.  Please use your B-skis/rock skis.

If there are any other weather announcements – please check back here for details!

Okay – After school activities have been canceled.  There is no practice.  You are still able to drop your skis off with the team right after school.  We will still be waxing at the Lee’s tonight.  All waxing is voluntary.  No athletes will be waxing.

The meet is still on for tomorrow. We will let you know of any changes that may occur.  We have already gotten the okay from the superintendent and AD that if the district is delayed or anything, we are still okay to attend the meet as scheduled – as long as the Section Meet  hasn’t changed at all.

Check back for additional details and any changes!  We will let you know when we know!

Feb 022016

Here are the Sections Start Lists for the races tomorrow.  Remember that you need to be at Elk River High School at 7:00am tomorrow (Wednesday!).  Today – You need to get your skis to the coaches right after school.  They need to be labeled with your name and skate or classic and your classic zones need to be taped off and cleaned.  We’ll get you off to practice right after you load up all the skis and waxing equipment!

Race Schedule:

  • 10:30 Girls 5k Classic
  • 11:30 Boys 5k Classic
  • 1:40 Girls 5k Pursuit Skate
  • 2:30 Boys 5k Pursuit Skate

Girls Start List

Boys Start List

Tuesday – Waxing tonight at the Lee’s for parents!  We’ve got 33 skiers that need their skis touched up so they are super fast tomorrow!!  (33 x 2 = 66 pairs of skis!!!)  Thank you for all your help in advance!!